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Emma Tonegato Partner: Who Is He?

Emma Tonegato the rugby player

Emma Tonegato is a professional Australian rugby player. She plays rugby sevens and rugby league for a living. She was born in Wollongong, New South Wales. Playing for the Tribe in the rugby union, the player debuted for Australia in November 2013. She also won a gold at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. The athlete grew up playing many sports, primarily rugby, until she was 16 and decided to try her hand at Rugby League.

The talented player is an elegant competitor who has won many decorations. Tonegato was a member of Australia’s team at the 2016 Summer Olympics, defeated New Zealand in the finals, and won the inaugural sport Olympic gold medal. In 2017, at the Australia Day Honors, she received the Medal of the Order of Australia. She was also named in the Australia squad for the rugby sevens at the 2020 Summer Olympics. She was once called Emma Tonegato OAM.

emma tonegato

Emma Tonegato with her cute nephew

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Emma Tonegato’s Partner-

The 27-year-old rugby player, Emma Tonegato’s partner, is Jamie Verran. He is their spouse of Emma and is the love of her life. Jamie has full support for Emma’s passion as a rugby player. It can be seen on Emma’s Instagram stories that Jamie keeps a tight relationship with her family. Every significant occasion and get-together for the Tonegato family is attended by Jamie.

One of Emma’s nephews has Jamie and Emma as his godparents. Jamie’s devoted upbeat, and kind nature has won over Emma’s family and fans. Supporters and fans of Emma adore the two of them and their great connection.

Jamie is cautious with his privacy and how much he shares on social media. Emma doesn’t have any nicknames or titles besides the OAM title the government gave her. He has always supported Emma as a friend.

Jamie has permanently restricted access to his entertaining nature to those close to him by keeping his Instagram account private. He is private about his life affairs and his presence on social media.

Emma Tonegato’s Family-

The talented rugby player’s delighted parents are Stephen and Rhonda Tonegato. Emma is the only daughter in the family. She has three brothers, Adam, Luke, and Daniel. Emma’s parents have always been supportive of her career choices. They helped her pave the route for a professional athletic career from an early age and also encouraged her passion for playing rugby. She gets her name from her father.

As a result of the parental support, Emma grew up participating in rugby union club play for the ‘Tribe’ with the full support and encouragement of her parents. Emma’s family lived in Australia for many generations, so they are accustomed to a contemporary way of life. As a result of which, none of the Tonegato family members are traced back to a particular origin. Instead, they are everyday names easily accessible in many parts of the world.

Emma can make several thousand dollars from the Australian national rugby team. She has a record of earning over 20caps till 2022. The well-known national athlete makes a good living as Fox Sports stated that an Australian rugby player is compensated within the parameters of their caps.

The Australian teams do not pay any player more than $110,000 plus incentives and match payments before the ruling. Tonegato and her teammates have discovered the chances to earn more money, including the fame and admiration of their countrymen, all thanks to the changes in the team operations.

Emma is an individual who favors protection over her own life and is not very keen on letting it out much. She could imagine that her family and friends are secure without being in the spotlight.

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Emma Tonegato’s Career-

The athlete made her debut for the Australian Women’s side in the opening leg of the 2013-14 IRB Sevens World Series held in Dubai in November 2013. Until she switched to rugby league and competed at the 2013 Women’s Rugby League World Cup, she played on the wing and also in the center.

In May 2015, she was also named in the tournament ‘Dream Team’ for the Amsterdam leg of the Rugby Sevens World Series. The representative honors included New South Wales, the Youth Olympic Festival, and the NSW Schoolgirls(2013).

emma tonegato

Emma Tonegato at the rugby filed in the action

She received the Medal of the Order of Australia for service to sports as a gold medalist at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics at the 2017 Australia Day Honors.

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