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Who Is Paige Drummond Dating Now? Love Life of Ree’s Daughter

Ree’s Daughter Paige Drummond: Who Is She Dating Now?
Ree’s Daughter Paige Drummond: Who Is She Dating Now? Cr: Otakukart

Paige Drummond, the 22-years-old celebrity kid, is Ree Drummond’s second daughter. Ree Drummond is a well-known blogger and celebrity chef. Paige graduated from college this year from the University of Arkansas. Having homeschooled her entire life, watching Paige graduate was surely an emotional moment for the famous blogger. Paige’s mom, Ree is always seen gushing about her kids on her social media platforms. Paige has an older sister, Alex, who married her boyfriend Mauricio Scott last year in 2021. She also has three brothers: Bryce, Todd, and Jamar.

Paige is currently living with her older sister Alex and her husband, Mauricio. It is believed that this living arrangement has been made due to Paige’s job. Back in July, Paige started a new job before she had to start her “first real job” after graduating from college. She started helping out Ladd on the ranch. Ree shared on Facebook that Paige will be moving to Dallas to start her new job. Paige herself shared a few pictures that included sunsets at the ranch, her posing next to horses, and pretty pictures of cattle.

Alex and Ree commented on these pictures, showering her with love. The sisters have a close bond which has been witnessed on several occasions. On her sister’s birthday, which was in June, Paige posted pictures of herself and Alex with the heartfelt caption, “Happy Birthday to my person!!” She also expressed her love for Alex. Not only that, but their love was also seen during Alex’s wedding. Apparently, Paige was the maid of honor at her beloved sister’s wedding. It’s no doubt that these sisters had their own share of fights when growing up, but the bond these two share is admirable.

Ree’s Daughter Paige Drummond: Who Is She Dating Now?

Ree’s Daughter Paige Drummond: Who Is She Dating Now? Cr: Otakukart

Micthell Adams And Paige Drummond

Ree shared a picture of herself standing in the middle of Mitchell Adams and her daughter in March. She referred to Adams as Paige’s “new friend”. In her caption for the post, Paige jumped in to tell her followers not to be fooled because she slipped up and called Adams “boyfriend”. Paige Drummond went Instagram official with her boyfriend, Mitchell Adams, in September 2021. Paige is usually using her Instagram account to share glimpses of her life and document every moment. She shared pictures of her with Adams taken at an 80s-themed party at the University of Arkansas. Now graduated, both of them were seniors at the university at the time pictures were taken. In one of the pictures Paige posted, she was seen fastening a boutonniere on Adam’s lapel. While in the next picture, Adams was seen securing a beautiful corsage onto her wrist.

Additionally, Paige posted a few New Year’s Eve pictures with Adams at the beginning of this year. The couple celebrated the Eve before New Year in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. In the pictures Paige posted, they were seen side by side on a rooftop, where they welcomed 2022 cheerfully. Paige has also posted pictures of her trip to New Orleans. In one of the said pictures, she was smiling at Adams while he held her. Adams, who is quite low-key and private if his Instagram is any proof of his nature, only has two posts on his account. However, in both of these posts, Paige is the major focal point. In contrast to Paige’s account, his account is seemingly basic.

Ree’s Daughter Paige Drummond: Who Is She Dating Now?

Ree’s Daughter Paige Drummond: Who Is She Dating Now? Cr: Otakukart

Ree’s Thoughts On Her Daughter’s Relationship 

Ree, The Pioneer Woman, thinks her daughter’s new boyfriend is sweet and easy to talk to. Paige guest starred on The Pioneer Woman, during which her mom asked her about her feelings for her new boyfriend. When Ree asked what she likes about Adams, Paige said that Adams is funny, sincere, and considerate of others. She further added that he is also very intentional.

Well, mommy Ree is okay with Paige and her boyfriend, Mitchell Adams, as Paige looks happy next to Adams. They certainly have a long way to go from here now that both of them have graduated and are dating. With Paige’s new job coming up, there might be a few changes lining up in their relationship as well. But, that’s a bridge that they shall cross when they get there.

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