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Murim Rpg Simulation Chapter 53 Release Date: The Death Spirit Squad Captain

Murim Rpg Simulation Chapter 53
Murim Rpg Simulation Chapter 53

Murim Rpg Simulation Chapter 53 reveals the mystery behind the Heavenly Demon Cultivation. The story continues after the mighty geezer encounters a warrior who has returned to give his report. The mighty geezer wonders what the warrior is doing since he should have been out with the others. He realizes that the warrior should have been fighting that bastard that has now awakened his power. The mighty geezer realizes that if he puts the warrior with that bastard and locks them in the same room, only the bastard will come out alive and decides that it is better not to commit suicide by putting the two in the same room. 

The warrior realizes he has been working hard, trying his best to climb ranks, but that bastard has surpassed him in everything. He realizes that he has been through many fights and gained different abilities and experiences, but the grand ruler’s house secretary is something he needs to overcome. The mighty geezer is impressed that the bastard has reached another level he never expected. The warrior asks about the grand ruler’s house and why the mighty geezer is here. The mighty geezer reveals that he has something to take care of around. 

He reveals about the man called the Death Spirit Squad Captain. The warrior realizes it is him, but he is in disguise, and no one will ever suspect him. He wonders why the grand rulers’ house secret is looking for him. The warrior realizes that he has changed his life, and it should not be connected to the grand rules house secretary. He thinks about the time he moves to Cheon-Il library before receiving the mission from the grand ruler’s house secretary. The warrior realizes that when he is there, he manages to talk with Gon Ma, and they might suspect that he killed the administrators. 

Previously on Murim Rpg Simulation Chapter 52

The warrior tries to play it cool and asks the mighty geezer why he is looking for their captain. The mighty geezer feels that something is off and asks the warrior if he can show him where to meet his captain. The warrior realizes he has been caught and thinks he has to find a way to fol the mighty old geezer. He realizes he is with Jeok Song, and if he tells the might geezer, they will reach the location in no time. The warrior realizes that he has to warn Jeok Song and will be in trouble if he doesn’t reply. He apologizes to the mighty geezer and reveals that he has no idea about his captain’s location.

Murim Rpg Simulation Chapter 53

Mighty Geezer

He also adds that the Death Spirit Squad Captain has been recently appointed, and as the new guy on potion is hard to tell his location. The mighty geezer plays with his long beard as he tries to figure out something. The warrior also told him he had not seen the captain or gotten close to him since he was appointed. The mighty geezer suggests that the warrior should go and find the captain for him. The warrior realizes that the mighty geezer is putting him in a tough spot, and he receives a slap for trying to refuse. He begins to bleed while apologizing.

The mighty geezer asks him to show his sincerity if he is sorry. The warrior realizes that the geezer always uses the same old tricks, and he can reveal that he and Jeok Song are hidden Spirit group members. He decides not to betray Jeok Song, his direct subordinate. The warrior decided not to fight and asked the mighty geezer why he treated him like that. But he reveals that he is a hidden Spirit group member, and his affiliation is with Gon Ma. A mysterious lady appears, and she gets stabbed by the mighty geezer.

Murim Rpg Simulation Chapter 53 Release Date 

Murim Rpg Simulation Chapter 53 will be released on 16 September 2022. The mysterious lady reveals her true colors and attacks the warrior, who realizes Jeok Song won’t win against her. Jeok Song’s arrival begins in the next chapter as he saves his subordinates. You can also look at Murim Rpg Simulation Chapter 53 latest updates. 

Murim Rpg Simulation Chapter 53

Murim Rpg Simulation

Read Murim Rpg Simulation Chapter 53 Online -Raw Details

You can read Murim Rpg Simulation Chapter 53 online on different websites. We are yet to receive Murim Rpg Simulation Manga’s official websites. But every week, a new chapter of Murim Rpg Simulation will be released, and they are also available online with the latest manga updates. Let’s meet after Murim Rpg Simulation Chapter 53 is released. 

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