Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Review: Not Worth Your Time

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Tokyo Revengers(Credits: Hotstar)

Tokyo Revengers is an anime television drama adapted from Ken Wakui’s Japanese manga series of the same name. Liden Films created it, and it aired from January to April 2023. In July 2021, a live-action picture version premiered in Japan, with a sequel scheduled for 2023.

This anime season has been similar to the prior one and follows the same formula. Takemichi Hanagaki is a young man who goes back to his high school years to protect his ex-girlfriend and her sibling from a gang. 

The first season showed us the characters, their universe, and the difficulties they encountered. Takemichi does certain things in the past so that the future will be to his liking, but a new thing always appears and desires Takemichi to travel back to the past and make changes so that the future will be fine again.

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Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Story And Review

Tokyo Revengers season 2 has successfully beaten the expectations that the fanbase had. This anime series has somehow managed to be even worse. This was one of the most hyped upcoming anime, but it turns out it was too overrated. The first season was a success, so the producers considered making much more garbage.

This season also has some of the problems that its prequel had and some more. They already set the bar low with the prequel, making the second season even worse. In the whole series, all the characters look out of shape visually. It doesn’t look like the production cared about how it will turn out. The visuals in this show are very poor, not even of an average level. 

The music in the series is tolerable as it serves its purpose. The opening intro music was made by the Official Hige Dandism this season, too, and gave a great banger which is better than the anime itself. The ending outro is also on point. 

The major problem to face continues to be the story and characters here. You will feel like no characters act as they should in the show’s setup. The anime is supposed to depict 2005-era Tokyo, but you won’t see anyone having a shred of common sense. Everything seems too illogical for a very serious story.

The plot picks up from last season’s ending, with Takemichi and Chifuyu being intoxicated and shot by Kisaki. When he confessed that he was the man who organized the events that caused Baji’s death, he apologized, and these people believed him and were drugged in the most clichéd manner imaginable.

After the entire season of Takemichi’s behavior being detestable, him, making attempts to cheat on his girlfriend, not once but twice, first with Emma and then with that whining girl crying all the time. Despite his weak and foolish nature, Takemichi’s sudden leap of logic somehow inspired the other members of Toman. However, it must be noted that Takemichi did not show any significant improvement.

A scene from Tokyo Revengers Season 2 (Credits: Hulu)

In the first episode, you will see Takemichi’s future self in an alternate timeline having a temper outburst in a video. But there is no character growth, nothing. Takemichi and Hina are seen entering the Black Dragon’s territory and attempting to start a battle with them in the second episode. The Shibas repeatedly ordered them to leave, but they didn’t leave and stayed there and kept staring.

Takemichi, an adult, a 26 years old man, is seen wondering for minutes about the symbol B.D. This means that a preschooler figured out in seconds that it is the temporary credentials for the Gang they are onto for the whole episode.

They were waiting for the Black Dragon to turn around so that some dramatic event could happen; this also seems to be a significant problem with this show. Most of the conflicts could have been resolved with ease. Takemichi gets beaten up in the middle of the street, and no one on the streets of Tokyo shows up to stop as an adult.

Takemichi confesses his time-traveling ability to Chifuyu, and Chifuyu believes it all. Mikey rides off with Mitsuya only to give him a stupid lecture about not leaving Toman and avoiding the gathering, which is extremely reckless for a leader. They could have discussed it on the way to the conference.

Then Chifuyu becomes angry in a crowded cafe, smashes a cup, and holds a fragment of it toward Kisaki, intimidating him for disrespecting Mikey. Taiju, the person who beats people up, promotes violence, and commands an entire team named “Murder,” is a devoted Christian, such hypocrisy. This season, we see Hina’s real colors as she beats Takemichi to death for abandoning her.

The entire story was there for no other purpose than to waste time. During the church brawl, Kisaki and Hanma strike Takemichi and Chifuyu in the back; who didn’t anticipate this? Chifuyu becomes entangled and manages to free himself after a few minutes and summons Mitsuya for assistance. How did Chifuyu escape? Off-screen, I suppose?

After Mitsuya gets badly beaten, he gives everyone else orders and inspirational lectures. At the same time, Taiju and his supporters offer them time off so that Takemichi can decide on what he should do next.

