Dr. Stone Chapter 174, New Invention: Motorcycles

Dr. Stone manga has managed to deliever regular chapters in the last few months, and we have entered a new arc of the story. The journey through South America to the source of petrification that brought the apocalypse to the world. All the 21st-century progress came to a halt, and it was only revitalized as our main character Senku started a new civilization, 1000 years later. Since then, the revived humanity has grown to a considerable size. Senku and his company are now heading to a new destination. They want to venture into the center of the South American Continent to find the place where Petrification Beam originated.

Senku and the others are followed by the subordinates of Dr. Xeno chasing after the abductors of their key scientists, and that is why they need an alternative route through the continent. Stanley and the rest of the crew are in possession of the Kingdom of Science’s Perseus, which is faster and more efficient to travel far distances. Senku’s company only has a small ship, and it needs regular refueling. This is where they get help from a newfound geography expert, Chelsea. She informs the crew that there is a route through the continent that can be conquered using Motorcycles of the 21st Century. It is a much faster method to get there instead of circling around the continent.

And now, Six Motorcycles will be built using the material from the ship. The crew also needs rubber for the tires that will be taken from the rubber forests of South America. In order to give themselves a boast against their pursuers, they also incorporated a kite sail, giving them a lot more speed, and it moves much faster as the ship is small in size. Senku and the crew will first obtain the natural rubber, build the bikes safely, and start their adventure through the continent. Xeno’s subordinates may be slowed down, but they are most likely to keep following the science crew.

Release Details

According to the Japanese Standard Time, Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 174 is scheduled to release on November 16, 2020, at midnight. Manga Plus by Shueisha is the first site to feature the new chapters, and it is the official source to read the new chapters for most shonen manga. For the US, this chapter will release on November 15, 2020, at 10 in the morning.


This is a new venture for the Dr. Stone Manga. The previous one ended with relatively ‘less violent’ events. Senku and his team completely won the situation as they got the main scientist of the American Civilization while left some of their people at the island to rebuild using the Alcohol from the corn of the North American Continent. In the end, they move on to the next continent. In a radio message recovered from Senku’s father, Byakuya, one of the five scientists that witnessed the Earth’s petrification 1000 years ago, it was revealed that the beam traveled through the earth, enveloping it like a bubble. This means that there was one spot on the earth that remained totally unaffected by the beam—the place where it originated from.

Senku and Xeno brainstormed to find the exact coordinates of this place using the information from Byakuya’s message. After the venture through the continent, the crew will eventually reach the place. And it is almost certain that there will be a huge civilization at that place, and something very unexpected that changes this manga’s dynamics. We will probably get the first look at this series’s ultimate antagonist and the information about his connections with the moon. There is a lot more exciting stuff coming for the Dr.Stone manga.