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13 Most Popular Manga Yet to be Licensed

Kingdom Manga
Kingdom Manga

Last Updated on April 27, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

Although there’s a bunch of manga and anime out there that major publishers have licensed for an overseas audience to enjoy, there’s still a lot of content that overseas audiences haven’t been able to watch or learn. And for all the English manga publishers managing to pick up, there’s already so many out there that you can’t learn without learning another language. Older to younger, from shoujo to his and all the genres in between, there are plenty of titles that will be wonderful for English publishers to pick up for more people to read.

It would be a shame if people couldn’t hear about it because of language differences, so here’s some wonderful romance manga that fans are expecting to see licensed and adapted soon in their native language. That would have been a list that could go on for years though. Narrowing it down a little bit

1. Last Game

Kingdom Manga

Last Game

Naoto Yanagi’s got it all. His family is affluent, intelligent, good-looking, and athletic. Yanagi is great for everyone at his elementary school. That’s right before Mikoto Kujou appears. Kujou is bland, socially awkward, and weak, but she manages to defeat Yanagi in all, apparently effortlessly. Determined to regain his place as #1 after all, Yanagi continually questions Kujou. But Kujou’s simplistic actions and lack of romantic awareness just make it difficult for Yanagi to win over her when he considers himself to be the one who fell in love with her. Nothing is beyond Naoto Yanagi, the successor to the corporate conglomerate of Yanagi. Idolized by his athletic and academic competence, his looks, and his riches, Naoto lived like a monarch during his elementary school days—then Mikoto Kujou, a bland, gloomy-looking transfer student, entered. Owing to its poor financial standing, Naoto was initially apathetic towards Mikoto. But despite having just arrived at his school, she totally dominated him in all by regularly scoring top marks in the exams and putting him first in the athletics. After a brief altercation with her which left him stunned, Naoto vowed to outdo her no matter what the cost. Ten years later, students are now attending the same institution. Failing to beat Mikoto in middle and high school, Naoto determines that they’ll have one more game: if he can make Mikoto fall in love with him and then break her heart, it’ll be his win.

2. Alice Academy

Kingdom Manga

The Alice Academy has been created and illustrated by Higuchi Tachibana. It was serialized in Hana to Yume from 5 September 2002 to 20 June 2013. Although the series was partially released in English, it was launched in April 2011. Mikan had no better friend than Hotaru (although Hotaru seemed to have different feelings sometimes). They played with each other sometimes. However, Hotaru is a very unique child and she decides to attend a school in Tokyo which is reserved for geniuses by the government. That left Mikan at home very lonely. Her young friend is quite disappointed and very angry when Hotaru fails to keep her promise and return for holidays to her house. However, Mikan discovers that her friend’s motives for leaving were not what they appeared when he heard a conversation between Hotaru’s mother and a teacher. Mikan, therefore, takes it upon herself to flee to school in Hotaru. There, she learns that “genius academy” is simply an educational facility for people with special powers named “alices.” one of whom was her friend Hotaru, and unexpectedly Mikan finds herself enrolled after a chance meeting with a teacher. The two friends are eventually reunited, but Mikan is one of the so-called Alices?

3. Itou-Kun Doesn’t Understand Love

Kingdom Manga

Itou-Kun Doesn’t Understand Love

Itou-Kun Doesn’t Understand Love was written and illustrated by Iwatobineko. Serialization began in Comic Polaris on 8 December 2016. Although Aika Yoshiuchi is a hopeless romantic, the new student of transfer, Kazuki Itou, is the opposite. With bandages that cover his face and a lack of comprehension about affection, the two of them become quite an unconventional couple.

4. Beelzebub

Kingdom Manga


Ishiyama High—the land of the thieves. No matter how hard you think you are you’re not going to f**k with an Ishi-high student. One of the most notorious students is the first year of Tatsumi Oga, dubbed “Demon King” by those he beat. One day when Oga comes to an end with a gang that attacked him, he stumbles upon a boy. In a rare moment of generosity, Oga is seeking to take care of the boy. As a result, the kid is too close to him. In fear, he takes the baby to the house of his best friend Takayuki Furuichi. While there they are attacked by Hildegard, a demon maid who claims the baby is really Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV. She also admits that he was brought here to kill mankind, at the whim of his father Beelzebub III, the Great Demon Lord of the Demon World. Oga must live with the burden of raising a demon boy with his criminal past and unfriendly disposition. Beelzebub traces his story through experiences with ghosts and dangerous peers while becoming an unorthodox role model and protector of the little Kid Beel.

