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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Animated Series, Set For Release in 2021

star wars bad batch release date

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is an upcoming animated Star Wars series that is both a spin-off and a sequel to Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The moviemakers announced the sequel, and fans are earnestly waiting to find out its release date. We will talk about all the details and important information about the upcoming movie and release worldwide.

The movie was announced in July 2020 by Disney and Lucasfilm. The movie will be executively produced by the Clone Wars overseer Dave Filoni. As far as the release date is concerned, the movie is set for a 2021 release; however, no specific has been announced by the film’s makers. The trailer is already out, and you can watch it on YouTube and get a few glimpses of what the movie will be about.

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star wars bad batch release date

What is Star Wars: The Bad Batch?

Let us find out what Star Wars: The Bad Batch is all about and what is the plotline of the upcoming film. It is basically a new CG animated series that will also function as a sequel to The Clone Wars. The series will focus on a crew of clone soldiers who possess extraordinary powers and abilities in the Star Wars universe. Clone Force 99 includes Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, and Crosshair, where each one of them has their own exceptionally well individual skills, which together make them a group of elite specialists. The setting of The Bad Batch will take place in an Imperial era where the group of elite clone members will take on their respective mercenary missions to figure out who they actually are in the waking hour of the war. The show will make its debut on Disney Plus and will be made internationally available for the fans.

Who will feature in the animated series of Star Wars?

star wars bad batch release date

Talking about the cast of the series, very little is known about it. However, it is known by some sources that the Clone Wars alumnus Dee Bradley Baker will voice the clones in the upcoming series as well. The chances are very high, and fans can expect him to return in the roles of Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, Hunter, and Echo. As far as the crew members are concerned, the producers will return with the upcoming series, including Dave Filoni and Athena Portillo. Rau will be joining as the supervising director of the movie, where Corbett will be the head writer along with Matt Michnovetz. Other members are not revealed by the film’s makers, and only the upcoming days will unveil the new characters added to the team of Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

star wars bad batch release date

There are also some potential highlights of the upcoming series, which we will share with our audience. The first such news is that there will be limited appearances by The Clone Wars characters, namely Ahsoka Tano and Rex. The show’s host also believes that a sequel series, Star Wars: Rebels (another CG animated series), is also in the making, so there would be two series simultaneously for the audience.

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