Ji-Soo Takes Care of Kim So-Hyun in The New Teaser of ‘River Where The Moon Rises’

River Where The Moon Rises K-Drama
River Where The Moon Rises shares a new teaser.

The highly anticipated K-drama, River Where The Moon Rises, has released a new teaser. And, unlike the previous ones, the new teaser reflects love and cuteness from the lead stars. Kim So-Hyun and Ji-soo star in the show as the primary characters. Besides, the lead actor Kang Ha Neul also made an appearance in the teaser. However, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo actor is only appearing as a guest on the upcoming historical show. But, we believe his role is of extreme importance.

River Where The Moon Rises is an upcoming South Korean television series. The new historical Kdrama is directed by  Yun Sang-ho (Birdie Buddy, Different Dreams). At the same time, Han Ji-Hoon White Nights, Last, Temptation, Dr. Jin) is penning down the script. The show has previously dropped a teaser and a few posters. And after seeing them, the fans can’t wait any longer to witness the show.

River Where The Moon Rises K-Drama
A still from River Where The Moon Rises (2021)

River Where The Moon Rises tells the love story between  Pyeonggang (Kim So-Hyun) and On Dal (Jisoo). The upcoming Goguryeo folklore takes its character through love, war, betrayal, and relationships. Pyeonggang is an elite warrior, and she wants to rule Goguryeo as a brave ruler. However, to fulfill her plan, she uses On Dal’s feelings, but being madly in love, On Dal doesn’t care much.

Historical K-dramas are always fun to watch. They also teach about the old culture, clothing, and food. Moreover, we also get a look at the beautiful designs of traditional Korean apparel Hanbok. There is a huge list of Korean Dramas you can stream on Netflix. So make sure to check out.

River Where The Moon Rises New Teaser

The new teaser begins with On Dal reminiscing his father, On Hyup’s (Kang Ha Neul) words. Although On Hyup is a revered general, he finds himself where he tells his son to become an ordinary man. He asks him to be a fool and service the world.

After paying attention to his father’s words, On Dal tries to hide his intelligence and power to survive as an ordinary man. He also changes his complete look as he appears in simple clothing, which compares to nothing that a famous general’s son would wear.

Pyeonggang meats On Dal as Yeom Ga Jin and bring a wave of happiness in his life. On Dal feels like he has another meaning to life besides keeping his profile low. Later, Pyeonggang tells On Dal, “People say that everyone is born with their own destiny,” and he replies, “You are my destiny Ga-Jin.” Moreover, he embraces her and tells her that they are meant to be together. And they will soon become husband and wife.

In the end, Pyeonggang and On dal are seen wearing luxury clothing, which confuses the viewers. But, don’t worry, everything will be clear soon.

Watch the new teaser down below.


So, scroll down and find out about the release date of River Where The Moon Rises.

Release Date And Cast

Previously, when we discussed the show, there was no specific date announced by the production team. However, now we do have the broadcast schedule. River Where The Moon Rises is making its grand premiere on February 15. It will premiere new episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30 KST. However, people living in other countries can stream the show on Rakuten Viki with subtitles.

River Where The Moon Rises K-Drama
“River Where The Moon Rises” cast

Besides, Kim So-Hyun and Ji-soo,  Lee Ji Hyun (The Legend of The Blue Sea, Band Of sisters) as Go Gun, Choi Yu Hwa (Class of Lies, Suits, Mistress) as Hae Mo Yong. Kang Ha-Neul (The Heirs, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo), Ryo Ui-Hyun (Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life/ Shopaholic Louis), and Kim Hee Jung (Touch Your Heart, Return) will also star in the show.

And while you wait for the show to arrive, you can watch Kim So-Hyun’s Love Alarm on Netflix. 

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