5. Fiancée’s Observation Log Of The Self-Proclaimed Villainess

Kingdom Manga

Fiancée’s Observation Log Of The Self-Proclaimed Villainess

The Observation Log Of The Self-Proclaimed Village of Fiancée is based on a light novel written by Shiki and illustrated by Hasumi Natsume. Every day is boron to a natural genius such as Crown Prince Cecil Glow Alfostar. Knowledge and skills are too simple for him to captivate his attention by nothing. This changes the day he meets someone who will never miss his wishes — Bertie Evil Nochesse, his fiancée, and self-proclaimed villain. She is a resurrected villain and her job is to hinder ties between Cecil and the heroine. Bertie says that this universe is that of an “otome game.” She never takes zealously to her evil task to shy away from destiny… To outcomes that are mixed. While she doesn’t, the so-called ‘evil acts’ of Bertie are still honest and generous. Finally freed from his melancholy, Cecil never has an unforgettably dull day when he watches his fiancée.

6. History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Kingdom Manga

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Kenichi Shirahama’s a 15-year-old boy who is well-natured but harassed. He is fatigued to become frail, and he joins the karate club of his school to become stronger only to become a mere target for his older people. But Kenichi’s undesirable fate is changed by a beautiful student of transfer Miu Fuuriniji: she is an excellent martial artist who introduces her to Ryozanpaku dojo. Kenichi meets the six excentricious Dojo masters there who want to join him in the dojo! Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi tells the tale that Kenichi, the most powerful disciple in history, is continuously practicing under one of the world’s greatest martial artists, each one of them specializing in martial art.

7. Daily Butterfly

Kingdom Manga

Daily Butterfly

Whenever Suiren Shibazeki moves, the heads turn because of her fascinatingly sweet beauty. The boys would pay too much attention in grade school to the degree that the boys ignored them. At mid-school, in the hope of avoiding all unwelcome publicity, she attended an all-school, children’s but was nevertheless smothered with her classmates’ coddling. As a consequence, Suiren now never talks and holds an unexpressed face. Suiren is back at a secondary school and once again the priority. Suiren is at high school. The boys call it Takane no Hana, blooming on a high peak from a great distance, unreachable and idolized. But a boy beyond his sea of admirers is staring at her—Kouha Kawasumi, a talented student of karate, as silent as she is. Kouha saves her from a group of baby children though he does not return her immediate love. She starts the warm romance that flowers between two weak-spoken young people.

8. Kingdom

Kingdom Manga


During China’s Warring nations, Li Xin and Piao are two younger brothers who, despite their low status as orphaned slaves, the dream of becoming the great generals. One day they meet a nobleman who offers Piao an opportunity in the state of the Qin Royal Palace to undertake an important mission. Xin and Piao, who leave the country, vow themselves to one day become the world’s biggest generals. But after a fierce coup d’état occurs at the palace, Xin encounters a dead Piao, whose final words inspire him and lead him to meet Ying Zheng, the young and soon-to-be king of Qin. Though Xin and Zheng initially became camarades and set out on a road full of trials and bloodshed. Zheng’s goal is to lead all the opposing nations to Qin and Xin is trying to ascend to the highest ranks in the army. Against a backdrop of relentless tactical war, outside and inside the palace, between states and great political instability.

