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Pandora: Beneath the Paradise Episode 3: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise: Tae Ra gets attacked by Yoo Tae
A Still from Pandora: Beneath the Paradise (Credits: Disney Plus)

The release date of the action-thriller K-drama, Pandora: Beneath the Paradise episode 3 has been scheduled. Although only two episodes have been released as of yet, the series has already revealed quite a lot of information about the characters.

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise released its first episode on March 11, 2023. Since its release, viewers have appreciated the pace of the K-drama and its gripping narrative. They are eager to know how the narrative of the series will go about for the rest of the episodes, which are yet to release.

Now, let us delve into the recap of the previous episode of the K-drama before the launch of the latest one. We will also provide the release date and streaming guide for the upcoming episode.

Pandora Beneath the Paradise episode 2 has revealed some very important pieces of information about the most mysterious character. The episode was filled with action sequences infused with sizable about of melodrama and thrill.

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 of Pandora: Beneath the Paradise opens with Tae Ra being surrounded by the hospital staff, who are ready to attack her. At that moment, Tae Ra learns about her original identity and the fact that she killed Hae Soo’s father. On being attacked, Tae Ra counterattacks them as she bringing about her fighting skills.

After some time, the manager of the hospital, Jo Yoo Tae appears at the place where the fight is taking place and asks his men to capture Tae Ra. But they fail to do so as Tae Ra somehow escapes.

On the other side, when Hae Soo asks about No. 50 at the hospital, the staffs deny to give out any information. At that moment, Hae Soo receives an anonymous note which it said that the person will help her extract more information about No. 50.

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise: Tae Ra confronts Yoo Ra

A Still from Pandora: Beneath the Paradise Episode 2 (Credits: Disney Plus)

In the next scene, we see Kim Seon Deok having a conversation with Yoo Tae, where she asks him about how their secret room could have been broken into and how the photograph of No. 50 end up with Hae Soo. Yoo Tae does not give any answer to her.

Next, Do Jin informs the media that meeting Red would not be feasible at the time. After the press leaves, Do Jin and his people look into the security camera footage, where they see an employee entering the secret room.

On the other hand, Tae Ra meets Yoo Ra and asks her about her identity. Tae Ra learns that the original Tae Ra passed away in an accident many years ago, and she was replaced with the new Tae Ra as Yoo Ra’s sister. When Tae Ra insists Yoo Ra on giving out the name of the person who is responsible for all the chaos, Yoo Ra does not say anything but she asks her to beware of the person otherwise her family might get into serious trouble.

Shocked and devastated Tae Ra leaves after hearing all the information. As soon as she leaves, Yoo Ra calls the person, who is responsible for changing Tae Ra’s identity. She tells him that as Tae Ra has regained her memories, their deal has come to an end. But the person does not agree with her and threatens her to follow his orders or else he might stir up trouble for Do Jin.

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise: Seon Deok and Yoo Tae

A Still from Pandora: Beneath the Paradise Episode 2 (Credits: Disney Plus)

Meanwhile, Seon Deok learns about the fact that Tae Ra is actually No. 50, which shocks her to the core. She asks Yoo Tae for an explanation of the situation. Then Yoo Tae reveals that as he never found her body, and the deducing from the way she was injured, he was sure about her death. Hearing this, Seon Deok loses her mind and decides to meet Jae Hyun.

Next, we see Tae Ra packing her bags, and is ready to leave the country. She asks her daughter’s caretaker to bring her daughter. When Tae Ra tries to call her husband, she gets a surprise visit from Yoo Tae.

Yoo Tae forces Tae Ra to go back to the hospital with him, but however, she fights him and informs the security and Hae Soo, who is seen waiting outside her house. Tae Ra somehow escapes from Yoo Tae with Hae Soo.

Later, when Hae Soo tries to care for Tae Ra, Tae Ra feels guilty about the fact that she killed Hae Soo’s father. At that moment, Hae Soo sees a prosthetic ear on the floor. When she is about to pick it up, Tae Ra somehow diverts her attention. After some time, Hae Soo leaves.

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise: Hae Soo meets the secret informant

A Still from Pandora: Beneath the Paradise Episode 2 (Credits: Disney Plus)

Yoo Tae gets to know that Tae Ra has left for France when he runs into Yoo Ra. When Seon Deok hears about this, she gets furious. On the other hand, the secret informant meets Hae Soo and informs her about No. 50.

The informant informs everything about No. 50, its prosthetic ears, and its younger brother. While leaving, the informant also tells Hae Soo that the hospital is a dangerous place. As soon as the informant leaves the place, she is kidnapped by the hospital staff. Hae Soo, somehow, sees this and understands that the hospital is responsible for it.

On the next day, Jae Hyun interrupts the press conference of the political party, which is responsible for Red’s death, and reveals the whole truth along with evidence to the media. Meanwhile, Hae Soo confronts Do Jin and tells him that she knows about his love affair, therefore, he can break up with her whenever he wants.

Next, when Tae Ra ultimately gets to talk with Jae Hyun over a call, they are interrupted by Seon Deok’s arrival at Jae Hyun’s office. Hearing Seon Deok’s voice, Tae Ra gets scared and leaves for Jae Hyun’s office immediately.

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise: Seon Deok and Tae Ra's daughter

A Still from Pandora: Beneath the Paradise Episode 2 (Credits: Disney Plus)

As soon as Tae Ra steps out of her house, Yoo Tae kidnaps her. He takes her to an isolated place and tries to kill her, but all in vain, when she successfully escapes from him.

The episode ends with Tae Ra running towards Hatch, where Jae Hyun announces his single president candidacy to the press. When Tae Ra sees her daughter standing with Seon Deok at the press conference, she gets reminded of her brother, who too once stood beside Seon Deok, like her daughter.

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Pandora: Beneath the Paradise Episode 3 Release Date

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise episode 3 will be premiered on March 18, 2023, at 9:10 pm KST (Korea). Each episode is around 1 hour and 10 minutes long. For international viewers, the schedule of the episode is as follows:

  • Indian Standard Time (India): 5:40 pm, Saturday, March 18, 2023.
  • British Standard Time (Britain): 1:10 pm, Saturday, March 18, 2023.
  • Australian Standard Time (Australia): 11:10 pm, Saturday, March 18, 2023.
  • Time in Thailand: 7:10 pm, Saturday, March 18, 2023.
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): 8:10 am, Saturday, March 18, 2023.
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 12:10 am, Saturday, March 18, 2023.

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise Episode 3 Streaming Guide

Episode 3 of Pandora: Beneath the Paradise will be released on the Korean channel, tvN. The episode will be also available on the streaming platforms, TVING and Disney Plus. With a minimum subscription of $11 per month, you can explore many other contents on Disney Plus.

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