All American Season 5 Episode 15 Spoilers: Spencer Needs To Deal With His Attitude

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All American Season 5 Episode 15
Spencer in All American (CC: CW)

All American Season 5 Episode 15 is titled “United in Grief.” In this episode, we are going to see everybody trying to wrap their arms around Spencer. We’ve seen it happen with Olivia, we have seen Joy, and now we get Spencer.

To be honest, Spencer’s reaction has been horrible. But it is possible for somebody to react this way. Where they detach from stuff and basically emotionally eject. Something happened in your life, which life happens to us all, but your reaction can cause you to be stuck in a place forever.

Thank God he has friends around him who care and family that is trying to save him. It’s to the point now where Dillon, his little brother, is like, “bro, you tripping.” Even his little brother told him.

All American Season 5 Episode 15 Preview Breakdown

At the beginning of All American Season 5 Episode 15 Preview, we hear a voiceover of Spencer where he says that he can feel himself detaching from everything. Jordan tells Coach Kenny that he’s hurting more than any of them really know. Dillon talks Spencer that he needs to get over himself, and Spencer stands up and says, “what did he just say?”

Spencer feels detached from everyone which shows him not talking to anyone as much, and not being there for them. He keeps saying to himself and keeps lashing out at people. Avoiding dealing with his grief will only leave him alone with the way he’s going about things. He’s not dealing with it has caused him not to feel attached to anything, and it will keep building up until he handles it.

Jordan must have run into Spencer again or tried to reach out to him, and he’s talking to coach Kenny and is letting him know that it’s getting more serious. He’s not doing anything that could help him out. And we know, despite how Spencer has been acting, coach Kenny Cares about him. We know he wants to make sure that he’s good.

There was a photo of the episode that they put out. In that photo, Coach Kenny and Spencer are at Spencer’s house, and the episode is called “United in Grief.” So maybe everyone gathered at his house to talk to him. That might be the moment when we hear Spencer start talking about him being detached from things.

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Spencer getting mad at Dillon was way too much. At that point, he asked to talk to someone. They’re at the table, and Spencer must have had a smart remark, but Dillon had enough of it and called him out on it. Spencer didn’t want to hear it, so he got mad.

Grace is also there because you could see somebody by Dillon, and you already know she gonna have something to say. If he whiles out on Grace, he probably gonna have to leave that house, but I don’t think he’s gonna take it far.

Doctor Spears Is Back

We see Doctor Spears return, and he says it’s obvious he’s in immense pain, and holding it in has turned toxic. I didn’t expect this. We see Olivia and Alicia, and Olivia says that he is headed toward a very dark place.

Doctor Spears returning is nice. I’m glad to see them bring back the characters. I’m not sure who called them if it was Grace or Olivia, but either way, he’s trying to get them to deal with his grief because what has happened to him now is only hurting him.

All American Season 5 Episode 15 Spoilers
Doctor Spears is back (CC: TV Promos YouTube Channel)

Also, it seemed like he didn’t wanna listen to doctor Spears because he was trying to walk past him, and Doctor Spears was trying to keep talking to him, and Spencer told him “to chill.” That first time him trying to talk to Spencer looks like it’s not gonna work. I wonder if they’re gonna meet up again and if everyone’s gonna be having a meeting for Spencer so that he could help out as well,

Spencer Is Frustrated

You know it’s getting real when Olivia had to call Alicia. Maybe they’re trying to come up with a plan on how to handle Spencer. We know Alicia says that she is gonna take a step back, but I think this time she’ll go and try to help out.

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At the end of the All American Season 5 Episode 15 trailer, we see Spencer punching the drawer. Just like we saw in the trailer some weeks back, that was when he was talking to Coop, and he must have heard something he didn’t like and got mad.

Spencer does look to be spending time in his room. He may be taking the time to work on his grief and just think about everything that’s going on. But we’ll just have to wait and see. This episode looks like it’s gonna be a big one for Spencer.

Spencer Needs To Deal With His Attitude

Now your ego, your emotions, all of this stuff is going on, but at some point, when you are alone, you gotta think, “Hold on. So my little brother just tried to check on me. My momma, all my friends, my new friends, my old friends, My old coach, and my new coach. Everybody was trying to say something to me. Everybody’s trying to check my attitude. Maybe it’s me”. And it is him.

All American Season 5 Episode 15 Spoilers
Dillon with Spencer

And the truth is, at some point, people gotta stop caring about his attitude. Like if it gets to next season and Spencer still gotta attitude with everybody, “I’m gonna be like, yo, people gotta stop caring. Like, dude, you got an attitude. The world doesn’t move around you. You need to grow.” Like, come on, man, and then smack him on the back of his head.

But he definitely needs to grow up. This is ridiculous. He is in college now, and this ain’t high school. I get it. He is frustrated. But come on, man, we all got the story. I understand, but at some point, you got to grow up. So I wanna see that from him. If not, this episode soon.

Alicia And Olivia Teaming Up

Also, in All American Season 5, Episode 15, Alicia and Olivia will be teaming up. This lets me believe that Alicia is going to stay around. Even if Alicia and Spence don’t be together, which we know Olivia and Spencer are going to get together, Alicia is going to stay on the show.

If they keep her on the show, it got me wondering, “Man, who are they going to pair her up with?” Because it’s not like they were just going to keep her on the show, and she was just not going to ever be with anybody, right?

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They are going to start introducing new characters, depending on how long they gonna go. We know they have already been signed on for season 6. They will probably introduce a few new characters at the end of this. A few new characters in Season 6 and hopefully season 7 as well. And that’d be it, man.

If they can’t wrap up in season 6, it could be troublesome. I mean, they lost some of the big dogs. Even though they added a big dog were born. I see what they did. Billy leaves with Taye Diggs. Then they add Morris Chestnut with Barnes. I see what they did, and I can also see Barnes getting more involved in the show.

All American Season 5 Episode 15 Spoilers
Barnes in All American (CC: CW)

You know that Barnes is gonna be involved in All American Season 5, Episode 15. He gonna be involved going forward. We are gonna see him get more and more involved in the show because he is a big actor. They just lost a big actor, and it makes sense to keep him evolving, you know.

The Issue With The New Girl

But besides that, the only other big issue that’s going to be going on in this next episode, and I think it’s going to be all hands on deck for this issue too, and the issue with the New Girl, Migo. So they introduce another new character in patients. It’s going to be an issue with them that they gonna have to sort through.

Layla is going to be working on that. I can see Jordan still working with his team, getting the team right, and then also helping Layla. And also, at some point, they’re gonna reintroduce JJ and Olivia’s situation with JJ drinking a little more. So look out for that man.

I believe after this is only one episode left, so we’re getting close to the season Finale, and All American Season 5 gonna be gone for a while. And also, when do you think they should stop? Should they stop at season 6?

I always ask this question because I’m hoping somebody here is somewhere where they can just shut this thing down, man, before they just get too out of control, too ridiculous, and stories repeating themselves.

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