I Kissed A Boy Episode 1 Release Date, What To Expect, Cast, Stream Guide & Trailer Breakdown

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I Kissed A Boy
One of the contestants of this dating show (Credit: BBC Three)

BBC Three recently premiered a new dating show hosted by Aussie singer Danii Minogue, and it’s called “I Kissed a Boy,” and it’s being marketed as the UK’s first gay dating show. As with most dating shows, it centers around a group of aspiring singles that will seek to find a romantic partner or fail in the attempt.

The show premieres ahead of Pride Month on the British television network and will manage to grab the attention of this demographic as it becomes part of the inclusion and diversity policies that the network seems to conduct concerning its programming.

I Kissed A Boy will bring ten gay dudes to the screen and pair them with the help of a matchmaker, and we can expect all the drama from a reality dating show, confessionals, and background stories from each contestant. Set to air weekly on BBC, the show will also be narrated by Layton Williams and will also incorporate many songs in its soundtrack admired by the gay community.

I Kissed a Boy
The show’s host, Australian singer Danii Minogue (Credit: BBC Three)

What To Expect From I Kissed A Boy?

The show’s premise consists of matchmaking single gay men based entirely on their first encounter with a kiss —they call it a “Kiss Off” in the show—at a nice Italian villa with host Danii Minogue across the season. We’ll see how they fare out with the one they kissed first or if they’re willing to explore another relationship with someone else in the villa. As such, there are many things to come in that sense, drama, cliffhanger cuts, and background stories that aim to captivate viewers. 

The show’s being promoted by the BBC as their first all-gay dating show, promises a soundtrack full of gay anthems, and with the hosting of Australian singer and LGTB rights advocate Danii Minogue and with the narration of Layton Williams, the show aims to break ground in the diversity sphere for BBC Three’s programming schedule. 

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I Kissed A Boy Cast

The cast is comprised of ten gay men from all walks of life that, with the guidance of some matchmakers and with Danii Minogue helping them, will mingle and kiss one another in hopes of finding love at first sight. The contestants are as follows.


Subomi is 29 years old, and he’s from London; he’s a software developer and has an athletic side. He’s looking for someone who can match his sporty side and wants a confident partner. 

I kissed a boy
Subomi the Londoner (Credit: BBC Three)


Ben is 28 years old, he’s from Edinburgh and currently lives in London. He describes his character as a mixture of Disney’s Goofy and DreamWork’s Shrek. He studied engineering in Scotland and was the only gay dude in his class. He’s looking for a man who can make him laugh because he describes himself as a hopeless romantic.

I Kissed a Boy
Ben, the engineer from Edinburgh (Credit: BBC Three)


Irishman Gareth currently lives in London. He’s 28 and works as a hair stylist, he’s looking for a gentleman with high self-esteem and style, and he’s tired of gay dudes in London, so he’s fishing elsewhere. 

I kissed a boy
Gareth the Irishman (Credit: BBC Three)


Robert, aka “Bobski,” is 23 years old, he’s from Essex and used to live in Poland, he used to play semi-pro Tennis and currently works as an airline manager. He’s in search of a prince charming that can conquer his tender heart.

i kissed a boy
Robert “Bobski” the tennis player (Credit: BBC Three)


23-year-old Londoner Joseph is a fashionista with a knack for women’s nails and flashy jew; she’s a performance artist and wants someone thoughtful who can cater to his romantic appetite because he’s never fallen in love before

I kissed a boy
Joseph from London (Credit: BBC Three)


Kailum is from Brighton. He’s 25 and works as a travel consultant, and is out on the look for a hopeless romantic like him who can cater to his loud and outgoing style. 

I Kissed a Boy
Kailum from Brighton (Credit: BBC Three)


Ollie works on the roads fixing them. He’s a construction worker, he’s 27, and when he’s not fixing potholes, he’s out partying. So, he wants someone he can go partying with.

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I kissed a boy
Ollie is a construction worker, but can he get his game on the road? (Credit: BBC Three)


Josh is from Wales. He says he’s never been kissed, grew up a Mormon, and in his hometown of Rhyl, there’s no gay scene. So, he’s looking for someone who can kiss him. He likes jock dudes and wants to get in touch with the gay scene. 

i kissed a boy
Can Josh find the one in this show? (Credit: BBC Three)


Jake hails from Swansea. He grew up in Spain, works as a bartender and trains aspiring bartenders, and loves the outdoors and gardening. He’s looking for a partner to go camping and clubbing and claims he’s tired of Grindr.

I Kissed a boy
Jake the trainer (Credit: BBC Three)


Ross is 27 years old, he’s from Manchester and works as a social worker. He says he’s a fiery redhead with a temper. He’s looking to move on after a failed five-year relationship.

I kissed a boy
Ross, from Manchester (Credit: BBC Three)

I Kissed A Boy Episode 1 Release Date

I Kissed A Boy was originally expected to air on Monday, May 15, 2023, but the BBC chose to release the show’s debut early. As such, I Kissed A Boy will debut on Saturday, May 13, 2023, at 21:00 hrs United Kingdom Time on BBC Three.

  • UK time: Sunday, May 15, 2023, at 21:00 hrs (same time as United Kingdom Time)
  • European Central Time: Sunday, May 15, 2023, at 22:00 hrs
  • Pacific Time USA: Sunday, May 15, 2023, at 13:00 hrs
  • Eastern Time USA: Sunday, May 15, 2023, at 16:00 hrs
  • Philippines Time: Monday, May 16, 2023, at 04:00 hrs
  • Korea Standard Time: Monday, May 16, 2023, at 05:00 hrs
  • Singapore Standard Time: Monday, May 16, 2023, at 04:00 hrs
  • New Zealand Time: Monday, May 16, 2023 at 09:00 hrs

The I Kissed A Boy Trailer Breakdown

The thirty-second trailer dropped by BBC Three shows a posh house and a pool with a bunch of gay dudes mingling as they’re greeted by host Danii Minogue, followed by stills of the participants from different backgrounds and walks of life with a piece of very upbeat background music. Then, the narrator goes on to explain the premise of the show while we see alternating takes from the upcoming episodes, with some reactions by Danii Minogue to the outrageousness she’s witnessing.  Then, we see the show’s logo, and the trailer concludes.

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Where To Watch I Kissed A Boy?

I Kissed A Boy is a BBC Three original production and will air on BBC Three exclusively during the times described above, and you can watch the telecast. BBC Three is available in the UK for television via Freeview 23/109, Virgin 107 or 157 for Wales and Scotland, Sky 117 or 173 for London, and FreeSat 107.

If you prefer to watch it online, you can do it by subscribing to BBC iPlayer, which is completely free for UK residents. However, if you reside outside the United Kingdom, you could employ a VPN to circumvent geographic restrictions and stream it. 

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