Ex On The Beach Couples Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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Ex On The Beach Couples Episode 2 recap
Ex On The Beach Couples Episode 3 Release Date

Ex on the Beach Couples Episode 3’s release date is here. People on this reality tv show expect more entertainment with the new episode. This post will list everything they might want to learn beforehand, such as Ex on the Beach Couples Episode 3’s air date and streaming guide. Ex On The Beach Couples is a spin-off of MTV’s popular reality dating series Ex On The Beach.

This spin-off will feature six couples on the verge of getting engaged from Ex On the Beach. The premise is that one partner still has unresolved problems with an ex is the main obstacle preventing them from proposing. The popular dating show will be hosted by model, content creator, and Television personality Kamie Crawford. 

We observed that the participants traveled to Gran Canaria Island in Spain to compare their relationships with the partners’ ex-partners. By the end of the study, every couple wanted to get married but had significant relationship concerns.

Due to a crucial match, Leylah’s companion could not arrive on time and decided to arrive one day into the shooting. The other couples received a photo album documenting their union on their date. They were stunned that their ex would share a bunk bed directly above them.

What is the plot of season 1 of Ex on the Beach Couples?

The show centers on six engaged couples who are only prevented from taking the next major step by their pace with the fast, ever-lingering ex. The couples will determine whether they can finally let go of their ex and happily live ever after through rigorous challenges to their marriage and strength-building workouts.

Ex On The Beach Couples Episode 2 recap
A still from the show.

To determine whether happily ever after — or happily never after — is in their futures, six couples must confront the persistent problem of how to handle their ex-spouses.

Who are these couples ready to participate in the show?

Shyla and Spari

Record producer Spari continues to collaborate with his ex-girlfriend Ri. His girlfriend is Shyla. The girl is having some trust issues due to this.

Ex On The Beach Couples Episode 2 recap

Lola and Sorinn

Lola’s former partner is Christopher. When Christophers comes into their life, Sorinn starts feeling insecure and envious.

Leila and Liam

Boxer Liam is prepared to ask his love Leila to marry him and start a family. The only thing keeping him back is the idea that she might still harbor affection for Samura, her ex.

Holly and Jake

Since 2019, Jake & Holly have been dating. Even though she stood by him during his horrible motorbike accident, Jake is still reticent to move forward. Holly believes that he hesitates because of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Pala.

Thaliah and Jamie

Thaliah and Jamie fell in love immediately, but things started to go south for Jamie when he requested her to be in an open marriage. He is concerned that Charlie, Thaliah’s ex, wants to rekindle their relationship.

Ex On The Beach Couples Episode 2 recap
A still from the show.

Jade and Ben

The future of Ben and Jade is important to them. The idea of having a family and getting a house together has been discussed. Jade, though, seems to still be concerned about Ben’s past, Kylie.

What to expect from Ex-on-Beach Couples?

 We will see that after learning that her ex-boyfriend Spari and Shayla have already been together for the past two years, Ri will be seen behaving aggressively. Afterward, Ri would push Shayla to question Spari about their most recent date, which would result in the admission that he had been dual dating for a while.

Shayla will become uneasy as she senses that she and Spari have different expectations regarding female friendships. Once Leylah admits that she isn’t even sure of their love, Liam tells her that she has shattered her heart.

Leylah’s ex is heard confessing to the camera that he once texted her on a night out or the two had become acquainted physically, which could have been problematic for Leylah and Liam’s present relationship.

When is the Ex on the Beach Couples Episode 3’s release date?

Ex on the Beach Couples Episode 3 release date is Feb 23, 2023. Ex on the Beach Couples Episode 3 will premiere via MTV at 9 pm in the US. Fans from across the world can stream Ex on the Beach Couples Episode 3 at 7.30 am IST (Feb 24), 1 pm AEDT (Feb 24), 2 am GMT (Feb 24)

Ex on the Beach Couples Episode 3: where to watch

Ex on the Beach Couples Episode 3 will stream via MTV app at the time listed above. The Americans can watch the show live at 9 pm.

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