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Where is Oblivion Filmed? All To Know About the Visuals

Oblivion movie scene with only two left humans on Earth

Oblivion is a movie based on the prediction of future events, and the writer put it in the year 2077, where the writer of the movie has predicted that the scene will be far different than the current year. The plot of the story shows that there will be a high level of competition on Earth and that there will be war. In the story ahead, the plot revolves around a technician who is on a strict mission against the remaining scavenger extraterrestrials after he rescues a girl from a spaceship crash. The mechanics also learn that scavengers are the individuals who survived the alien menace.

There is a light amount of discussion and dialogue in Oblivion; thus, the conduct of the four main personalities and cast members is researched through segments of small details, each of which had a reason for being selected.

Platforms to watch Oblivion

Oblivion has been cast and released on many platforms for fans and audiences. Some of the platforms on which the audience can watch the movie are IMAX, which is run by Universal Pictures in April. It was recorded that the movie has gained approximately $286 million, with $125 million of that spent on the movie.


The Oblivion galaxy universe

There are many more platforms where audiences can watch it online, and nowadays audiences can buy a subscription to a particular channel or OTT platform to watch Oblivion without any advertisement breaks.

Oblivion story plot

Well, by predicting the future in 2077, it was assumed that there would be aliens and wars between humans and aliens in that year. The story starts with Jack Harper, the main character portrayed by Tom Cruise, who is a drone technician in the story and lives in a location named Tower High Beyond the Clouds with his partner named Victoria, who is portrayed by Andrea Riseborough. As in the story, the twist point happens when the audience gets to know that the two of them are the only humans on earth. It makes stories more and more interesting.


Oblivion, poster 

The main characters in the story are the last individuals left on Earth after it was damaged and totally destroyed by cruel aliens, and these aliens are known as Scavengers. In the story, the aliens wanted Earth’s resources and wanted to damage the earth by killing all the people living on it. The Earth’s condition in the movie is worse than one can imagine.

The role of Jack in the movie

The character in the story is named Jack Robot, and his job is to travel to the cover during the daytime to repair the useful drones. These are globular, and flying robots prepared to detect and kill any remaining aliens named Scavs on Earth.

The aliens named Scav are there to kill the remaining people on earth and want all the resources, so in the story, we have robots that are also against them as our main lead roles. Oblivion has a good IMDb rating and few critics among the viewers. The love and support made a huge victory for the movie in some sense.


Oblivion, Tom cruise fighting Aliens 

Oblivion filming locations

The scope of the movie called for massive studio sets, which were produced at Louisiana’s biggest studio facility. Some of the movie’s scenes have been filmed and are located in the New York Public Library. The main lead characters, Jack and Vika, live in a home called “Skytower” in the movie, which was filmed in a studio with advanced cinematic effects. As the Earth’s surface was in the troposphere in the movie, it is not possible to find an exact location like it is on Earth currently.

The photos of the sky covering the home of the main character Skytower, the home of Jack and Eva, were filmed by a professional VFX crew from the edge of the majestic Haleakala Crater in the location of Haleakala National Park. This location is located on the island of Hawaii, named Maui. All the scenes are mostly created and filmed in the studio under the guidance of experts. With the help of professionals, the entire movie has given the best view of the 2077 scenario in a perfect way.

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