9. Honey Come Honey

Kingdom Manga

Honey Come Honey

Honey Come Honey has been written and illustrated by Yuki Shiraishi and since 2 January 2017 has been reprinted in Sho-Comi and ended in 2019. Honey Come Honey tells the tale of the emerging romance among a lovely student of the secondary school called Mitsu who meets a scary boy at a new school on her first day. He’s really very kind though although he seems scary. Mitsu Hanasaki is a high school student who typically has a sweet and fluffy exterior and a matching personality. Hanasaki is, however, far from the small frail most people consider her as fiery and unforeseen. One day on the train, due to its large size and popularity, she noticed Kumagaya, a child in her school named “The Brutal Grizzly.” Kumagaya’s not going to stop looking at her for any reason. She goes into Kumagaya by mistake and stumbles into his secret afterward in school, where she discovers that like her more is there for him than people see on the outside.

10. Kawaii Hito

Kingdom Manga

Kawaii Hito

The 27-year-old Moriya Hanazono is working in his family’s florist. He still frightens people because of his “oni” wrath, despite his sweet nature. In spite of his social ostracism, Hanazono enjoys interacting with flowers. While preparing to deliver the beauty pageant at a local college, Hiyori Suzuki stumbles upon hiding in his van. She starts to visit the florist regularly after helping her every time for a different reason, but Hanazono is interested and wishes to take him on a date. From there, they both have a new friendship and new joy.

11. Namaikizakari

Kingdom Manga


The oldest child with busy parents is Yuki Machida, in a big family. She has been responsible for the treatment of her siblings since she was young, always sacrificing and suppressing her feelings. Machida only does one thing for herself, so she gets closer to her crush and becomes the basketball club boss. Machida is tossing a curveball at the beginning of the new school year when she visits her nanny. As always responsible, she continues to be a manager and she meets Shou Naruse, a talented new team member who is interested immediately in her. Despite her coldness and relentless denial, Shou keeps working hard and closer to Machida, determined to triumph over Machida.

12. Onanie Master Kurosawa

Kingdom Manga

Onanie Master Kurosawa

Kakeru Kurosawa, a 14-year-old high school student with an anti-government looks down on his classmates — but he is a hopeless, young teenager with masturbation as an amusement behind his superiority complex. He locks himself in a rarely-used girl’s school bathroom every day to perform his dirty act using the sexual ideas of his classmate as encouragement. Kurosawa observes the common girls bullying the shy Aye Kitahara one a day during the school Even though he doesn’t have to be mean about certain stuff, he decides to pay his own revenge. In an audacious gesture, he steals the bullies’ uniforms and gives them his “white justice” While pleased with his accomplishments, the problems of Kurosawa have just begun. While going through his everyday routine, Kitahara unexpectedly faces him, who names him as the victim of the uniform incident and threatens him to terrorize other girls in the class while he handles their bullies.

13. Nozoki Ana

Kingdom Manga

Nozoki Ana

Wenn Tatsuhiko Kido in the city is going to art school, he just wants to have a regular school life with fun, friends, and lovely girls. But his life changes drastically when he sees Emiru Ikuno, his friend, masturbating while facing his way through a hole at his apartment wall. Emiru has been picked up in order to make things worse, and he is barged to apologize in the next room. Sadly, it falls into a compromise with Emiru, who easily pictures him and snatches him into a relationship with others. He discovers that Emiru is in his school class to make it more interesting! While intriguing at first and just a little bit disturbed by their relationship, Kido’s psyche, his health and the connections that he has with the other women begin to tear. Nozoki Ana is a psychologically sound tale about culpability, eroticism, and finding love in odd places, despite its smutty presence.

14. Watashi-Tachi no Shiawase na Jikan, Our Happy Hours, Our Happy Time

Kingdom Manga

Watashi-Tachi no Shiawase na Jikan, Our Happy Hours, Our Happy Time

Juri Mutou is the daughter of a successful pianist who ended his career when she was born. Juri has tried three suicides and grew to hate her mother after a traumatic experience as a child. Her aunt Monica, a clergyman invites her to visit her accused and sentenced to death, while she lives in her twisted dark past. Yuu is a death row prisoner convicted of killing three people and has attempted to stop his own life in his prison cell. He receives letters also from Monica, who hopes to support him, but finds this an act of kindness. Yu planned to meet with Monica to tell her that he wanted her to avoid sending letters, but he met Juri, a meeting that would change their lives both.

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