Is ‘Heaven Is For Real’ a True Story? The Whole Supernatural Angle

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Is Heaven Is For Real Is a True Story?
Cast Of Heaven Is For Real

This movie tells the story of a four years old boy who had a near-death experience while going through critical surgery, which eventually led his soul to move out of his body and it travels to heaven. Where he met Jesus and other angels. Through this experience, young Colton is convinced that heaven does really exist, and he tries to convey this message to everyone. Upon its release, the movie became a huge hit. Making it one of the highest-grossing Christian movies of all time.

Heaven is for Real is based on a book, and just like the movie, the book was a huge hit. Although many people who believe in gods and heaven have showered their praise towards this movie. But as the saying goes, everything has two sides. Likewise, this movie also has kinds of audiences. One who has faith in god and the other who believes in proofs more than just claims of a mere kid. This brings us to the question, is this movie based on a true story?

The plot of Heaven is For Real

Before we could discuss whether or not Heaven is For Real is a true story. We have to understand the story of this movie. Heaven is For Real revolves around a four years old boy named Colton. One day Colton’s appendix suddenly started paining, and his condition started deteriorating. Which led his parents to admit him for immediate surgery.

Is Heaven Is For Real Is a True Story?
Sister Scene From Heaven Is For Real

The doctors said that Colton’s condition was really critical & that he might not survive. The doctors continue with their operation, and after an intense surgery, Colton’s life is finally saved. It was really hard for both parents to watch their child face a near-death situation. But everything went well. Until one day, Colton suddenly asks her mom about her older sister. The Burpo family only had a single son, but a few years ago, Colton’s mother was carrying a baby girl in her womb who unfortunately died due to a miscarriage.

And Colton’s parents never said a word about her dead sister to Colton. But Colton claimed that he met with her sister in heaven while he was going through the operation. This made her mother emotional, and she talked with Colton’s dad about this. Colton’s dad “Todd Burpo” was a pastor, and initially, when he heard about Colton’s claim of his soul visiting heaven and meeting Jesus while the doctors operated on his body, it didn’t feel real to him.

Until Colton said, up in heaven he met Tod’s father. Colton describes Todd’s father in great detail, which finally leads him to believe that Colton is actually telling the truth and that he really did go to heaven. The rest of the story follows Colton trying to spread the message that heaven and god do really exist.

Is Heaven Is For Real Is a True Story?
Father Scene from Heaven is for real movie

Is Heaven is For the Real movie a True Story?

One of the biggest arguments that many people brought forward was in order for one to go to heaven, one must die, and then his soul would leave his body and enter into the world of gods. But in Colton’s case, Colton technically never died. His heart never stopped, nor did his brain stop functioning. So technically, his soul cannot leave his body. Many other pastors also criticized the story stating that the story lacks proof and is merely a claim of a 4-year-old child. One of the biggest claims that came forward was from Alex Malarkey.

Alex was also said to have a similar kind of near-death experience to that of Colton. Alex’s experiences were translated into a book called. But according to Alex, the book is completely fictional. He states that it was the work of Christian publishers who tried to promote the concept of religion, god, and heaven through this book. Whatever people might say, Colton’s father made it clear through a media statement that he believes in his son’s experiences and his story and that he stands by his belief in the existence of heavens and gods.

Is Heaven Is For Real Is a True Story?
Heaven Scene

Well, whatever the case might be, we can never truly know whether or not what Colton said is true. Nor can we blatantly blame Colton is telling lies. He is just a kid, and what benefit in this world would he have by telling lies? But at the same time, we cannot deny that there is a lack of proof in his narrative. So it may be a true story, but we just cannot say it with 100% surety.

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