Best & Hottest Yandere Girls In Anime – Top List

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Best Yandere Girls
Best Yandere Girls

In the realm of romance, there’s an ancient saying that love hurts. This assertion suits all too well in the world of the yandere girls. Though yanderes can show you undying love and loyalty, they appear to be a little frightening — or exceedingly frightening — if their love is threatened or crossed. However, because of this creepy passion, we can’t get enough of the yandere ladies over here at Honey’s Anime.

That’s why we wanted to show our love — and fear — of wanders in the Top Yander Girls in the anime list. This deadly list of yandere girls in anime must first be demonstrated to anyone who may like to criticize us right away. Although there are lots of yandere girls out there, we decided to express some love for most of the anime girls.

On the other side, in a second, they will turn a key and become murderous and violent. Though we love to love these characters, they’re the ones to look out for. They do deliver the element of suspense, though, which is what you expect from a good anime!

1. Misa Amane

Best Yandere Girls
Misa Amane From Death Note

2. Kotonoha Katsura

Best Yandere Girls
Kotonoha Katsura From School Days

It’s going to be pretty hard to say who’s the craziest yander in school days. On the one side, you have Sekai Saionji, who can be worrisomely obsessive, dishonest, and highly unpredictable. On the other hand, there is Kotonoha Katsura who, despite being reserved and insecure about guys, uses sex to exploit Makoto and make Sekai jealous. Kotonoha can be just as much yander as Sekai and at some points even more, particularly when we think that what Kotonoha did with Makoto, in the end, was much more twisted and scary than what Sekai had done. Since we selected Sekai from the previous list of yandere children, this time it seemed right to place Kotonoha in the spotlight. Her f**ked up romantic habits (twisted as it might be, she’s still romantic to the very end) have certainly won her that much. Kotonoha Katsura is a Yandere who takes her passion to the extreme. She competes with Sekai Saionji for the love of Makoto Itou.

3. Esdeath 

Best Yandere Girls
Esdeath From Akame ga Kill!

Esdeath is a beautiful blue hairy character, and better yet – an adult than the common anime school girl you tend to see. Esdeath is a high-ranking general of the Empire, the master of the Jaegers. She loves torturing her enemies painfully, as she saw as she used her Teigu to place huge blocks of ice in the pot so that the people inside can die more slowly and suffer more. In spite of her sadistic behavior, she is genuinely seen to have a caring heart when it comes to the lives of her men and those who are dear to her. She was taught to believe that the poor died, and the strong survived. This brutal lesson is being put against her will, and it becomes her mantra in the main story of Akame Ga Kill. Esdeath is the sort of Yandere who is exceptionally strong and clever. Powerful enough to overpower most of the men she’s falling for. And her warped bloodlust just makes her more dangerous, particularly when she’s capable of using beauty as a tool.

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4. Takami Minatsuki

Best Yandere Girls
Takami Minatsuki From Deadman Wonderland

Minatsuki is the youngest of three, Yoh Takami and Deadman Hummingbird. She’s got a dark past and an upbringing. She seems to many to be a little girl who has no taste of violence and turns her back on her past. This is not the truth, however. She’s an incredibly twisted individual who takes pleasure in seeing others writhe in pain. Takami is one of the smartest yanders out there. She’s not so much in love as she’s just crazy. But she’s crazy like a fox, or at least crazy enough to act sweet and innocent until she can kill everyone around her horribly. Of course, because she doesn’t trust anyone and has been made crazy by past experiences, she can never be a true yandere because she doesn’t love anyone. Showing her violence and sadism – she uses blood from her ears to make whips to strike and stop the victims. This is her Sins Branch. She is one of the evilest characters in the world, but she hides it very well behind her appearance.

5. Lucy

Best Yandere Girls
Lucy From Elfien Lied

Lucy is probably one of the original Yandere girls and has paved the way for her in a modern context. As a victim of discrimination in her childhood and used in military experiments, Lucy’s actions are, to some extent, in their own twisted way, not entirely her own doings, acting purely on an instinct based on her upbringing, despite the disastrous consequences. Due to an accident at the beginning of the series, she’s found to be in a catatonic state, and the only word she can say is Nyu and Kouta.Nyu stands for her innocent or “deredere” side, while Lucy is her “yanderu” half. Lucy would do anything to protect Kouta, but to some extent, she is capable of showing some restraint to him. Despite how far she’s going for him, she’s coming to terms that she doesn’t have a chance with him.

6. Anna Nishikinomiya

Best Yandere Girls
Anna Nishikinomiya

She’s young, but she’s already gone into folklore. Anna from Shimoneta ‘s imagination had been corrupted by these strange concepts of purity in her dystopic cyberpunk society. This provides ripe conditions for her to go full yandere when she first meets a guy she wants, resulting in some very remarkable scenes that involve but are not limited to, chasing the main character with a vacuum cleaner bent on putting an end to the business on her penis. “Unique” cookies, too. As president of the Student Council and daughter of her powerful parents, who are both responsible for imposing ever-stricter public moral rules, Anna is a soft-spoken and innocent but strong and determined girl whose job is to get rid of any content that is considered indecent or lewd, not only in school but also in society as a whole.

7. Megumi Shimizu

Best Yandere Girls
Megumi Shimizu From Shiki

Let’s see, what could be much scarier than being stalked by a potentially dangerous psycho girl? That’s right, getting a nasty blood-sucking demon-like your stalker! Megumi Shimizu is a 15-year-old vampire girl who has a big crush on the city boy, Natsuno Yuuki. Apparently, Megumi likes to freak Yuuki out by going into his room in the middle of the night and coming out from under the bed, which would be scary enough even if she weren’t a troubling, black-eyed ghost. Moreover, if not traumatic enough, it reminds us a lot of Gasai Yuno, especially her pink hair, and the fact that her beloved is called Yuuki, even if Shiki has been published prior to Mirai Nikki. But Megumi can not stand out in its romantic advances unlike any other yandere, probably because it’s just a little too unexpected.

