Doctor Cha’s Episode 16: Recap, Release Date, Recap and Streaming Guide

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Doctor Cha
Doctor Cha [Credit: JTBC]

Doctor Cha is all set to conclude by releasing its final episode this weekend. This medical drama has been incredibly successful since its release with good TRP. This drama has all its elements: romance, funny scenes, emotions, and motivation. Maybe that’s the reason it’s a hot topic online. 

The drama follows the story of a housewife who devoted her 20 years to being a good mother, wife, and daughter-in-law selflessly. But when she recovered from her death, she decided to be selfish and start practicing medicine which she left 20 years ago because of family. Now, it is to how Doctor Cha, who becomes a first-year resident in his husband’s hospital, can manage his house and the struggles of being a first-year medical resident. 

K-dramas not only have a good plot, but their cast serves very well too. For Doctor Cha also, each cast is perfect for all characters. The cast of Doctor Cha includes Uhm Jung-Hwa as Cha Jeong-Suk, Kim Byung-Chul as Seo In-Ho, Min Wook-Hyuk as Roy Kim, Myung Se-Bin as Choi Seung-Hi, Song Ji-Ho as Seo Jung-Min, and Lee Seo-Yeon as Seo I-Rang. 

Doctor Cha
Doctor Cha [Credit: JTBC]
Doctor Cha’s last and final episode will release on 4th June 2023. This article will guide you on where and how you can enjoy the final episode of Doctor Cha. 

Doctor Cha 15: Recap 

So far in Doctor Cha, we saw In-hoo and Seung-Hi’s relationship truth is acknowledged by almost everyone except Cha’s mother. However, Doctor Cha’s mom was diagnosed with a fatal ailment, and she decided to get her treated by Seung-Hi since she is an experienced doctor. But she requested them not to disclose their to her mother till she gets treated. 

Doctor Cha
Doctor Cha [Credit: JTBC]
But fate has decided something else. Her mother acknowledges the truth and refuses to be treated in the same hospital. Through Doctor Cha’s emotionally convincing power, she finally gets treated in the same hospital. 

Doctor Cha thanks Seung-Hi for saving her mother’s life, but she doesn’t forgive her for having an affair with her husband. Meanwhile, Doctor Cha sends the divorce paper to In-hoo.

Whereas Doctor Roy, after a lot of searching, finds his family only to get to know that his family doesn’t feel guilty about abandoning him. They contacted him just to get bone marrow for the treatment of the father of the family. Doctor Roy feels disgusted seeing him dull Doctor Cha suggests he run back to the hospital to relieve their stress. 

Doctor Cha
Doctor Cha [Credit: JTBC]
After a day, Doctor Cha starts feeling sleepy and tired, and she thinks it’s because of running the previous day. Meanwhile, colleagues congratulate her for being resident of the month in the hospital. She gleefully goes to check and takes pictures with the poster, but suddenly she starts to feel dizzy and coughs blood which only reflects that she has been neglecting he health this all time. 

Doctor Cha 16: Preview 

There’s not much information on the ending of Doctor Cha, but fans can expect a lot of character-building, mainly In-hoo’s character. Doctor Cha will be critically ill, and In-hoo seems to finally realize that he loves her and is ready to do anything to save her this time, even if it costs his own life. 

It’s exciting to see if In-hoo will be serious about her wife and what will happen to Seung-hi. Also, how Roy Kim will deal with his recently founded selfish family, the last episode will be a ride of fun, suspense, and drama. 

Doctor Cha
Doctor Cha [Credit: JTBC]

Doctor Cha 16: Release date 

This romantic drama is all set to release its final episode on the 4th of, June 2023, Sunday. Doctor Cha releases episodes at 10:30 PM [KST] every Saturday-Sunday on JTBC Network. The timings of release in all countries are different. We have mentioned below a few countries’ timings of release. 

  • For viewers in the USA, 4th June 2023, Sunday at 9.30 AM [EST].
  • For viewers in Australia, 4th of June 2023, Sunday at 11.30 PM [ACST].
  • For viewers in the UK, 4th June 2023, Sunday at 2.30 PM [GMT]. 
  • For viewers in India, 4th of June 2023, Sunday at 7.00 PM [IST].
  • For viewers in Indonesia, 4th June 2023, Sunday at 8.30 PM [WIB].
  • For viewers in the Philippines, 4th June 2023, Sunday at 9.30 PM [PHT].
  • For viewers in Thailand, 4th June 2023, Sunday at 8.30 PM [ICT].
  • For viewers in Japan, 4th June 2023, Sunday at 10.30 PM [JST].

Doctor Cha 16: Streaming Guide 

The drama will be originally broadcast by JTBC Network in South Korea. Local fans can watch Tv on the JTBC television channel. At the same time, Doctor Cha is also available on Netflix. Fans all over the world can watch Episode 16 of Doctor Cha on Netflix with English subtitles. 

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