Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date: Guts Hits Rock Bottom!

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Berserk Chapter 372 release date details

Berserk Chapter 372 release date is the most searched question on the internet regarding this series right now, and it is only genuine considering how the latest chapter of the series ended with a side of Guts that we have never seen. Guts is a fictional character that I have seen struggle the most. No other characters come even close to him. However, we had never seen him give up totally and needed someone else’s words to guide him on to the new path.

But it seems like the series has finally been done after the struggle of our main character for more than 300 chapters. Alongside, Guts, we saw a glimpse of the things he had gone through and the length he has touched to save others surrounding him. The main ambition of Guts has been to protect Casca all alone. After not even being able to land on Griffith, who suddenly appeared and took the most important thing in his life Guts has given up and had the worst time of his life.

We even saw him throwing his sword away, the one thing that he never lets out of his sight as he has sworn to always protect the people beside him, and this sword is the only thing that lets him do that. His relationship with his sword goes even further since his childhood.

Because as I mentioned earlier, we have seen Guts struggling the most from his childhood, and he had to lean to the sword so that he could be alive in this world and stop the demons haunting him and his beloved ones.

Berserk Chapter 372 will be an important one because not only will we have Guts having an episode and climbing up to gain the ray of hope, but we might also learn the reason why Griffith, who has the entire nation at his hand, wants to do with Guts. In addition to that, Berserk Chapter 372 will also begin the new arc as well probably focusing on the nation of Falconia, so let’s talk about the upcoming chapter in detail.

We will try to give you an estimated release date for the next chapter and will also try to predict what will happen next in the upcoming chapter of Berserk as well. With that being said, let’s dive into the predictions of Berserk Chapter 372.

Berserk Chapter 372 Expectations

I have a hunch saying that the upcoming chapter will continue with Griffith and the Falconia country and their development which we have been expecting to see for a long time. In the latest chapter, we also see that there is some other general in Griffith’s army who looks intimidating, and we hopefully can learn about them in the upcoming chapter. Sonya, who is jealous of Casca, will probably ask Griffith why he brought her if there is truly no reason at all. Suppose there is a reason, then we can expect to learn it in Berserk Chapter 372.

But the reason, I think, is the fact that Griffith wants to be even stronger, and thus he has captured Casca because he knows that Guts will come looking for him and will push him to his limitations again, and as no other demons or entity have been able to do it.

Let’s also hope to see Guts in the upcoming chapter and see how he will rise to the occasion and will be on her way to Falconia to save Casca. Sadly these are mere speculations so take them with a grain of salt.

Berserk Chapter 372 Expectations
Griffith and Casca!

Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date

Unfortunately, there has been no new announcement for the release of Berserk Chapter 372. The series has always been struggling with the issue of releasing a new chapter, and we have no idea of knowing when Berserk Chapter 372 will be released. The earliest we can expect the chapter to be released is Early January or at the start of February.

Where to read Berserk Chapter 372?

The only official means to read the new chapters of Berserk is by buying the latest volume of the series on the Dark Horse Comics website. You can purchase the digital or the physical version of the volumes as well. Whereas a lot of manga-oriented bookstores also provide the latest issues of Berserk, and if you can find one, then you are lucky.

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