In What Episode Does Iris Know That Barry Is The Person Behind The Flash’s Mask?

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American Drama
The Flash: Iris and Barry

We have had all kinds of action heroes from the ever-strong and angry Hulk to the mega-mind genius Iron Man or even the funniest Spider-Man. Every superhero has some kind of trait to them that one cannot seem to forget, nor can one get out of their mind. Similarly one of those superheroes who is gifted with something very usual and even new is Flash. By his name itself, one can make out that it has to do a lot with lightning. 

Indeed it is correct to assume as Flash is a superhero with gifts of speed equal to lightning. He isn’t simply a fast runner or racer, but whatever he does, he does it with an extreme speed that at times, it is also hard to see him actually making any moment. This character’s superpower is something beyond the ordinary understanding that most of us won’t be able to understand or adapt to at times. 

The Flash is an American Superhero Drama that first aired in 2014. The shoe received extreme popularity among the people and went on to become one of the most loved shows. Many appreciated the storyline and the plot of the show and enjoyed the multiple seasons. The Flash has been renewed for a total of 9 seasons, with the ninth and the very latest season airing on February 8th, 2023. 

Barry Allen
The Flash

The Flash is created by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns. The show’s lead character Flash is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. The Flash’s distribution and airing rights are owned by The CW network and the show is airing on the same network currently. The show stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Rick Cosnett and Carlos Valdes in the lead roles. 

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A brief synopsis of The Flash

The Flash follows the story of a post-crime forensic investigator named Barry Allen. He lives a simplistic life and is mostly involved in a busy life that is built around solving various kinds of crimes that he encounters in his daily life. Once while working late at night in the S.T.A.R Labs while he is testing the particle accelerator he meets with a freak accident, and in that accident, he is struck by lightning. 

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Barry Allen
The Flash: A Still from Season 2

In the process of the same, he lays there unconscious for hours as he is drowned in chemicals for hours. Post taking them to the hospital, they consider him to be lucky to even be alive and later on as days pass, he figures out that this accident came along as a blessing in disguise. He discovers his very new superpowers. 

He finds out that’s has gained duper-human speed and can easily run miles of distance in literally seconds. He begins to use his superpowers to greater use as he begins to fight against criminals and eventually other meta-humans in the process. He starts becoming a savior to Central City and ends up getting the title of a superhero in the whole process. He is seen wearing a red suit that can withstand the heat that is created when he runs extremely fast and a red mask that accompanies it to cancel his identity from the world. 

He fights villains like Despro in season eight, Cicada in season fifth, and a flashpoint in season three. He also fights his archenemy, who was the murderer of his mother, Nora Allen. It turns out that the murdered Eobard Thawne was no one else than his mentor, whom he trusted immensely and truly Harrison Wells.

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In what episode does Iris get to know that Barry is Flash

The show has a great synchronization of Action, cinematic drama, and even love. Iris West and later known as Iris West Allens, is the wife of Barry Allen. They are shown to be immensely in love from the beginning of the show, and they tie the knot in the very famous Arrowverse crossover. The episode was one of the most watched episodes of all time of The Flash history. 

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Barry Allen
The Flash: Iris and Barry

The role of Iris is played by Candice Patton. Barry, who has recently gained the superpower of extreme speed, is overwhelmed and extremely confused as to what to do with it. In the first season, we get to see that episode 20, which is titled ” The Trap” where Iris learns the secret of Barry. But funnily enough, that is not the only time that his identity is revealed to Iris. 

In the first season’s episode 15, which is titled “Out of Time,” Iris for the first time, gets to know his identity, but it all goes in vain as Flash goes back in time and hence, changes the past. Soon the identity is revealed again in Episode 20.

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