Other Anime Shows To Watch If You Liked Highschool of the Dead

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Highschool of the Dead is an anime series created by Daisuke Sato as well as Shoji Sato. The genre of the show has included supernatural drama, which is packed with action along with horror. It throws the entire spotlight on a group of high school students trying to survive in a world infested by zombies. Not only that, but the students are also hoping to find out about what actually has caused this sort of pandemic. Also, it would help if you guys kept in mind that the source material for the series was never adapted on the screen fully.

Nevertheless, all the people who love horror anime shows were satisfied with everything that they got. All this while, the source material for Highschool of the Dead is thought of as one of the best zombie manga that has ever existed, according to MyAnimeList. Well, for all the fans of this genre, we have wrapped up some of the other anime content to watch if you liked High School of the Dead.


This anime series revolves around four female students and a puppy who must live in a world where an apocalypse has already happened. Not only the fact that they have to avoid being eaten by the undead forces, but three girls out of the four also have to contend with a false belief that everything is fine to keep their mate, that is, Yuki Takeya, from breaking down mentally. Just like we have witnessed in Highschool of the Dead, this anime show, School-Live, also includes zombies with a genre excelling in horror elements. Its plot also forces the high school kids to adapt as well as survive. These shows provide fan service, although Highschool of the Dead pushes the boundary more than this anime ever could.

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High School DXD

This anime series is about a boy whose name is Issei Hyondou. This teenager loves females so much that once, he ends up getting killed by one of them while being on a date. After this horrific event, Rias Gremory resurrects Issei and thus, makes him join a club and become her servant. Rias is actually a high-class devil girl. This show throws light on the new devil life of Issei as he is trying to keep it all a secret from his family. Like we have seen in Highschool of the Dead, High School DXD has employed a lot of fan service for the fans who love ecchi and some of the memorable scenes. Even the male and female protagonists in this show are likable and even share some similar mannerisms.

Prison School

This anime series lays all its focus on a group of male students. They all are now admitted to a girl’s boarding school after a new policy allows them to enroll at this academy. Although, after they do something wrong in the school, they are sent to the school’s prison area where they must go through some of the harsh punishments decided by the council of the school. This is why this anime series portrays some of the new enrollment in this prison-like environment where people test their friendship.

Like we have seen in the Highschool of the Dead, Prison School does not fear the fan service, which is quite clear when we all witness the male casts’ personalities. Various people absolutely love this anime show to the point where some people actually think both of them should have received spinoffs.

Hellsing Ultimate

This anime series throws the entire spotlight on Hellsing Organization, which aims to eradicate horrific beings. Also, this organization is run by Integra Hellsing, who commands her militia and vampire Alucard to take down this sort of threat. Later in the scenes, a girl named Seras Victoria joins the Hellsing Organization on behalf of Alucard. By doing so, the strength of Hellsing increases ten times. Like we have seen in Highschool of the Dead, Hellsing Ultimate employs many brutal and gore scenes. It also features a protagonist who fights against some of the supernatural creatures. Both of the shows fall under the genre of horror. It is because Hellsing Ultimate is known for being one of the best horror shows ranked by MyAnimeList.

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Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland’s plot throws the entire spotlight on a boy whose name is Ganta Igarashi, whom we witness getting accused and being sent to a very brutal facility known as the Deadman Wonderland. It is done so because this boy has murdered all of his classmates. Later in the scenes, we witness that Ganta is accompanied by a quirky female named Shiro. Here, he must survive unlimited amounts of the fight while also trying to find the real person who has murdered all his mates. Just like we have witnessed in Highschool of the Dead, Deadman Wonderland also has a protagonist who feels isolated from the society he is living in after going through a dramatic incident in his life. Both of these shows contain unmerciful amounts of shedding of blood and action and suspense to highlight the theme of survival.

Angel Beats

Angel Beats is an anime series about a boy whose name is Otanashi. After he passes away in real life, his eyes open in the afterlife. Here, he meets an army leader named Yuri who wants to defeat a female named Angel. Despite all his confusion, Otanashi joins the side of Yuri. Although, this event backfires later in the scenes when he becomes very interested in Angel. Thus, in this anime series, the audience follows the journey of Otanashi to find out about the truth. Like we have seen in Highschool of the Dead, Angel Beats has a theme employing friendship and survival with ounces of comedy incorporated into all their stories. There even are hints of mystery as well as romance and action with supernatural moments. They all are blended to make one of the best anime shows to watch.

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