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War of the Worlds Season 3 Episode 5 & 6 Release Date: The Bleak Future

War of the Worlds Season 6
When is War of the Worlds Season 3 Episode 5 & 6 Release Date?

In 2019, War of The Worlds made its debut on the television network MyCanal and marked itself to be the third television adaptation of the world-renowned science-horror fiction work by H.G. Wells of the same name. Although it is a reimagining of the famous novel, it is not a word-by-word recreation of it. Instead, the 2019 War of the world tv series is just loosely based on the premise put forward by H.G Wells and creates something original with it.

The first two seasons of the show had a pretty good reception from the audience and the critics, and its success got the chance to renew the show for a third season in July 2021. H.G. Wells, who’s known as “the father of science fiction”, serialized the novel War of the Worlds novel back in 1897, and it still remains one of the best science fiction novels ever published.

Over the decades, there have been countless adaptations of the novel in various forms, and although every adaptation differs drastically from the other, the base premise always tends to derive from the original by H.G. Wells. The novel’s main premise was the invasion of Earth by aliens from mars. The 2019 television adaptation is in the same regard.

The third season of War of the Worlds started premiering on September 5th, and a total of four episodes have already been aired. As the new episodes are coming up, here are some details about the show.

War of the Worlds: Plot

As the show is taking a loose adaptation of the classic novel War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, the story takes place in the contemporary UK and France. The story is told in a very Walking Dead style throughout the seasons.

After finding signs of extraterrestrial life from a mysterious transmission coming from a distant star, Humanity is overjoyed as this is the first definite proof that we are not alone in the vast universe. As the world is waiting for further response from the unknown, Earth is attacked mercilessly by an alien force.

War of the worlds

A Still from War of the Worlds

The aliens have annihilated most of humanity in a single sweep, and only a few groups of humans exist now in different parts of the world. The number of survivors left is painstakingly incomparable to humanity’s previous population of 7 billion, and yet the remaining tries to survive in this bleak situation.

As the survivors of the human species begin to gather, they try to uncover the truth behind the destructive aliens and their reason for making the world into the desolate place that it is now.

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War of the Worlds: Recap

In the fourth episode of War of the Worlds season 3, we saw another tragedy befalling the survivors of Earth, as the aliens have abducted babies from Earth for unknown reasons. Ash Daniel and Kariem Machar are the ones who discovered this merciless deed by the aliens, and they are in horror thinking about the reasons behind the abductions.

Catherine Durand is relentless in finding a way to gain the upper hand, and after marching through a lot of difficulties, she discovers the location of the alien headquarters.

In the fourth episode, the world portrayed by the show still remains to be bleak and gloomy without even a single spot of sunshine as the heroes unravel the mysteries one by one.

War of the Worlds: Who’s Who?

The main roster of characters in War of the World is seasoned with some well-known stars.

War of the worlds

Bill and Emily from War of the Worlds

Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, famous for his roles in movies like The Usual Suspects (1995), Little Women (1994), etc., portrays the role of William ‘Bill’ Ward. French actress Léa Drucker (Roxane (2019)) plays the role of Catherine Durand. English actress Daisy Edgar-Jones, famous for Fresh (2022), Normal People (2020), etc., portrays Emily Gresham.

Other notable roles are Helen Brown played by Elizabeth McGovern, Kariem Gat Wich Machar by Bayo Gbadamosi, Colonel Mustafa Mokrani by Adel Bencherif, Sophia Durand played by Emilie de Preissac, and Ash Daniel played by Aaron Heffernan.

When is War of the Worlds Season 3 Episode 5 & 6 Release Date?

The fifth and sixth episode of War of the Worlds season 3 is going to be aired as back-to-back episodes at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT on Monday, September 19, 2022.

How To Watch War of the Worlds Season 3?

The episodes will be premiered in the US on the EPIX network, while in Europe and France, the show can be watched using Canal+, Disney+, and Fox subscriptions.

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