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Love Victor Season 4: Is There Another Season?

love victor season 3
TV show Love, Victor on Hulu

Love Victor is an American TV show catering to the romantic drama genre. This TV show is the buzz of the town after the wrapping up of its third season on Hulu. Love Victor Season 3 experienced rollercoaster rides of emotions of love and separation. The third season of this teen drama revolves around the life of Victor and his friends about their future after completing high school. Let us dive right in to know if there will be a Love Victor Season 4.

The star cast of the teen drama ‘Love, Victor’ includes Michael Cimino, George Sear, Bebe Woods, and Rachel Hilson, as well as many talented and fresh faces in the supporting roles. Season 3 of Love, Victor premiered on the 15th of June in 2022. Victor got to explore many options after his relationship with Benji. Without wasting another minute, let us hop right into the recap of Love Victor Season 3 and updates about Love Victor Season 4.

Love Victor Season 3 Recap

The drama and romance have grown much more in the third season of Love, Victor. Creekwood students have got a lot of opportunities to explore their interests. The ending of Love Victor Season 3 gave the audiences to experience both sets of emotions, happy and sad. Lake and Lucy find love in each other. While Andrew and Mia talk and resolve their issues. Also, who does Victor choose to be with? Benji or Nick, let us find out more about the recap and end of Love, Victor Season 3.

Victor’s speech at the award ceremony

Victor gives an acceptance speech for the Bravery award at the Basketball event. It had been a year of him in Creekwood. He got to make several friends and embraced his fears and weaknesses. Victor’s speech brings a change in Mia’s heart for Andrew. She goes to meet him and talk her heart out about her fears about the long-distance relationship. Mia is willing to embrace her fear, and they both stick together happily.

love victor season 4

Victor and Benji in Season 3 of the TV show Love Victor

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Lucy and Lake get back together

Every couple in the third season of Love Victor experiences love. Lucy and Lake start talking again, and they loved each other. Also, Lake promises Lucy that her mother will allow her to move into the vacant apartment that their family does not use. While Lake’s ex-boyfriend, Felix, talks to Pilar about choosing her family’s laws rather than her desires. Felix expresses his gratitude for the Salazar family. Pilar understands Felix’s feelings, but they don’t date each other.

What is Victor’s fate?

After Victor’s brave speech, he rushes to Benji’s home. Benji was leaving for Connecticut for boarding school, and he tells that it is too late now. Victor attends the Winter Carnival. He reaches the Ferris wheel and tells the wheel attendant that he will ride it solo. He allows him to go, but suddenly Benji comes up and rides with Victor. Benji tells him about the conversation he had with his parents and that he has to work on himself. Victor is happy with their perfect story, and they kiss each other. It is a happy ending for all the couples of Creekwood.

love victor season 4

A scene from the TV show Love Victor Season 3

Will there be a Love Victor Season 4?

There is not going to be a Love Victor Season 4. The third season was the last and final one for the Love, Victor TV show. The show concluded on a happy note for all of the couples. All the hanging relationships got closure, some got back together, others drifted for good, and the characters were put up in a good place at the end of Love Victor Season 3. The ending was completely fitting and perfect. Unfortunately, there is no such announcement for another season. Although the fans will look out for Love Victor Season 4 to see the further story of all the couples.

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