List of 10 Villains Who Figured Out Batman’s Secret Identity

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10 Villains Who Figured Out Batman's Secret Identity

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes in the world. He has dedicated his life to stop crimes in Gotham City and has gone through intensive training to become stronger. Unlike the other heroes, batman doesn’t have superpowers, so he makes it up by using his brain and of course, money. Not only is he the cleverest superhero, but he is also the richest. Those qualities swiftly even the odds for him.

Since the beginning, Batman has always put lots of effort into hiding his identity as a billionaire Bruce Wayne. However, many times, his enemies have somehow figured out his identity and used that against him. But well, he is batman so that wouldn’t stop him from winning. So, let’s have a look at 10 Villains Who Figured Out Batman’s Secret Identity.

1. Lex Luthor:

Lex Luthor

The comics have shown Lex as the most intelligent man on Earth. He is a psychopathic genius and a billionaire industrialist. Even though he is Superman’s greatest enemy, Lex and Batman have crossed paths many times. Lex Luthor doesn’t have any power to speak of. He found out Batman’s true identity in the 52 series of comics. Lex noticed the distraught condition of his business rival Bruce Wayne at Dick Grayson’s persecution. Lex started having doubts and decided to follow his intuition and then cracked the Batcode. These two things were reasons enough for him to figure out that Bruce Wayne is in fact, Batman. He tried to take advantage of this information and blackmailed Batman to make him a member of the Justice League.

2. Joker:

Lex Luthor

Joker is the primary villain of the Batman series. He is a homicidal maniac and the fact that he isn’t a sane person makes him all the more terrifying. His appearance is that of a typical joker with a chalk-white face, green hair, and a painted smile on his face. Interestingly enough, Joker never took advantage of knowing Batman’s identity. He didn’t care about the fact that Bruce and Batman are the same people, in fact, he’d rather forget about it. Joker always considered Bruce as a boring person so he didn’t want Bruce as his enemy; rather he wants to fight Batman, a mysterious hero, and creature of the night. Joker only ever used his information of Batman’s identity to provoke him at most.

3. Deathstroke:

10 Villains Who Figured Out Batman's Secret Identity

Slade Wilson, a mercenary and assassin who would kill anyone as long as the pay is good. Deathstroke has fought many DC superheroes, Batman being one of them. The two have crossed each other multiple times in the comics. Deathstroke’s fighting skills proved to be a challenge for Batman. Just like Lex Luthor, Deathstroke also figured out Batman’s identity through Dick Grayson. He first figured out Nightwing’s identity and from then, it was pretty obvious that Bruce is Batman as Bruce and Dick Grayson often appear together at public events.

4. The Wizard:

10 Villains Who Figured Out Batman's Secret Identity

His real name is William Asmodeus Zard and he was a criminal gunman who served time in prison. During his sentence, he came up with new ideas to continue his crimes. He didn’t trust humans and thought of everyone as criminals; hence he believed that the Justice Society is actually a group of criminals. He traveled to Tibet after his release and studied mystical arts there. He also learned hypnotism, astral projection, and black magic. He found out batman’s secret identity by finding his private identification cards. However, Zatanna erased his memories to keep batman safe.

5. Chronos:

10 Villains Who Figured Out Batman's Secret Identity

Chronos is the main villain of The Atom. He has the ability to travel through time. He always travels to both past and future with his opponents and tries to trap them there. In order to do that, he has to use lots of gadgets. Chronos found out batman’s true identity by gaining access to Batman’s personal IDs, but just like Wizard, his memories were also removed by Zatanna.

6.Talia Al Ghul:

10 Villains Who Figured Out Batman's Secret Identity

She is Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter and is both a love interest and an enemy of Batman. She is also Damian Wayne’s mother. Talia encountered Batman when he rescued her from Dr. Darrk, the leader of the League of Assassins. It was later revealed that the league was a part of Ra’s al Ghul’s organization. She first saw Batman without a mask when she was tending to his injuries. Even though she is the mother of Batman’s son, the two are originally enemies.

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7. Killer Moth:

10 Villains Who Figured Out Batman's Secret Identity

Killer Moth fights Batman using almost identical methods and gadgets; the only difference is that his theme is moths whereas Batman’s theme is Bats. He is often labeled as a copy-cat and not taken seriously most of the time. He found out Batman’s true identity in a most intriguing way. He got plastic surgery to look like Bruce Wayne and gained access to his mansion. He explored the property and found the Bat Cave. Later, he was shot in the head, and to save his life his damaged part of the brain had to be removed which happened to be the one containing the memory of Batman’s identity.

8. Amanda Waller:

10 Villains Who Figured Out Batman's Secret Identity

She is a very ruthless and powerful woman and is the Chief of Staff at Lex Luthor’s unit. Amanda has access to Lex’s classified information. She was curious about Batman’s true identity and found out about him by going through Lex’s classified information. She made fun of Batman by calling him a “rich boy” and hinted to him that she knows his identity.

9. Despero:

10 Villains Who Figured Out Batman's Secret Identity

He is an alien tyrant who possesses a third eye on his forehead that gives him powers like telekinesis and telepathy, as well as the power to control someone’s mind and cast illusions. Despero used these abilities to conquer his planet Kalanor. Unlike Bane or Ra’s Al Ghul, he actively uncovered Batman’s true identity. He resurrected the suppressed memories of every villain in the Secret Society of Super-Villains. Through their memories, he found out Batman’s true identity. However, he eventually got his own memories erased by Zatanna.

10. Bane:

10 Villains Who Figured Out Batman's Secret Identity

Bane was born in a prison and was raised in that brutal environment. He was even a test subject for a super-steroid called Venom. Bane is superhumanly strong and he has successfully escaped that hellish prison in the past. He arrived at Gotham City and wanted to create an identity for himself by killing Batman. Bane deduced Batman’s true identity by studying his and Bruce Wayne’s body language. He just concluded that on his own observations and didn’t have any concrete evidence.

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