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Waco Season 2 Release Date & All You Need To Know

Waco is an American miniseries created and developed by Drew Dowdle and Jhon Dowdle. Its first episode was aired on 24th January 2018, via the paramount entertainment network. The miniseries of 6 episodes showcase the thrilling standoff between the Federal Bureau Of Investigation ( FBI) and the Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, firearms, and explosives ( ATF) in Waco at the branch of Davidians, in Texas.

It is a dramatic portrayal of the 51 days long standoff between the FBI and ATF in 1993. With a thrilling and strategic plot, this miniseries not only showcases some nail-biting action, but it also showcases the diplomatic way and side of two government organizations.

Taylor kitsch in a still from Waco

Waco Season 2 Cast

This dramatic exploration has some big and famous faces in their actions packed storyline, The cast of Waco Season 2 might include the following:

  • Michael Shannon stars as Gary Noesner
  • Taylor Kitsch plays the poignant David Koresh
  • Andrea Riseborough is seen playing Judy Schneider
  • Paul Sparks stars as Steve Schneider
  • Rory Culkin plays David Thibodeau, and Shea Whigham is seen playing Mitch Decker
  • Demore Barnes plays the enthusiastic Wayne Martin
  • Duncan Joiner is seen playing Cyrus Koresh
  • The beautiful Annika Marks stars as Kathy Schroeder
  • Tait Fletcher plays Brad Branch
  • Vivien Lyra Blair stars as Serenity Jones
  • J.B. Tuttle is seen playing Davey Jones
  • Cayin Martin plays Jamie Martin
  • Glenn Fleshler is seen playing Tony Prince
  • Kimberly Kriegel stars as Catherine Matteson
  • Kimberly Bigsby as Jayden Wendell
  • Kenneth Miller is seen playing Mike Schroeder
  • Stephanie Kurtzuba plays Carol Noesner
  • Steven Culp stars as Jeff Jamar

Koresh alongside Mellissa

The show begins with the standoff between the FBI, ATF, and David Koresh’s religious faction, the Branch Davidians, in Waco, Texas. This results in a massive fire and leads to further investigation and diplomatic drama of the FBI and ATF, alongside the Davidians.

With the dispute getting out of hand,  the FBI makes a plan to get a hold of the ATF, but the show gets more interesting when the ATF and Davidians make a pact, thus making it difficult for the FBI. But the question arises, are the Davidians and ATF on one side?  This confusing yet thrilling action-packed drama gets better with every episode.

You will also realize how the environment of the 90s is thoroughly maintained throughout the show. From the character’s hairstyle to their clothes, no stone has been left unturned to give us a proper 90s cinematic experience.

Waco Season 2 Update

After the mind-blowing season 1 and its catchy premise that ended with a gunfight, leaving four ATF personnel dead and six Davidians dead too, and further having the FBI involved in this drama. Season two is most likely to elaborate on David Koresh and his famous unlikely deeds.

Although season two is not yet officially announced of declared, we can just hope that we are gifted by a season two of this mind baffling miniseries that has left the audience wanting more of it. Season two can also be a continuation of the FBI gaining control in Texas or the ATF winning the siege that went on for a long period of 51 days. You never know what the creators surprise you with!. But as a fan of the show, all you’ll ever want is to have a season two, irrespective of what happens in it.

The makers of the show have been quite reluctant to specify whether they will have a season two or not but after “thirteen reasons why” the term miniseries, just lost its significance, and we somehow get another series! Because which director can say a no to his own audience?

Waco Season 2 Release Date

If given green light, Waco Season 2 will be released sometime in January 2021, this is the show follows its previous release schedule. There might be changes to this as because Coronavirus pandemic, all the production as stopped.

We will keep you posted when Waco Season 2 release date is confirmed.

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