Jack O’ Frost Episode 4: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

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Ritsu and Fumiya
Jack o' Frost

The release date of Jack O’ Frost episode 4 is here! This post will provide you with a detailed recap of the previous episode, along with the release date and streaming guide for the latest one. Jack O’ Frost is a Japanese BL (Boy’s Love) drama, which debuted on February 17, 2023. The drama focuses on the story of an illustrator, Ritsu, and an ordinary office-goer, Fumiya. When the two meet at a coffee shop, they get attracted to each other.

As time went by, Ritsu and Fumiya fell in love and got into a relationship, but after a few years, when Fumiya suggests to break up, unfortunately, that day, Ritsu meets with an accident, where he loses all his memories about Fumiya. Now, while taking care of Ritsu as a roommate and helping him to regain his memory, Fumiya starts falling in love with Ritsu again.

To know whether Ritsu gets back his memory or not, or whether it is actually a fresh start for the duo, keep watching Jack o’ Frost! Now, without any more delays, let’s catch up on what’s going on in the series through a detailed recap of the last episode, episode 3.

Jack O’ Frost Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 starts with Fumiya and Ritsu enjoying their walk by a lake to the villa booked by Ritsu before his accident. After the introduction theme music, we see Fumiya and Ritsu standing in front of the villa. Ritsu says that he cannot remember anything about their previous visit. Fumiya asks him not to force it and lies that even he does not remember much.

The couple enters the villa. Ritsu is surprised by the huge size of the rooms, which also includes a kitchen. Fumiya says that they cooked in the kitchen when they visited the villa last time. Ritsu asks whether they came alone together. Fumiya hesitantly agrees. Ritsu, still not aware of their relationship, says that they might have been very close, to which Fumiya blurts out that they were close enough to share a room.

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While exploring other rooms and facilities, Ritsu comes across a bonfire set. He asks Fumiya whether they have used it before. Hearing this, Fumiya thinks about their past visit.

Jack o’ Frost Episode 3

In the flashback, we see Ritsu getting excited about the bonfire set, to which Fumiya agrees to make the arrangements at night. Back to the present, Fumiya lies that they came during the summer, so they could not make the arrangements. Hearing it, Ritsu gets happy, saying that it will be both of their first time.

Next, Fumiya and Ritsu stand by a lake; when Fumiya tells Ritsu that the last time when they came to the lake, they were flustered not to see the swans, which were there this time, and they had a lot of fun then, even though it rained and they had to stay indoors. Looking at Fumiya’s happy face, Ritsu apologizes to him for being trouble to him by assisting him around all day. To this, Fumiya suddenly pulls Ritsu’s cheeks and assures him that he is having a great time with him this time as well. Ritsu laughs and says that Fumiya seems to be a kind person who is easily misunderstood. Fumiya says that he is not kind to everyone.

While walking back to the villa, Fumiya suggests looking around more and grabbing something to eat. But Ritsu wishes to have food made by Fumiya. This makes Fumiya happy, and they go shopping together.

Later, Fumiya is seen making dinner when he again goes into a flashback. In the flashback, Ritsu is seen to be drawing something sitting at the dining table. When Fumiya arrives there and asks Ritsu about it, he says that it is a drawing of ‘Jack Frost,’ a mischievous fairy. Then Fumiya goes on to kiss Ritsu.

Fumiya and Ritsu
Jack o’ Frost Episode 3

As the couple is about to kiss, the pressure cooker whistles, and Fumiya breaks out of his daze. He sees Ritsu sitting and drawing in the same position as before. Ritsu feels Fumiya’s gaze on him and looks toward him. They share awkward eye contact. To break the awkwardness, Fumiya reasons that he was wondering what he is drawing, to which Ritsu answers, ‘Jack Frost.’ Fumiya is surprised to hear it, but when asked whether he knows the fairy, Fumiya lies that he doesn’t.

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At night, Ritsu and Fumiya sit for dinner. Ritsu is impressed by his cooking. On seeing Fumiya’s wine glass, Ritsu wishes to have some wine too. But Fumiya refuses as he cannot hold his liquors. But Fumiya gives in to Ritsu’s insistence.

Later, Ritsu is seen to be drunk and has fallen asleep on the sofa. Fumiya comes there and wakes him up to have a glass of water. At that point, Ritsu realizes that he had fallen asleep.

Fumiya takes Ritsu outside, where he has set up a bonfire. Ritsu is delighted to see it. Fumiya also offers marshmallows to him. Ritsu says that how Fumiya knows exactly what he wants. To this, Fumiya reasons that it is because they are roommates. But Ritsu does not really seem satisfied with the answer.

Fumiya and Ritsu
Jack o’ Frost Episode 3

Fumiya then, again, reminisce about their past. In the flashback, Ritsu seems sad about the fact that they can’t set up the bonfire because of the rain. Fumiya assures him that he will come with him the next time and make sure to set it up. Then, we get to know that the couple could visit the villa because Fumiya won the raffle on the shopping street. It was a reward for that. Fumiya says that they do not have much money to pay a visit again as it is expensive. But still, he promises Ritsu to visit again.

Back to the present, Fumiya joins Ritsu around the bonfire. After a while, both of them go inside the house. Fumiya offers Ritsu to take a bath first as it is cold, to which Ritsu suggests taking a bath together. This shocks Fumiya. Then Ritsu realizes what he said and apologizes for being too much, and leaves to take a bath first.

Next, when Fumiya enters the bedroom, we again go back to a flashback. In the flashback, we see Fumiya and Ritsu lying down on the bed at two ends. Ritsu tells Fumiya not to forget about his promise. After some time, Ritsu says that he is a bit nervous as he thought they would consummate.

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So, he got excited. Hearing this, Fumiya springs up from the bed and looks at Ritsu. Ritsu sits up too. They kiss and then get intimate.

Fumiya and Ritsu
Jack o’ Frost Episode 3

Back to the present. Fumiya finds Ritsu sitting with just a towel on when he says that he forgot to bring his pajamas. Fumiya asks him to wear a bathrobe. As Ritsu is about to leave, Fumiya says that he will sleep on the couch as there is only one bed. Ritsu suggests sleeping together.

Later, Fumiya hesitates to enter the bedroom where Ritsu is sleeping. He asks whether he is awake. Ritsu pretends to sleep. Fumiya closes the door and proceeds to sleep on the couch.

The episode ends with Fumiya thinking about the morning after Ritsu and Fumiya got intimate and how they hugged and were happy.

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Jack O’ Frost Episode 4 Preview

In the upcoming episode, we will see a new character, Kajiya, Ritsu’s old work partner visiting their house and growing close to Ritsu. This makes Fumiya jealous, and he tells Ritsu to be careful of Kajiya as he might have some other motive.

Jack O’ Frost Episode 4 Release Date

Jack O’ Frost episode 4 will be released on Friday, March 10, 2023, at 1:30 a.m. For the international audience, the time schedule is given below:

  • Indian Standard Time: 10:00 pm (Thursday)
  • Eastern Standard Time: 11:30 a.m. (Thursday)
  • British Standard Time: 5:30 pm (Thursday)
  • Australian Standard time: 3:30 am (Friday).

Jack O’ Frost Episode 4 Streaming Guide

Jack O’ Frost episode 4 will be released on the streaming platforms, GagaOOlala and Rakuten Viki at times mentioned above.

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