College Romance Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

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From the title of this teen series, it’s quite evident that the show is formulated to reinforce the aroma of love and romance. The makers of College Romance have always attempted to set a resemblance with the present life. The series is all about a group of friends who embark on achieving a prominent place in their lives. But this stampede didn’t put them down to enjoy every moment of life. 

This comedy-drama has been entertaining the audience since 2018. The main protagonists of the series get to know each other from the very first of college and endeavor to gather lifelong memories and relationships.

Who Is Associated With College Romance Since The First Day? 

The primary individual who conceptualized the background and idea of College Romance is Arunabh Kumar. However, his incredible writing team has augmented the story and even the characters of the show. Ashutosh Chaturvedi, Kunal Aneja, Manan Madaan, Abhishek Srivastava, Akash Ahuja, Sidhant Mago, Pankaj Mavchi, and Ashutosh Chaturvedi have been part of this show as essayists. 

Along with them, Simarpreet Singh, Apoorv Singh Karki, and Parijat Josh have systematized every scene of College Romance. The Viral Fever Media Labs is associated with the series as a production partner and thus initiates the premiere of the show around the globe. However, the list doesn’t end here. Arun Kumar, Shreyansh Pandey, and Vijay Koshy have been serving as executive producers.  

Which Characters Can Make A Comeback In The Upcoming Season Of College Romance? 

The main characters without whom College Romance won’t be the same will make a comeback in the upcoming fourth season. Keshav Sadhna as Karan, who is  Naira and Trippy’s best friend, and Dhatrapriya’s boyfriend, can feature in the fourth part. Along with him, Shreya Mehta as Deepika, AKA Karan’s ex-girlfriend, will also be back in the fourth one.

In the end, how can anyone forget about the cutest couple, Naira and Bagga? It’s quite generous that this couple will be a prominent part of College Romance 4. However, as usual, Apoorva Arora as Naira and Gagan Arora as Bagga will divulge their chemistry in the approaching season too. 

But the makers of the show have not announced anything about who will again be notable characters. That’s why it’s not possible to convey any official statement about the cast list of the fourth season of College Romance.  

When Is The Expected Release Date Of The Fourth Season? 

The first season of College Romance appeared in front of the audience on 7th August 2018, followed by the second and third seasons in 2021 and 2022, respectively. But when will the fourth season come out so that the spectators can again feel the teen love? Well, at present, it’s very difficult to illustrate the exact release date of the fourth installment.

But still, the fans of the show can expect to have some glimpse of it maybe within 2023. However, it’s better not to express any esoteric statement until the makers or the actors elaborate on any authorized verdict. 

Where To Watch It? 

The first season of the series premiered on TVFPlay as well as YouTube. However, SonyLIV gets associated with the show as a streaming partner since the second season. Hopefully, the episodes of the fourth season of College Romance will also appear on SonyLIV without any season thought. 

What Will Be the Main Attraction Of College Romance 4? 

Like the other three seasons, the upcoming season of College Romance will also show some distinct junctures of love, friendship, and affection. However, the series may intensify Naira and Bagga’s relationship. Well, it’s better not to paint any fake scenario about the fourth season of College Romance. Hopefully, the makers will provide hints about the new installment so the audience can feel relief. 

What Kind Of Reviews Did The Series Achieve? 

The series has acquired 8.5 ratings out of 10 from IMDb. Whereas OTTplay rated it 4. From the very beginning, both the audience and the critics have stated the show’s concept as a fresh and modern background.

In other ways, it depicts the same story of the teens when they step towards college life. However, along with love, College Romance also strengthens the doors to create a balance between love, friendship, and career. 

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