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What Happened To Gotye? Explained

Gotye artist
Gotye artist

Music has its charms across boundaries, and it does not take us anything to listen to a particular artist. When it comes to international music genres, the name Gotye comes to mind. For those who do not know, Gotye is a musical artist from Belgium.

He has a quite different yet catchy name which makes him an unforgettable artist. Also, let us not forget his musical prowess, which distinguishes him from his contemporaries. He is mostly associated with singing and songwriting, and he has made a successful career out of these two talents.

He works with a variety of genres, but due to his exposure to new and unique sounds, he has explored singing styles throughout his career. Gotye caught everyone by surprise when his track, Somebody That I Used To Know, was released in 2011. This song really made him a popular artist, and people from different countries acknowledged his music.

However, after that one hit song, he has not been quite active in the music world. What did he do during this time? Where is Gotye now? What happened to Gotye? These are just natural and curious questions that anyone would ask. Let us take a deep dive into his career and explore what Gotye is up to these days.

Who Is Gotye?

Gotye is a singer, composer, and songwriter who became famous after his song, Somebody I used To Know’ which he created in collaboration with Kimbra. This was the song that changed his life and led to his overnight success.

Gotye is not the real name of this artist. His real name is Wouter Andre De Backer or Wally De Backer. With such an unusually long name, he has tried to shorten his name by styling it as Gotye, which refers to Gauthier in French.

Wouter Andre De Backer is of Australian descent but was born in Bruges, Belgium. Gotye has a vast legacy of being a Belge artist with Australian roots. This unique combination has played an immense role in shaping his songwriting style and singing genres. This quality of honoring his roots and also exploring new music styles is what makes Gotye’s music so very special.


Gotye, The Singer And Artist Credits: The Music Network

Gotye or Wally has been active in the music industry since the early years of the 2000s, and he officially began in 2001. The most notable genres that Gotye works with are pop, indie music, and also indie pop styles. Gotye sings and also plays several musical instruments, including percussion, drums, guitar, and keyboard, and he is also known to have experimented with electronic musical instruments.

Gotye is a much-admired artist, and his prestige can be gauged from the music labels that he works with. He has worked with Universal Republic, Eleven, Creative Vibes, and some others too. He also has his own website where routine information about his career and his upcoming projects is published. Fans and anyone interested in his work can head over to his official website to get to know more about the kind of music he creates.

Gotye has won the popular public opinion of his fans and music enthusiasts around the world. For his work and his songs, Gotye or Wally has earned the prestigious Grammy award as well. This makes him among the most elite and gifted music artists in the world.
Gotye, to date, has published a total of four studio albums.

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What Happened To Gotye?

After his hit song was released, he got a lot of praise and acclaim for his performance. Thereafter, he worked on other albums and then went on a music tour across various countries. To get away from all the media attention and focus on his work, he took a break from his career. In 2014, Gotye launched his new music label by the name Spirit Level.

Gotye From His Song

Gotye, A Click From His Song Credits: Pedestrian TV

Keeping aside commercial music, De Backer or Wally has been a part of a band, and they have performed a huge number of shows ever since its launch. Gotye has been working on reviving electronic music forms for a few years. He is actively working on an electronic instrument called online. Gotye is still a very popular artist and singer, and his unique take on music will always keep him relevant in the music world.

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