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Volcanic Age Chapter 227 Release Date: Cheon And The Nine Dragon Pillars

Volcanic Age Chapter 227
Volcanic Age Chapter 227

Volcanic Age Chapter 227 begins after the weekly break revealing Cheon’s encounter with Southern Seas Dragon Clan. Southern Seas Dragon Clan and Hainan Sect have settled their scores, but the Southern Seas Dragon Clan has lost the battle. Cheon has captured Yonglin and the other members. The long-beared old geezer from Dragon Clan asks Cheon to kill him since he is a sinner.

Cheon reveals that he wouldn’t have captured them if he wanted to kill them. The old geezer is glad that Cheon is not killing him and his clan even though they have been abusing Hainan Sect Clan. Cheon reveals his goal and that he came to rescue Gan Ya Ja. He reveals that it was a misunderstanding for the two Clans to start the battle since he was not here to fight but to take back Gan Ya Ja.

The old geezer realizes they were wrong, but he is happy that Cheon has settled scores. Cheon asks about the mystery behind the Dark Heaven Faction. The old geezer realizes that Dark Heaven Faction is a familiar word he has heard from someone. Cheon realizes that the old geezer’s reaction is telling him something.

The Southern Seas Dragon Clan asks about the Nine Dragons Pillars and realizes that Cheon has made up with them. The old geezer gets angry since he wants to learn the truth. He reveals that the Nine Dragon Pillars support the Dragon Palace. The old geezer reveals that Nine Dragon Pillars are meant to support the Dragon Palace after a great earthquake.



Yonglin wonders what Cheon meant when he told them they had destroyed the Nine Grogon Pillars. The old geezer reveals that it is a punishment from the seas since the battle between the authorities and humans enrages the seas. Cheon wonders if the Nine Dragon Pillars started to break when the Murim Clans fought for authority. 

Previously on Volcanic Age Chapter 226

The old geezer reveals that the Murim Clan destroyed everything. The palace begins to rumble, and the old geezer reveals that it is the punishment from the seas, and the Dragon is angry. The third guy commented that it was the fury of the sea. Cheon realizes that earthquakes are the problem, and a strange guy arrives.

The strange guy comment that they can’t do anything, and Cheon realizes that he knows that guy. Cheon realizes that the strange guy is Gan Ya Ja. Gan Ya Ja asks Cheon how he knows his name and how brats like Cheon address him by his name. Cheon realizes that Gan Ya Ja was not kidnaped and everything is misunderstood.

Yonglin talks with Gan Ya Ja and asks him about the Nine Dragon Pilar and why he has arrived. Gan reveals that he tried to fix them, but it is impossible. Yonglin realizes that the Dragon Palace is falling, and Cheon realizes that he has to escape with Gan. The old geezer orders his man to return to the Nine Dragon Pillars since if they fall, it will be the end of Dragon Palace.

Gan wonders what the crazy old geezer wants to do. Cheon notices that the rocks are falling, holds Gan, and takes him to safety. He notices that the old geezer is working hard to prevent the Dragon Palace from falling apart. Cheon looks around, realizes they are inside the strange room, and asks where they are.

Gan Ya Ja

Gan Ya Ja

Gan helps the old geezer and reminds him that the Nine Dragon Pillars are doing their role since they divide the earthquake’s shock into nine areas. He reveals that the old geezer must defeat the man responsible for everything to stop the disaster.  

Volcanic Age Chapter 227 Release Date 

Volcanic Age Chapter 227 will be released on 16 November 2022. Cheon wonders who caused the disaster, and Gan believes that Cheon is the culprit due to his hair color and the fact that he is not a member of the Southern Seas Dragon Clan. Meanwhile, Yonmi is fighting with Lady Ran. Check out Volcanic Age Chapter 227 details. 

Read Volcanic Age Chapter 227 Online – Raw Details 

You can read Volcanic Age Chapter 227 online on the official websites. Lady Ran admits Yongmi is an amazing warrior. Yongmi scolded Lady Ran and the silver-haired old geezer for trying to fool him. A Snake emerges from the water, and Cheon wields his blade. Let’s meet after Volcanic Age Chapter 227 is released. 

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