One Piece Anime Reveals The Secret Of Kin’emon And Momonosuke

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One Piece Anime Time Travel Kozuki Clan

The One Piece anime returned after a two-week break yesterday, and once again, the anime blew us away with its quality. So far, we’ve enjoyed the anime much more than we’ve enjoyed the manga, and we hope that continues to be the case every week.

One Piece Episode 910

One Piece’s Wano Country – The Recent Events

The last episode was possibly one of the best-directed episodes in the Wano Country arc so far, and even though it didn’t adopt a lot of content, it did expand a lot on what we got in the manga and made it seem natural, which is what a good episode should do. As one of the most important events in the Wano Country arc so far, this particular episode needed to be perfect, and it was just that!

In the previous episode, Luffy and the others traveled to the ruins of the Oden Castle, where an important revelation was made. Although Zoro and the others had heard it already, Luffy and his crew hadn’t, and Kin’emon let them in on a huge secret as well.

One Piece – The Secret of the Time Travel

According to the events that unfolded, Kin’emon and his group were revealed to have been from the Wano Country of the past. As mentioned by Kin’emon himself, he, along with Kanjuro, Raizo, Kiku, and Momonosuke, have traveled 20 years ahead in time to the current Wano Country.

This was done thanks to the powers of Kozuki Toki, the wife of Kozuki Oden. It was 20 years ago when Kaido and his forces joined hands with Orochi and attacked Wano, destroying everything in the process. As these events transpired, Toki saw it fit to send them 20 years ahead in the future using her Devil Fruit powers.

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Since she had a Devil Fruit related to time, she likely also had the power to see when and where events happened. After seeing Orochi’s end in the current year’s Fire Festival, Kozuki Toki announced it publicly as a prophecy, whilst she sent the people into the future, choosing to stay back herself.

This revelation will surely be key to a lot of important events to come in the future of One Piece. Hopefully, they’ll all tie together and any questions that are arising in our minds right now will also be answered.

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