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Android 11 Release Date & Features – All You Need To Know

android 11 release date
Android 11

Android 11 is the eleventh major release, and overall, after the successful run of Android 10, this is the 18th version of the Android mobile operating system. As it is quite evident that the world around us is continuously changing in terms of technological developments, automatically, it is very important for us to update our technology at hand too.

Android 11 is just one step in that direction. With IOS not being an easy competition, the makers of Android have added a more friendly touch in this version of Android.

android 11 release date

New Features Of The Android 11

– Native screen recording: Google has been toying around for a while now, for the addition of a built-in screen recorder to be available in Android, and Android 11 confirms that we will have this feature in our new Android update.

– Airplane mode doesn’t kill Bluetooth: in the previous android versions, if you switched on the airplane mode, you weren’t allowed to use your Bluetooth, but if a user has his/ her Bluetooth device connected, he/ she may not be able to use it. Hence in the Android 11 update, this bug is solved, allowing users to access Bluetooth even on airplane mode.

– Muting notifications during video: in the latest update of Android, you can mute notifications while you use record something, this update makes the process of video recording less disturbing and more user friendly.

– Auto revokes app permissions: the Android 11 comes with a new option to automatically revoke permissions such as camera, location, and more, from apps that haven’t been used for a while. You can use this feature of you think you will not use a certain application after a while.

– 5g optimization: It seems really amazing how applications can now find out if you’re on the 5G network while continuing a feature that lets the applications distinguish whether you’re on 4G or your Wi-Fi connection. This feature would easily optimize content and system performance for however you’re connected, automatically stopping you from draining loads of data unnecessarily.

– Support for foldable devices: with the hardware getting updated as well, there is a possibility of having more foldable cellular phones soon. Hence Android 11 was made efficient with this hardware update.

Separate notification tab: this powerful Android 11 update has its own separate notification tab, which will divide the notifications from ongoing conversations and let you ignore some not so important notifications

android 11 features

The Android 11 design.

Android 11 Release Date

Android 11 will be released in October 2020. After Android 9, the pie’s launch, Google announced that they would follow a numerical pattern in their further update, so they were out with Android 10, and now, they’re about to give us the highly anticipated Android 11.

The developer preview of th Android 11 is already out and is under some work, the first beta version of Android 11 will be out on 12th May 2020, the second beta version in June 2020, third beta version somewhere around August and finally, the final built version should be out by October 2020.

android 11 download

The Android 11 Logo.

Fortunately, the ongoing COVID-19 PANDEMIC hasn’t had any effect on the release of the upcoming Android’s patches, let’s hope that we are able to update our cell phones on the announced date. If there are any changes in those dates, we shall update it according to our knowledge and help you be aware of the Android 11 release.

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