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New Pokemon Snap For Nintendo Switch: What To Expect?

It’s been a few months since we have heard anything about the New Pokemon Snap game. In fact, many have probably already forgotten about the game in the works. Though, today we will go over the official release date of the New Pokemon Snap. Not sure what this game is about? Not to worry!

In the original Pokemon snap, you had to go around and take photos of all 151 Pokemon to complete your gallery of photos. It’s similar to how we complete the Pokedex in the main series games. Only instead of catching Pokemon with Pokeballs, you catch them with your camera. The better the photo, the better the ranking is. Now onward to the New Pokemon snap game and what it’s about.

New Pokemon Snap Game

Much like the old Pokemon Snap, the one involves you going around and taking photos of Pokemon in various posses. The goal of this game is to take the “best” photo of a Pokemon you can. The professor (Professor Mirror) will then rank your photos anywhere from a 1-4 star. Four stars being the best and one star being the worst. Your goal is to take photos of every Pokemon in the game and fill out your gallery. The gallery has sections for all rankings, meaning you will need to get one photo of each rank in order to complete your gallery.

The gallery “Photodex” is very similar to that of the Pokedex. In order to beat the game completely, you must capture all the Pokemon from rank one to rank four. How is the score determined? Professor Mirror will take a look at your photo. The score will be based on several factors such as posses, how large they appear, are they facing you, and where they are in the frame, along with other factors.

This Pokemon Snap is based in the Lental region, a whole new region to Pokemon! We don’t get new Pokemon. Unfortunately, however, we do get to take pictures of legendary and mythical Pokemon as well. It’s also uncertain how many Pokemon we have in this “Photodex” but hopefully more than the first snap game. It will keep a lot of photographers entertained for sure.

New Features

Recently released, The Pokemon company stated the new Pokemon Snap game would have an underwater feature. Allowing photographers to venture underwater! Capturing new sites unseen before in the Pokemon universe. There a few more features like the Game Freak had put into the game.

One of which being called the Illumina phenomenon. The Illumina phenomenon is something that trainers will have to unlock throughout their journey. It isn’t something that is just handed to them at the get-go. Once you unlock this interesting new feature, the Pokemon you come across will be able to glow blue. Not only will they be able to glow, however, but their moves will also be different as well. One such is the flamethrower.

It also looks like we have what’s called “research-level” coming to the game. Upon researching and taking photos of Pokemon and reaching higher research levels. Pokemon will display different expressions and behaviors. The higher your level, the more likely you will find new stuff. Meaning it wouldn’t hurt to venture back to previous expositions to see what new things await you.

Online Features 

Unlike the original Pokemon snap, the New Pokemon Snap has an online feature. Allowing for other trainers to see your shots. You will have your very own personal album, which is hosted online. Not sure if this is just for the online feature yet or not but, once you complete a course. You can use a function called re-snap to adjust the brightness, blur, zoom, and other aspects of your photos. Test your skills as a Pokemon Photographer! Nintendo switch online members can compete in global leaderboards! These leaderboards can range from rankings in Photodex scores and more.

Release date

The New Pokemon Snap will be released on April 30th, 2021, for Nintendo Switch. Does this game sound interesting to you? Well, we have some good news for you! The Pokemon Company came out with some official news dates regarding the New Pokemon Snap game. In just a little over 2 months, we will get to take photos and share those photos with friends and family.

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