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Is Jessica Nkosi Leaving The Queen? Bomb Dropped for Thando Fans!

Jessica Nkosi Leaving "The Queen"
Jessica Nkosi

As the show’s climax draws near, many actors will go, including Jessica. You heard it right; here, we will talk about Jessica Nkosi leaving The Queen. After seven years on television, the sitcom was just discontinued. The Queen will end on January 13, 2023, with the finale premiering in July 2022. Jessica Nkosi, a former Isabaya actress who won a Royalty Soapie Award for her portrayal of Thando Sebata, announced her departure from The Queen on Instagram tonight.

Jessica Nkosi joined the Queen in the role of the cruel and unflappable Thando Sebata. Thando was renowned for using a gun against her adversaries without hesitation on the show. She was that gangster woman who was educated in both the criminal and legal systems from an early age. Thando gained knowledge through his father, a dishonest police officer who oversaw the narcotics trade in Johannesburg.

So, now without any further ado, let us talk about what led to Jessica Nkosi Leaving The Queen. Continue to read!!

What Happened to Jessica, aka Thando?

Thando lost her touch and her moral fiber as circumstances progressed, and her father made the decision to live a sober life and wed Harriet Khoza, a member of her family who was Thando’s nemesis, leaving Thando with no one to hurt. She ends up being bored and idle while staying at the Khoza home as a result. She met Bhambata, Brutus’ son, and made the decision to leave. The couple, however, fought to get through their marriage, which did not last because Thando died.

In the next section, check out everything about Jessica Nkosi leaving The Queen.

Why did Jessica Nkosi Leave the show?

Jessica Nkosi aka Thando

Is Jessica Nkosi Leaving The Queen?

The Queen was never more tranquil than in the hours leading up to Thando’s passing. Harriet, Brutus, Hector, and other drug lords like Dollar have come together over their passion for Bhambata. Hector and Harriet were going through a divorce even though most guests at the party at Noma’s were having a good time. On the other hand, Harriet was going to be killed by Cebo and Majali since she avoided Brutus at the Khoza trucking.

With plans for a party in full swing, Harriet hired a sniper while Majali and Cebo brought a gun to murder her. A sniper shoots Hector in the chest while Harriet and Hector pretend to be a happy couple in order to earn a fee.

Thando then emerges with a cane, confronts Cebo and Majali, pulls a gun, and shoots Majali. In self-defense, Cebo shot Thando, who later passed away. That means her part in the show is done, which led to Jessica Nkosi leaving The Queen.

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What Did Jessica Say About Leaving?

Jessica praised the late Shona and Connie Ferguson for giving her the Thando part after she left the show. She congratulated everyone at Ferguson Films as she thought back on their enjoyable time together. The Queen fans’ reactions to the news were divided as it was announced on Mzansi. While some of her supporters praised what she had been accomplishing, others were devastated that their favorite character had quit the show. In the next section, check out what fans have to say about Jessica Nkosi leaving The Queen.

Thando Sebata: The Queen

Fans’ Love for Jessica Nkosi Leaving The Queen

Fans of Jessica genuinely struggled to accept Jessica’s exit from the show. Through numerous tweets and Instagram posts, they expressed their appreciation for the characters. One of them stated that while Hector and MaJali’s deaths weren’t a problem, Thando didn’t have to pass away because he wanted to witness her and Bhambatha’s union.

They applauded Jessica Nkosi with the hashtag #TheQueenMzansi and the statement Kudos for KILLING that part. One of them added that Jessica Nkosi was outstanding in her Thando part and would be missed.

Thando Sebata is now out, you guys!! However, this was all we got about Jessica Nkosi leaving The Queen. Keep checking back for more interesting updates ahead.

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