Will There Be Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 23 Episode 11?

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Will There Be Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 23 Episode 11?
Will There Be Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 23 Episode 11?

Will There Be a Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 23 Episode 11? is what the AFSA talks about after the recent episode received great reviews and TRPs owing to the truths revealed about the EgyptAir flight mysteries.

The Andre Barro-produced television show Mayday: Air Investigation is entirely devoted to the various aircraft mishaps recorded throughout aviation history. Through survivor interviews, careful reenactors, computer-generated animation, and still images, the program seeks to identify the root cause of each catastrophic disaster.

Through this post, we are thrilled to provide devoted viewers with the most recent information about the program. Before Mayday air accident investigation season 23 episode 11 is released, we will also give a recap of the previous few episodes to those who overlooked them.

Experts frequently share their hypotheses about possible outcomes, disclosing knowledge that may not seem significant but could save innumerable lives. The program reportedly premiered in 2003 and was made by Cineflix specifically for Canadian viewers.

But after the first season’s broadcast, channels like Discovery Channel, TVNZ, and many others started streaming it. The program received glowing reviews from both viewers and reviewers, and some episodes were even used to teach aspiring pilots about the dangers of reckless flying.

Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 23 Episode 11
A still from the show. (Credits: TubiTV)

This documentary gains interest because we are also provided with footage and cockpit audio recordings made just before the catastrophe. To better comprehend the plane accident determined by these records and the researchers’ theories, actors have been hired.

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We were told the story of a Japanese aircraft damaged by poor maintenance in the 23rd season. Japan’s 12E Flight 123, with its final destination of Osaka, departed from Tokyo on August 12, 1985—an explosion on the 524-passenger aircraft brought on the disaster.

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A Boeing 747SR-46 with a total of 25,011 hours of flying time was the subject of the case. The pilots in the aircraft were Hiroshi Fukuda, Yutaka Sasaki, and Masami Takahama. After the decompression, the airplane experienced its first blast, resulting in the hydraulic connections being severed.

Pilot Takahama noticed an issue with the aircraft’s instruments and signaled for assistance. The pressure gradient was diminishing alarmingly, and they tried to notify the Tokyo Area Command Center of this. We also witnessed the incident that took place on March 7, 1983.

It was brought on by the four men who seized Flight 013 of Balkan Bulgarian Airlines. They wished the aircraft would alter its course and switch to the Austrian airport in Vienna. Even though everything was eventually settled, there was some resistance.

Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 23 Episode 11
A still from the series. (Credits: TubiTV)

Pilots could defuse the situation by maneuvering their aircraft in loops over the Black Sea. The aircraft was safely landed at the Varna Airport after that. Commandos boarded the aircraft and executed one hijacker, who posed a danger to a flight attendant, while seizing the other three.

We recently witnessed the incident involving Atlas Air Flight 3591, which took place on February 23, 2019. Trinity Bay was hit by the plane’s accident. The pilots were en route to Houston, Texas’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Three passengers were aboard the aircraft at the moment of the crash, and they perished horribly. The first cop, meanwhile, was observed to have spatial disorientation. This occurred when he switched on the aircraft’s go-around option, and things did not work out as anticipated.

One of the most recent episode of the show also detailed how an Amazon cargo plane crashed into a swamp outside Houston, and how the available evidence ultimately pointed investigators toward a pilot with a track record of mistakes.

In the latest episode, we saw how EgyptAir Flight 804 went from Paris to Cairo before crashing into the Mediterranean. Evidence originally pointed to a fire on the aircraft, but Egyptian authorities eventually attributed the crash to terrorism.

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The Egyptian state prosecutor will receive the case to conduct a criminal inquiry. A new confusing hypothesis emerges six years after an Italian reporter leaked the information.

Will There Be a Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 23 Episode 11?

Sadly, the show ended with Mayday Air Crash Investigation season 23 episode 10 and has no plans to return with episode 11.

Mayday Air Crash Investigation: Renewed or Cancelled

Mayday Air Crash Investigation has not been renewed for another season, but we will be the first to reveal the season’s news as soon as the creators reveal it about the renewal. However, fans can watch the episode of the show via Smithsonian app, Tubi TV and CBS

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