Murim Log In Chapter 130 Release Date: The Fire King Humiliates The Tiger Swordsman

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Murim Log In Chapter 130
Murim Log In Chapter 130

Murim Log In Chapter 130 begins after the return of The Fire King, Jeok Cheon-Gang. Gang punished Song IL for trying to touch his disciples. Song IL realizes he has no match and accepts that he has lost. Gong could not believe that his master was beaten to a pulp. But Song IL believes that luck was on Cheon and Jin’s side since the Fire King came to their rescue.

He can’t believe that he was humiliated in front of different sects. Jin comments that Song IL might be losing eyesight since he is unlucky, and he apologizes for everything that happened before the Fire King returns. Kim reveals that he can’t tolerate it when he sees injustice happening. Song IL notices that Jin is smirking at him and wonders how dare that brat do that to him.

He realizes every brat gets a chance to shine when their master is around. Jin reveals that he is not doing anything, and he has a face like that, and it looks like he is laughing. Song IL realizes he has no time to argue since he is feeling pain and one of his legs has become weak. The Fire King tells Song IL to shut up since he is considered a mere brat in front of him. 

Murim Log In Chapter 130
The Fire King

He is also angry that Jin has allowed such things to happen and is speaking rudely toward the adults. The Fire King reminds Jin that Song IL has a grandson of Jin’s age, and Jin should be playing with Song IL’s grandson, not Song IL. Song IL is also glad that Jin is also getting scolded. The Fire King reminds Jin to be polite no matter how bad the guy is. Jin apologizes, and Song IL smiles but is not satisfied since he wants to be the last one laughing. 

Previously on Murim Log In Chapter 129

The Fire King tells Jin and Song IL that he won’t investigate what has happened, that they must settle scores, and that such a thing should never happen. Song IL realizes that he will also remain quiet or get humiliated since he can’t even lay a finger on the Fire King even if they have to fight.

He decided he won’t die without making Jin Tae-Kyung and The Jin Family get punished for humiliating his sect. Song IL realizes he would have laughing stock if other sect elders were around. No one ever expected The Fire King would return after so many years, and Song IL knows that the Fire King died many years ago. The Fire King realizes that Song IL is not the guy to accept defeat like that, and he might try to kill Jin and his family.

But if Song IL attempts to play a dirty game, they will visit Zhongang Sect and slay every warrior, including the sect elders. He asks the uninvited guest to get food and eat and leave, or they can leave without eating if they are in a hurry. Gong wonders what kind of Fire King that guy who beat them gives them food. Song IL replies that they are returning to the Zhongan Sect.

Song IL
Song IL

Gong accepts and decides not to eat since the food will be tasteless due to the blood inside their mouth. Hyuk is glad to see The Fire King and Song IL left with his crew. The Fire King is surprised that Jin’s brother is 36 years old, and he thought that he was 4o years old. Hyuk also reveals that he is unmarried. They invite The Fire King and cook every delicious food that they like. 

Murim Log In Chapter 130 Release Date

Murim Log In Chapter 130 will be released on 10 November 2022. The warriors compare Jin to the Fire King and wonder who is the best guy. They realize that Jin and the Fire King have given them entertaining shows. Jin realizes that the Fire King hates to be in noisy places, which is why he loves to stay in the mountains. Check out Murim Log In Chapter 130 updates. 

Read Murim Log In Chapter 130 Online – Raw Details 

You can read Murim Log In Chapter 130 online on the official websites. Jin realizes that The Fire King wants to take him as his disciple, and they challenge each other on who will drink more beer. The Fire King and Jin also talked about Jo Pil and another sect. Let’s meet after Murim Log In Chapter 130 is released. 

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