Breaking Bad Review: Is This Crime Drama Worth A Watch?

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Breaking Bad release poster
Breaking Bad release poster

Walter White, a de-spirited chemistry high school teacher, gets cancer and sells meth. His personality changes drastically due to the insane and messed up situations this line of work puts him and his former chemistry student, Jesse, in. Breaking Bad, widely regarded as the best television program of all time, raised the bar for drama entertainment during its five-season run.

Vince Gilligan is the creator and producer of the American crime drama television series Breaking Bad. Filmed and set in Albuquerque, New Mexico. From January 20, 2008, through September 29, 2013, a total of 62 episodes from five seasons of the show were broadcast on AMC.

Breaking bad starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul
Breaking bad starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

Breaking bad: Is It The Best Show Ever?

The show also features Betsy Brandt and Dean Norris as Skyler’s sister Marie Schrader and her husband Hank, a DEA agent, as well as Anna Gunn and RJ Mitte as Walter’s wife Skyler and son Walter Jr. Notable actors include Giancarlo Esposito as drug lord Gus Fring, Jonathan Banks as a private eye and fixer Mike Ehrmantraut, and Bob Odenkirk as Walter and Jesse’s attorney Saul Goodman.

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The Cast Of Breaking Bad

American actor, playwright, voice actor, producer, and director Bryan Cranston is gorgeous. He gained enormous notoriety for playing Walter White in the AMC crime drama Breaking Bad from 2008 to 2013. In addition, he is well known for playing the roles of Hal on the Fox comedy series Malcolm in Middle and Dr. Tim Whatley in five episodes of the NBC comedy Seinfeld.

On March 7, 1956, Bryan Cranston was born in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, in the United States. He holds American citizenship and is of Ashkenazi Jewish, German, and Irish ancestry. Audrey Peggy, a broadcast actress, and Joseph Louis, an actor, and former amateur boxer, are Bryan’s parents.

Actress Anna Gunn was born in the United States on August 11, 1968. She achieved fame most notably for her performance as Skyler White on the AMC drama series Breaking Bad (2008–2013), for which she was honored with two Primetime Emmy Awards in 2013 and 2014 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

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She also played Martha Bullock in Deadwood and Jean Ward in The Practice (1997–2002). (2004–2006). Aaron Paul is an American actor born under a king’s star metaphorically. He made it into the list of the only two actors to achieve the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

This was not the only feat he ever got, but also he got Saturn Award for best-supporting Actor three times in a row. With the role of JessePinkman played in the AMC drama series, Breaking Bad, he made the role into his best work till now.

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Breaking bad full cast
“Breaking bad” cast

Breaking Bad Plot

Following Walter White, a modest high school chemistry teacher. He develops cancer, which in America is almost worth dying for rather than selling your entire life to pay for treatment, and turns into a ruthless kingpin in the neighborhood methamphetamine drug trade after learning he has incurable lung cancer; Breaking Bad shows him as he struggles to support his family financially.

In a mobile meth lab, Walter initially produces meth in tiny batches with his old student Jesse Pinkman, but ultimately they grow to produce greater quantities of highly sought-after blue meth that is exceptionally clean. In order to conceal his identity, Walter adopts the alias “Heisenberg.” Hank, his brother-in-law, works for the DEA.

Hank visits on a birthday and plays a video of a recent narcotics bust for everyone. Walt observes that there is meth worth hundreds of thousands of dollars just sitting there. He is a high school chemistry teacher that is tremendously overqualified and knows how to make this. However, he also develops cancer, which in America is almost worth dying for rather than selling your entire life to pay for treatment.

One day, he and Hank go on a bust, and he sees Jesse, an old pupil of his, escaping out the back as the police enter. He eventually locates Jesse and persuades him to assist him in selling meth, not making it. He develops a concoction that effectively makes it the purest meth ever.

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Walter and Jesse together in a picture.
Walter White and Jesse

They begin by giving a small bag to the neighborhood dealer to sell. As everyone enjoys it, more and more are produced. They eventually run out of some substance, which may or may not be pseudos. They, therefore, require a substitute, which causes the meth to turn blue. Hence, the show’s renowned blue rocks. “The blue substance” becomes his identifying characteristic.

They meet with Gus, the proprietor of the Mexican chain restaurant El Pollo Loco, after a period of small-town selling and other bizarre events. Despite these terrible circumstances, Jesse receives the raw end of the stick, which seriously damages his mind.

He murders someone, and witnesses pals die, loses his lover when they are high on H, and eventually lets his home become a straight crack house. Because Jesse utilizes the stuff and isn’t a professional, Gus doesn’t like him. Walt, though, persuades him that he requires Jesse.

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They put in a lot of time working for Gus before considering the consequences. What happens following this three-month agreement? Gus won’t ever let his best cook leave. That much is certain. So, Walt finds a new partner in Gale while Jesse departs after being enraged with Walt (who has completely changed and become a more hardass, less sympathetic person).

He’s a really cool man who is as clever as Walt, and they get along great. But given Walt’s personality, it makes sense that he might object to something Gale does. He desires Jesse’s return. Will Jesse return? The rest, my dear readers, is suspense for you all !!

Bryan Cranston (left) starred as chemistry teacher turned meth dealer Walter White, and Aaron Paul played former student and drug-dealing co-conspirator Jesse Pinkman .
Walter and his partner Jesse Pinkman.

Breaking Bad Review

When you first start watching Breaking Bad in Season 1, it may seem a little boring, but as the plot develops, it progressively picks up the pace and becomes incredibly exciting. The storyline especially is groundbreaking in television history.

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Breaking Bad is the only television program I have ever seen that is as consistently authentic and compelling. Unquestionably, this is one of the best shows ever, and it keeps getting better. The adventures of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White are legendary. These are some of the most masterfully crafted characters ever created by a pen on paper.

In my opinion, everything about this show was perfect: the acting was flawless, the narrative and script were excellent, and the way everything happens and how the plot suddenly gets more complicated when anything big occurs are both excellent. The plot twists were quite exciting and unexpected. One of the key plot twists’ visual effects was unexpectedly effective.

Another element of this program that I particularly like is how Walter goes from being a penniless, useless high school teacher to the biggest meth kingpin in America, running the biggest meth manufacturing operation in American history. Despite all of these difficulties, Walter and Jesse continued to cook together, and I particularly liked how their friendship grew over time.

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They resembled the child Walter never had a particular bond similar to that of a father and son. What they go through and how they encourage one another is amazing. Also, Walter and Jesse’s comedic duo will have you off your seats in all seasons.

Once you watch this, you can’t stop praising the acting and cinematography. You will rarely be distracted by the acting because some of the shots are intricate pieces of art. The performances are so good that it seems inappropriate to call them performances.

Breaking Bad also received 248 nominations, 92 awards, and five American Film Institute awards for a television program of the year. It also received 92 awards. At some time in the future, I plan to watch all five seasons once more. Just how excellent that was. The show is a great blend of drama and comedy, as seen.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4.6/5).

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