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Preview And Recap: This Is Us – Season 5 Episode 8

Preview & Recap: This Is Us - Season 5 Episode 8

The NBC’s full-fledged romantic family drama “This Is Us” has kept the bar going with its fifth season. Created by Dan Fogelman, the series has been received positively by a wide audience. The last five seasons have seen the series hitting the right chords of the hearts of the audiences while also creating mysteries further. Now the fifth season premiered with a two-hour special on October 27, 2020. So far it has aired 7 episodes in total. For a while, the fifth season has been teasing the expansion of the family portrayed in the series. And a new promo suggests the news might come true,

NBC has dropped a glimpse into the upcoming eighth episode of This Is US’s fifth season arriving on February 16, 2021. The show that has adored the three main characters, Randall played by Sterling K. Brown, Kate played by Chrissy Metz, and Kevin played by Justin Hartley will now showcase them expanding their family. The new promo suggests that we might finally witness Kevin and Madison giving birth to twins while Kate and Toby adopt a new child. Thus, we might be getting introduced to the new big three in the upcoming episode. These three might carry on the story of our original three. Well, that’s a lot anyway let’s break into what we can expect.

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Story So Far – This Is Us

Previously on This Is Us, we saw a flashback from Kevin and Jack’s teenage years where we see Jack play Little League Baseball and an altercation between Jack, Kevin, and Kevin’s Coach. The altercation leads to Jack realizing that his love for baseball was diminished because of Stanley. But Kevin reassures him that he is a better father while Jack tells Kevin that he will be even better.

The next we are brought to present. Madison (Caitlin Thompson) finally reveals to Kevin that she is in labor with twins. When Kevin gets the news he rushes to leave the film set although the director demands him to comeback. On his way back home, Kevin goes through a lot of trouble to be there for Madison when no one is there. Kevin rescues a crashed motorist on the way and gets caught up with a father who tells him that his kids won’t recognize him if he isn’t there for their birth.

Will Kevin be there for the birth is still a question hanging which will be told in the upcoming eighth episode. On the other hand, Randall who has been trying to end his feud with  Kevin for the past few episodes still accompanies Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) to be there for Madison at the hospital.

We saw Randall and Beth accompanying Madison through a phone. They assure her until Kevin arrives, they are there for her. Randall and Beth reveal that they are still driving from New Orleans, they can send some food. Also, if Madison wants they will stay on the line, claiming that she is family.

Preview & Recap: This Is Us - Season 5 Episode 8

Moving on to the other side of things. As mentioned at the beginning of the fifth season, Kate and Toby are preparing for birth themselves. They made contacts with an adoption agency and certainly got a match. Though initially with some fears, Kate and Toby still move forward with adoption. Also note, it was also revealed to Kevin that Kate is being induced resulting that we might see three babies. So, the eighth episode might be the start for a new generation of This Is Us. Check Out The Trailer below.

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This Is Us – Season 5 Episode 8 Promo Breakdown

Titled “In A Room”, the eighth episode for “This Is Us” has given a very sweet glimpse. The promo began with a glimpse of  Rebecca played by Mandy Moore and Miguel played by Miguel. Although they will be absent for the birth, we can clearly see them talking to someone on the phone with tears in their eyes. This clearly signifies that the proud parents will witness the birth one way or another.

Preview & Recap: This Is Us - Season 5 Episode 8

The shot is followed by a range of dramatic events that will take place in the upcoming episode. Everyone from Kate, Kevin, and Madison get their glimpse. Still, there is no confirmation if Kevin will be there for birth or not. On the other hand, not present physically but still, Randall and Beth accompany Madison with some wise words as the promo closes in.

The official synopsis, for now, suggests that Kevin might not be there for the birth. It says that Pearsons will witness the births from distance. Anyway, let’s see what happens and hope for the best. Until then check out the promo for This Is Us, Season 5, Episode 8 titled “In A Room” Until then check out the trailer below.

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