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Preview and Recap: Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Season 2 Episode 6

Senku and others have finished crafting a steam engine named Senku #1. Magma challenges the steam engine that he can push it back using his strength. Magma got sent flying by a steam engine. Senku asks Magma if he thinks he is a gorilla to challenge the steam engine. Suika is glad that the steam engine is so powerful not even a mighty guy can stop it. The crew can’t believe that the steam engine has smashed the mighty Magma.

Kinro comments that the steam engine possesses the strength of a living creature. Ginro comments that Kohaku has the power of a gorilla; she can challenge the steam engine. Kohaku beats Ginro to a pulp since he compared her with a gorilla. Ginro wishes for Chrome to come back since he will be the one receiving the beating from Kohaku. Kohaku comments that the steam engine will help them get Chrome back. 

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Season 2 Episode 6 will be released on Thursday, 18 February 2021, at 10:30 PM JST. Dr. Stones can be streamed across different official streaming platforms; you can stream it on AnimeLabCrunchyroll, and Funimation.

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Previously on Episode 5

Senku reveals that the rest of the car won’t be hard to build once the engine is done. It is the powerful beast of scince: Steam Gorilla. Senku said the village has been great to him, but it’s goodbye for now. He also said they are throwing all of their science gear on board. After that, they will head to the Tsukasa Empire. At the same time, Chrome is locked inside the cave with Tsukasa’s men. Chrome thinks he is strong enough to destroy the cage with his hands. 

He told the guards not to cry about it later when the cage is destroyed. Outside the cave, Hyoga asks Tsukasa why they are keeping Chrome out in the open. Tsukasa is just listening to the sound that he can hear coming from a distance. At the same time, Gen is doing a test drive. He asks Senku why he is the one who has to do it. Senku comments that Gen is the one who has a driver’s license. Gen cannot believe that there is a driver’s license in this world.

Steam Gorilla

Senku told Gen that he must obey traffic rules, and Gen said that the wooden wheels are not strong enough. They are not driving on paved roads, and the wheels won’t be able to hold on. He asks what they are going to do for the tires, and Senku shows Gen what others are doing. Suika told Gen that they are doing hexagonal bamboo weaves. Gen asks what that is. Senku reveals that they are the airless tires developed by Nasa for planetary exploration. 

Kaseki announces that the steam gorilla is done, and everyone compliments it. Suika notices that Kaseki is said. Kaseki comments that they have to hurry up and save Chrome. He knows how important was Chrome in his life. The two used to do a science project together and joking together. Saseki is missing Chrome, and he is feeling sorry for him. Kohaku thought Kaseki was sad because Tsukasa might be bullying Chrome.

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Kaseki comments that what he means is that Chrome is not here to help them built their new automobile. The old geezers and the old hags realize that Senku was making a steam gorilla for the who cannot walk like youth. One of the oldies comments that he can leave them behind at Ishigami village. They don’t want to get in his way of battle with Tsukasa. Kohaku comments that if Tsukasa sends reinforcement, it will be dangerous for the oldies.

Senku’s Weakness

The geezer comments that they are not worried about that since they know that Senku will be the first one to defeat Tsukasa Empire. The crew decided to leave without the oldies and promise that they will come back safe. The crew reach the mountains and rest while Suika head to Tsukasa’s territory. She couldn’t find Chrome, but Chrome saw her and think of something. Chrome screamed and commented that he is bored and he can stay like this.

Suika notice that he is fine and doing okay. She went back to the mountains and report to the crew. Senku decided to power up the steam gorilla, and Kinro thinks what Senku has created is not strong enough. He thinks that Senku’s shield made out of paper using science can be destroyed with his spear. Senku challenge Kinro to destroy it. Kinro charges without holding back and his spear got destroyed into pieces.

After that, they powered the steam gorilla, and nothing can penetrate the steam gorilla. Mecha Senku also helped to power up the steam gorilla. While at Tsukasa’s territory, they are setting traps for Senku’s crew. They think that Senku’s weakness is his friends, and they are keeping Chrome as the bait. 

Stone: Stone Wars Season 2 Episode 6 Preview

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