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My Only 12% Season 1 Episodes 6: Release Date & How To Watch

episode 6
My Only 12% Season 1 Episodes 6: Release Date. Cr: Google

The viewers’ emotional bonds are successfully forged by Korean dramas. The manner these characters are created and brought through difficulties allows the viewer to identify with them and experience the same feelings. The drama My Only 12% is one of those that caught people’s attention. One of the most current Thai drama series is My Only 12%.

This sitcom became so successful after only a few episodes that it is intending to release a second season when the first season concludes. After the previous episode’s broadcast, the fans of this series were so impressed that they immediately began asking when My Only 12% Season 1 Episode 6 would be released. The series, whose episodes are being released one after the other, is now among the most popular ones.

One of the primary reasons why My Only 12% has been able to amass such a following and encourage viewers to seek out My Only 12% Season 1 Episode 6, as we would have informed in the part above, is due to the series’ compelling narrative. What adds to the series’s beauty and loveliness is the romance between the protagonists.

episode 6

All About My Only 12%

Everything About My Only 12% Series

It is said that 12% of the time, the person we love will love us back. Despite having various personalities, Cake and Seeiw get along well. When Cake returns from his trip abroad, he discovers that Seeiw has changed. The cake is envious of Seeiw since so many people admire and approach her. The cake starts to doubt his affection for Seeiw. In addition to the marital difficulty, Seeiw is dealing with a familial issue.

Seeiw’s mother is deteriorating, and he subsequently learns that she has cancer since her spouse exposed her to secondhand smoking. Seeiw has resentment toward his father because of this. But Cake is constantly at his side, and the two of them overcome every challenge together. Seeiw understands that Cake makes up more than half of his life facts; he is his entire existence. If you haven’t started watching it yet, you’re undoubtedly missing out on one of the finest Thai series.

episode 5

My Only 12% Season 1 Episodes 5

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Recap Of The Previous Episode

In episode five, Eiw expressed his feelings to his sister Hom. If it was obvious that Earth was making a lot of effort to make it function, this scenario would have more impact. His co-star Hom was a tad underwhelming and didn’t quite measure up to him. Hom neglected to express how much she cared for and was sympathetic to her brother. We hope she improves, perhaps because she is still relatively new to the field.

Rin continues to be housed. She has not yet been seen; there have just been a few scenes. However, she already sparked a fight by adversely hurting Cake’s and Eiw’s friendship. Eiw’s realization that visitors will inevitably arrive at their modest but contented relationship came from Rin. The cake is new to Rin, and it appears difficult to balance his priorities.

However, we can’t hold Cake responsible because, in our opinion, Eiw is more like a younger brother or an extremely close friend to Cake. Most teens will prioritize their love interest over their friends, and most friends will accept it if their friends break up with them in favor of pursuing a romantic relationship. Since there are 14 episodes in this long series, we anticipate seeing Rin challenge Cake and Eiw’s relationship more frequently in the future.

my only 12%

My Only 12% Season 1 Episodes 6: Release Date & Streaming Guide

My Only 12% Season 1 Episodes 6: Release Date

The next episode of My Only 12%, that is Episode 6, will be released today, September 16th. It will be airing on Channel 3, Thailand, at 11:00 pm +07.

How To Watch My Only 12% Season 1 Episodes 6?

The series is in the Thai language, and each episode is 43 minutes long. This series consists of 14 episodes in total. The three major actors are Panupun Vongjorn as Fee, Katsamonnat Namwirote as See-ew, and Pongsapak Udompoch as Cake. The director of the series is New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul. My Only 12% is also known as Lun Rak 12%

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