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5 Best Stealth Game Franchises of All Time

Stealth Games Franchises

Various video games spin around removing as many enemies as possible, while in surprisingly flashy or artistic ways, needing the player to engage their enemies in one way or another. However, the accurate reverse can be just as exciting, if not more so. The stealth genre of action games comprises an excess of titles that reflect this idea of bypassing the enemy.

While several action games now emphasize stealth as an optional mechanic, additional games execute stealth the name of the game, rewarding players for accomplishing missions without being caught or giving any sign that they were even there in the first place. Several other gaming series is devoted to the art of remaining unseen as these franchises systematized and popularized the genre.

1. Deus Ex

Deus Ex Character Stealth Games

Although there can possibly be a lot of shooting included, Deus Ex was revolutionary in its way to stealth gameplay in primary-person shooters. While players can always develop lead JC Denton to become more powerful in a firefight and go guns blazing, the clunky gunplay dispirits standing opponents head-on. The absolute amount of options during Deus Ex‘s levels supports subterfuge and seeing other pathways that usually avoid enemy guards. Later games tried to follow and recreate this equation, but the greatest pale in contrast to the original’s scale, the scope of interactivity, and environment.

2. Hitman

Hitman Character in Stealth Games

The most confrontational game on this record, the Hitman series, accompanies the clone assassin known as Agent 47 as he hides his way into many locales to pass his targets. Hitman uniquely highlights using disguises to mix in with the atmosphere. It also emphasizes many inventive ways to kill 47’s target, from the outrageously cruel to the absurdly funny. When Hitman: Absolution streamlined these mechanics to barebones levels in favor of more efficient gunplay, fans were hugely sad, leading developer IO Interactive to reboot the series with more conventional roots.

3. Thief

Thief Character Stealth Games

The most fantastical entrance on the list so far, Thief takes place in a medieval vision setting and is one of the most advanced 3D stealth games ever made. It was issued a month barely after the original Metal Gear Solid and confirmed to be almost as famous.

Following truthfully grey warrior Garrett as he attempts to seize precious treasures in hazardous places, the Thief franchise proposed concepts like meters that discovered light and sound. It also inspired exploration as a way for players to find more evidence and get to their aims more productively. While more initial entries are clunky and easy by today’s standards, the fact that a 1998 stealth game-used notion that games like Splinter Cell and Hitman would improve is surprising.

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4. Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell Character

Probably the most realistic stealth games ever made, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell prioritizes stealth the greatest out of all the several records on this list. What the series lacking is in variation it presents for in total filtration and commitment to its craft, with measures for light and sound being gameplay core factors, besides several gadgets players can use to help in their mission. The most remarkable thing about Splinter Cell is lead Sam Fisher, whose iconic night sight goggles and terrific voice playing by veteran actor Michael Ironside carry so much personality to a stoic character.

5. Metal Gear

Metal Gear Character

The granddaddy of all the stealth games, Konami officials smiled at upcoming developer Hideo Kojima when he pitched the purpose of an action game where the intention was to bypass the enemy — only for the Metal Gear franchise to become a global household name with the revolutionary 3rd entry, Metal Gear Solid.

After then, the series has constantly improved the stealth genre and method it originally created, with every new entry giving Snake more choices to approach his goals. While additional games may have a more in-depth sneaking and device mechanics, without the progress of Metal Gear, these other stealth titles perhaps never would have seen the light of the day.

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