Disney+ Korea Reveals the New Show ‘Race’ Cast and Trailers

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Race Source: Disney+ Korea

The new office Korean drama of 2023 is on its way. Disney+ K-drama “Race” is all set to release in the first half of next month. At first, only the drama’s synopsis was revealed to the fans. On 12 April 2023, Disney+ finally released the trailer for the drama, and the final cast was also revealed to fans. The plot of the drama is very basic. Fans all over the world are excited for the drama to be released after the cast reveal.

The drama follows the story of four office employees who try to balance out their work and personal life. The drama has a blend of office politics, hardships, and romance too. The best thing about the drama is that it is women-centric, so we will majorly see how our main female lead tries to blend herself in with today’s work generation. 

Lee Yun Hee as Park Yoon Ju
Lee Yun Hee as Park Yoon Ju (Source: @yeonhee.luv/Instagram)

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About Cast

The drama revolves around four main characters, two women characters, and two male characters. However, we have some great support characters too. The cast includes Lee Yun Hee, Hong Jong Hyun, Moon So Ri, U-Know, Kim Ye Eun, Jun Q, Baek Ji Won, and Jo Han Chul.

Race's Cast
Race’s Cast (Source: Disney+ Korea)

For the main lead, we have Lee Yun Hee playing the role of “Park Yoon Jo,” Hong Jong Hyun as “Ryu Jae Min,” Moon So Ri as “Goo Yi Jung,” and U-Know as “See Dong Hoon.” Meanwhile, the rest are playing supporting roles, Kim Ye Eun as “Heo Eun” and Jun Q as “Heo Hyuk.”

Lee Yun Hee

Lee Yun Hee is a 35-year-old South Korean Actress. From the beginning of her, she wanted to be a K-pop idol, and because of that, she was a trainee at SM Entertainment. In one interview, she revealed that she got training with Girls Generation. If she didn’t continue her career as an actress, she would have become a member of the Girls Generation.

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Lee Yun Hee
Lee Yun Hee (Source: @yeonhee.luv/Instagram)

Lee Yun Hee made her acting debut in Korean Television Series “My Lovely Family” in a supporting role. After acting in a support role, she finally got the role of the main lead in the 2006 movie “A Millionaires First Love.” And her career as a main lead actress begins. 

Hong Jong Hyun 

Hong Jong Hyun began her career in 1999 as a main host on “Inkigayo.” Later he hosted some famous Korean Television Reality Shows like “Flower Boys Generation,” “Style Log 4,” and “Top Gear Korea Season 7”. He appeared in many reality shows as a guest, also like in “Running Man.”

Hong Jong Hyun
Hong Jong Hyun (Source: @hjonghyun/Instagram)

He made his acting debut in a supporting role in the 2008 Korean Movie “Lovers.” Well, “Moon Lovers” fans will recognize Hong Jong Hyun very well. He played the negative role of Wang Yo (3rd Prince) in “Moon Lovers: The Scarlet Heart,” which is one of the globally loved Kdrama of 2016.

Moon So Ri 

Moon So Ri is the common face of K-Drama. We have often seen her as a supporting role or either main role in most of the Kdramas. She began her career as an actress in the Korean film “Peppermint Candy,” in which she played the main role.

Moon So Ri
Moon So Ri (Source: 문소리 Moon So Ri/ Official Facebook)

After that, she appeared in many Korean films, K-dramas, and even some famous Korean reality shows as a guest. She recently appeared as Oh Kyung Sook, the main role of the 2023 spring-released Netflix series “Queenmaker.” After her appearance in Queenmaker, fans are excited to see her in the office drama “Race,” too. 


Jung Yun Ho, originally known by his stage name U-Know is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor. He got his idol training under SM Entertainment, and in 2003 he debuted as a member of the K-pop group “TVXQ.” U-now made his acting debut in 2009, playing the main lead role in the romance comedy drama “Heading To The Ground.”

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U-Know Credits: Fanpop

His last work was the main lead in K-drama “Manholic” After that, he went on to complete his mandatory military duty. He is making his acting comeback with the drama “Run” almost after five years. 

Trailer released 

On 12 April 2023, Disney+ Korea released the trailer of the drama “Run” on their official YouTube Channel. However, subtitles for the drama are still not available because of this global K-drama fans are a little upset. But even tho subtitles aren’t available, and the drama seems to be fun and chaotic office drama which is perfect to binge-watch if you crave something simple to watch.

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Synopsis of the plot

The drama revolves around four employees from the public relation office of a large company. Park Yoon Jo, a simple single woman who gets a job in the PR department of a large company, tries to ace her job without giving up. Her friend Ryu Jae Mi also works in the same office, is a passionate employee, and keeps work life and personal separate always.

Lee Yun Hee as Park Yoon Ju
Lee Yun Hee as Park Yoon Ju (Source: @yeonhee.luv/Instagram) 

Park Yoon Jo begins to work with the expert of the PR department Goo Yi Jung. While working with her, Park Yoon Jo finds confidence in her work and grows as a person too. Meanwhile, we have See Dong Hoon, who is the CEO of the PR office with versatile behavior.

The story follows the main female lead Park Yoon Jo who, with the of her expert colleague Goo Yi Jung tries to learn more about the job. And make a strong will to prove herself to everyone that she deserves the job. 

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