Thanks to some uncanny superpower of Mikey, he discovers Takemichi’s presence in that chapel, appears on time with Draken, and rescues the day. What exactly is that superpower not revealed? There are so many plot flaws that you cannot keep count. Maintaining internal coherence of the laws of the universe in which the narrative is set is essential for a decent tale, which this anime fails to do.

Like in a fantasy setting, a guy who can control rocks can’t suddenly be allowed to control water without any bullshit explanation that is, at the very least, believable for the world it is set in. We see that the police exist in this anime. Still, they rarely try to interfere in the buffoonery these middle schoolers take part in and fail at apprehending anyone, even though arresting a bunch of middle schoolers would be easily doable.

In a fantastical setting, for example, a man who can control boulders cannot suddenly be permitted to exercise authority over water without some nonsense reason that is, at least, somewhat plausible for the world in which it is set. We see the cops in this anime, but they rarely intervene in these students’ nonsense. They fail to capture anyone even though arresting a group of middle schoolers would be simple.

This isn’t intended to be a well-written tale. It’s meant to be mindless entertainment. But what precisely about this series is entertaining? The misdirected battle sequences are scarcely staged, the protagonists are just naive, one-note, and single-dimensional, and the gangs are made up of middle schoolers. Nobody can take middle school groups seriously.

Perhaps it is so famous because the personalities are so bad. Takemichi is a complete jerk. Mikey is merely monotonous and Overpowering for no reason. At the very least, there’s some nonsense rationale, like Ackerman’s lineage or something, for Levi or another Exceptional character. Mikey is meant to be an eccentric prankster with a stone-cold exterior, but what more is there for him? Nothing.

Draken is also dull. He is Mikey’s companion; that is all he is; he has no substance. Emma is the object of fanservice. Kazutora is the author’s failed effort to comprehend fundamental human psychology. Naoto is the detective/sidekick figure who fails to utilize his cop colleagues; you won’t see any other cops assisting Takemichi besides Naoto. He is motivated solely by the desire to save Hina.

Hina is simply bland, and it strains the belief that Takemichi would go to such an extent to save a woman who is nothing more than a cheap plot mechanism with no real personality other than compassion. She also permits Takemichi to participate in gangbanger activities. And she pounds him up like a crazy woman. She must be a wonderful partner.

Kisaki is portrayed as a clever, manipulative, and charismatic figure, but he is only so wise because everyone else in this show is so stupid. Chifuyu adores Baji and will go to any length to avenge him. Takemichi also told him about time travel, and he believed him straight immediately, no questions asked. 

Another question is how everyone concludes that characters in this show can time travel. Akkun first told Takemichi that he knew Takemichi could travel through time, and then Naoto told Kisaki that he could time jump.

Several male leads seem tough, calm, and full of bromance, which is presumably why this series appeals to many adolescent females. It fails to reach the intended audience because the novel on which this anime is based was not released in a Shoujo journal, but it appeared to be in Shonen Jump.

A proverb states that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and this anime is overrated trash. The first season was somewhat tolerable, but this season is not even worth watching and is a sheer waste of time. This season is both disappointing and lacks quality.

A still from Tokyo Revengers Season 2 (Credits: Hulu)

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Final Verdict

No anime series is perfect. However, at least a bit, the upcoming seasons can improve the overall quality. The upcoming story arcs are interesting, and an improvement in the overall quality from the studio will certainly boost the viewership.

The Black Dragon gang is the main antagonist of the season, led by a 14-year-old who beats his siblings. You cannot help but laugh at so many plot holes this season—just a total lack of common sense from every character. So many situations could have easily been avoided or solved with common sense. 

It’s a shonen anime, and you’ll have dumb characters. It was at every corner and every episode. Particularly the final boss fights in the last few episodes will make you scratch your head time after time. 

Instead of taking the simple logical route for any problem, he has to overcomplicate things. Whether it’s the Taiju fight or dealing with his companions like Hina, Naoto, etc., he is just an insufferable character, and it’s very hard to like a show when you have a Main Character like that.

If you don’t take the story seriously and watch it to see how bad the writing is, how bad the character designs look, how lazy and poorly animated the fights are, and how dumb Takemichi is, you will have a lot of fun.

Our Rating -⭐ 2.3/5

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