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The A List Season 2 Release Date, Production, Cast, and Recap

The A List Season 2 release date
The A List Season 2

We have The A List Season 2 release date, cast, production, and news on Season 3 of the release, and this is what we will be talking about today. The A List is a teenage drama, thriller, and supernatural television series. It was first launched back in October 2018 by BBC iPlayer. It did not make headlines as soon as it came out, but it gradually increased its fan base. In this post, I will be sharing everything you need to know about The A List Season 2. This post will certainly contain some spoilers from the last season of The A List show and also some of the future ones as well. If you do not like to read the spoilers, then you should try and avoid this post.

What Is The A List Season 2 Release Date?

The A List Season 2 will be releasing on Netflix in August 2020.  The show was launched back in 2018, but it came out via Netflix recently in August 2019. It was due to Netflix that this British show gained at least some serious popularity. Keeping the potential of the show in mind, Netflix decided to launch The A List season 2 as well. There is no specific release date revealed for The A List Season 2 so far, but it has been revealed officially that season 2 will be launched in August 2020, which will be exactly one year after it was launched via Netflix.

Who Is The A List Cast?

The protagonist character named Mia is played by

  • Lisa Ambalavanar.

Other sub-characters are played by

  • Ellie Duckles, who is playing Amber,
  • Cian Barry is in as Dave,
  • Savannah Baker plays Kayleigh,
  • Eleanor Bennett is playing the character named Jenna,
  • Benjamin Nugent is playing a guy named Harry,
  • Jacob Dudman is playing a character named Dev.

Jack Kane is in as Zac, Max Lohan as Luka, Brendan is player by Micheal Ward, Nneka Okoye is playing Mags, Indiana Ryan is playing a character named Midge and Petal is a role player by Georgina Sadler. Most of this cast will probably be returning for The A List Season 2 as well.

What Are The A List Production Details?

The creators of the show include Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier. The season 1 of The A List television series had 13 episodes, so it is possible that season 2 will also have the same amount of episodes. The show was previously being produced by BBC, but the production of the show stopped after season 1.

Netflix took over the rights of the show for broadcasting it internationally. Later in September 2019, it was revealed that Netflix has now fully taken over the show, and thankfully for its fans, it was revealed that The A List television series would be getting a new season, that is, The A List Season 2. The runtime of each episode of The A List television series is 26 minutes.

What is The A List Show About?

This show is a teen supernatural drama and thriller television series. The story revolves around the protagonist Mia and another character named Amber. Mia has a very attractive and dominating personality, but her whole life is changed at a summer camp. She attends this camp in the hope that she will have some serious fun on an island, but it does not turn out to be like this.

Another character known as Amber is at this camp as well, and she makes Mia’s camp pretty miserable. Also, on this island, we see that there is some serious mystic, also known as supernatural powers, which make this an interesting show. The response of the fans towards the show was a good one.

The A List Trailer

The A List Season 1 Recap And Review

During the first season of The A List, we were introduced to the main character Mia. As mentioned above, she goes to the summer camp where some new elements are introduced to her life and hence change her life completely. She meets Amber, and the rivalry between the two seems evident straightaway.

Slowly, Mia notices the supernatural powers present at the island and thus realizes that Amber is no ordinary girl. The season revolved around this rivalry between the two girls and ended in a similar manner. The ending of the season saw Mia being startled by Amber, and the story will be continuing into the season 2 of The A List.

The season overall was pretty okay, but there are way better shows out there about teen drama and supernatural genre. If Netflix wants the season 2 to make some serious name for the show, they will surely need to up some levels from season 1 of the show. Even though the plot of the show is intriguing, it still somehow makes the audience that it is the same old teen thriller drama. So, Netflix will need to make the show way more captivating than it already is. So, let us hope that Netflix is able to get the most out of this show.

There is also the news of season 3 of The A List television show coming after season 2. It was revealed by the creator that the show was originally posed for at the very least for three seasons, but due to BBC’s reluctance to renew the show, it seemed like a long shot, but Netflix has changed all that. We might be getting The A List Season 3 a year after season 2, which is in August 2021, but that is just a speculative date, not an official one. Do tell us your thoughts regarding The A List Season 2.

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