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Skyrim Logo Meaning Revealed: What it Truly Means?

Skyrim Logo

Let’s talk about the Skyrim Logo. Gaming can tell stories in a way that no other medium can. Symbolic and cryptic storytelling is a must-have experience for every gamer who fancies fantasy. The deeper the fantasy is the more we want to learn about it, the more we learn about it the more we are intrigued. The more we are intrigued the more we love and appreciate the game. Though this notion is getting lost in some of the AAA titles.

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim held its ground and showed us what storytelling through symbols is capable of. Now, it has been thirteen years(almost) since the game’s initial launch. And despite its launch, there are still some secrets being discovered now and then. Some secrets are hidden so well that you won’t even know where to begin. And some are on the face. Today we answer the meaning behind Skyrim Logo.

Skyrim Logo

CC: Elder Scrolls V The Skyrim Franchise

Skyrim Logo meaning revealed

Though the game is a nice escape from everyday life, it feels much more nourished and packed when you put symbols and meaning into them. Fantasy games are the main arbitrator of this trick and they don’t seem to be slowing down. Though it is not outside of convention for everyone else to do the same as well, it is a Fantasy thing at this point. Now the question Elder scrolls ask themselves is when they see the dragon logo of the game. Skyrim’s logo is pretty much its identity and goes with the story as we get a dragon when we play the game. But what does the symbol mean? It is not something as complex as unraveling the mystery of the world, but it follows what all the good fantasy stories do. Make a good foundation.

The Skyrim logo is called Seal of Akatosh, the seal is not new to the series it has appeared in the past series. This little trick is what led the world to feel connected and fleshed out when the player goes through the journey of the games. The seal represents the unyielding empire that doesn’t fall despite the passage of time. The Skyrim logo is designed after the first god who was there from the beginning. Every religious tribe either knows of him or some either worship him. Given his omnipotence, the Empire designed its logo after the all-powerful behemoth god.

Skyrim Logo

CC: Elder Scrolls V The Skyrim Franchise

What is Elder Scrolls: Skyrim about?

You wake up on a cart on your way to the execution. Having been captured by the soldiers for charges outside your domain you have few hours to live. Or so it seemed. The ground is attacked by a hoard of dragons and one of the dragon’s souls goes into the player character giving them the title of Dragonborn. Now imbued with new powers and possibilities you are summoned to the throat of the world and begin your training.

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is the fourth installment in the elder scrolls franchise. It has been one of the most successful titles in Bethesda and has gotten numerous re-release and remasters.

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