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The Sons of Katie Elder Filming Locations: Where Was The Western/Drama Movie Filmed?

The Sons of Katie Elder
The Sons of Katie Elder

Despite the film being released a long, long time ago, fans are curious to know about where was The Sons of Katie Elder filmed. Well, here we have wrapped up all of that information for you guys. The film was released back in 1965. Henry Hathaway had directed the project. John Wayne and Dean Martin have done the main role as the sons we talk about in the title of the film. The film was surely a box office success at the time of its release. It was made on a budget of just 6.5 million dollars. It went to gross over 23 million dollars at the box office.

As for the story, it throws light on four men, the sons of Katie Elder. The firstborn son is John. He is quite known among the town for being a famous gunman and is quite professional at that skill of his. Then we have Tom as the second child. He is a professional Gambler. Bud is the youngest child in the group. He is attending a college in mining. Then we have Matt. He is quite unsuccessful in his business of hardware. The four of them come together in their hometown long after they have moved out from Texas. Their mother has died, and the sons are paying their tributes. The timeline of the story is set in 1898.

The four, despite belonging to different ages and professions, have one common feeling amongst themselves. They have never lived up to the expectations that their mother wanted from the group. John and Tom obviously have a fishy business. This is why the new deputy sheriff, as well as the people of the area, are not so friendly with them.

The Sons of Katie Elder Filming Location

A still from The Sons of Katie Elder

As for their mother, Katie Elder, she was the talk. Everyone loved the woman, and people knew all about her honesty and integrity. Despite being poor, Katie never cheated or stole and always had so much love for her sons. As for her sons, they always neglected her presence. After having an argument about what they can do for Katie after she has passed away, they decide to send Bud to college. Well, there were a lot of scenic moments in the film and let us discuss them all.

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Where Was The Sons of Katie Elder Filmed?

Principle photography for The Sons of Katie Elder took place in Mexico. Various locations that we see outdoors are all shot in Durango. It is a place located in Northern Mexico. As for the scene where a locomotive is traveling through a narrow stream in the canyon valley, which is too scenic to be true, it is actually shot in Colorado in the United States. The exact location is at the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. As of right now, this location has become a tourist spot for anyone to visit.

The scene after the train one, where the brothers are waiting, is shot in the US again, but this time in Perkinsville, Arizona. Right now, in 2022, the train depot is still standing since before 1965, when the film was released. It is at the end of the ride for the Verde Canyon Railroad. The train has now become a tourist carrier that starts from Clarkdale in Arizona. Later, the train goes back to the originating spot after the scenic beauty has been explored.


After we see the sons have come back to their hometown in order to do something for their mother out of guilt, the story really starts. Here is the entry of Morgan Hastings, who is a gunsmith. His business is rising, and he is desperately trying to rob the Elder’s family off through scam after Katie has passed away. He claims that the Elder’s rich ranch is his and makes it his base for the Hastings Gun Manufactory.

Morgan, when questioned about the same, says that he won the piece of land from their father, Bass Elder, during a game of cards. The sons obviously know that this is not true, and the ranch has always belonged to their family. Bass Elder died the same day as he was shot, and the killer is not known. The sons suspect it is all because of Morgan. Well, you will have to finally see the movie in order to find out what really goes down in the end.

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