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8. Gasai Yuno

Best Yandere Girls
Gasai Yuno From Future Diary.

Gasai Yuno is, quite simply, THE yandere queen (actually in more than one way). It continually shows every single aspect of this stereotyping dere. In reality, by now, Yuno has been so famous that she is pretty much the embodiment and concept of yandere. From her unforgettable voice to her stunning hair and her psychic look, Yuno is the inspiration for all the anime girls (from Mirai Nikki onwards). Even though Yandere were still out there in the world of anime before Mirai Nikki, Yuno was certainly a landmark in the development of Yandere. No other Yandere girls may portray such intense obsessive love as Yuno did. She probably set the yandere bar pretty high for potential insane lovers to come, which of course doesn’t mean we’re finished with yandere at all. We don’t expect another Yuno to come along; we love all the yandere girls, and we hope they’ll keep coming.

9. Himiko Toga

Best Yandere Girls
Himiko Toga From My Hero Academia

Toga is one of the newest Yanderes on the block of anime. And from the moment she turned up in My Hero Academy, she’s made it obvious. Most of the moments Toga’s “Yandere” pops out of the closet is when she’s dressing up as Camie. This is during the little tournament where she discovers Deku on her own. Toga has a Yandere grin down to the T as well. It’s clear from the moment she’s seen her face in My Hero Academy. Himiko was one of the chief villains of the Arc Forest Boot Camp. She is also used as an adversary during the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc and the Shia Hassaikai Arc. Later, she became one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Force, an organization created by the remnants of the League and the Meta Liberation Force.

10. Asakura

Best Yandere Girls
Asakura From The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

So Ryoko Asakura first appears to be a social and intelligent high school girl. She’s also running as a class president. Little should everyone suspect, until she admits it herself, that she is simply a Data Overmind Humanoid Interface. She has murderous plans, and she’s certainly not as perky and sweet as she looks. Her once common and happy conduct is replaced by darker motives. She’s Yuki’s back up, and much like him, she’s trying to feel and empathize with people. Yet she has social skills that make her blend in and help her disappear in the crowd. She murders without thinking because she’s a mastermind calculator.

11. Medusa

Best Yandere GirlsMedusa From Soul Eater

In disguise, Medusa is kind and supportive. Yet she is dishonest and heartless in true nature. Mother to Crona and witch, she manipulates Crona to think that it’s okay to take whatever soul they wanted, and also goes as far as putting a spell in Crona ‘s head whenever Crona starts to disappear. She lives in Shibusen as a nurse and tutor, but she does so in order to gain access to documents and to research the students to see how Kishin, the demon gods, would become. She’ll use anyone and any way to do what she wants, and she won’t feel anything as she does. She’s very scary when not in costume, and she’s got thousands of snakes ready to follow her orders, all concealed in her body.

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12 . Kaede Fuyou

Best Yandere Girls
Kaede Fuyou From Shuffle

Kaede is a lovely girl. She grew up with Rin after her parents died in a car crash. She takes care of Rin, does her homework, and prepares all her meals. She’s polite and humble, and more often than not she’s really soft-spoken. Throughout the story, she has displayed symptoms of psychosis and abuse since being stunned by the sudden news. After the death of her parents, she blamed Rin for the death of her mother and manipulated her, helping her to save her from sinking further into depression. She atones for this by taking care of Rin, and now she has a romantic desire for him that she doesn’t see. She can be harsh and almost insane, but her soft-spoken passiveness and integrity hold this secret. Her childhood friend is Rin Tsuchimi. Kaede wants to hang out with Rin, but she’s pushed aside when Rin decides to spend time with Asa Shigure. Asa and Kaede are friends, but Kaede’s boundaries were pushed when Asa and Rin went on a date. Kaede hits Asa smashing her against a wall that triggers a heart attack.

13 . Shouko Kirishima

Best Yandere Girls
Shouko Kirishima From Baka and Test

Shouko comes off as soft-speaking and relaxed. She is a class leader and very intelligent. She’s utterly infatuated with Yuuji. This infatuation is what makes her nuts. She’s very assertive and possessive. When she sees him staring at the children, she sometimes pokes her eyes to blur her vision. She used chains and locks to hold him with her, and even tasting him whenever she thinks he’s unfaithful. At one point, her craziness causes her to request a marriage licence for both of them, which is eventually unsuccessful since she is underage. She is a good example of how a combination of passion and possessiveness will lead to a bad end.

14. Tokisaki Kurumi

Best Yandere Girls
Tokisaki Kurumi from Date A Live

At the time Kurumi was introduced, she had already had quite a lot of victims, and for good reasons, you have to see for yourself. She’s interested in Itsuka Shido, the lead character, but for more than romantic reasons. She still needs his divine sealing abilities. However, the proportion of her aggressive tendencies is not solely due to her motivation to want Shido. It appears to be out of respect for animals and self-defense. Being a ghost, her way of killing is eating people (and that’s how she ‘s going to get Shido ‘s powers.

15. Mikasa Ackerman

Best Yandere Girls
Mikasa Ackerman From Attack on Titan

Mikasa had the most badass approach when it came to yandere. She’s just that solid, independent woman who’s like a one-man army and keeps her cool 99 percent of the time. There is no denying, though, that she is basically fascinated with Eren. I say, for God’s sake, I’m pretty sure that if he ever died, Mikasa will actually wipe out all the titans by herself just to satisfy his wish. She’s far from crazy. Yet there’s certainly an unhealthy connection.




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