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Sai Roong 2022 Series Episode 2: Release Date & Streaming Guide

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Sai Roong (2022)

The Thai drama ‘Sai Roong’ has recently released its first episode on the 24th of August, with its second episode on the way.  The series talks about a woman’s back-and-forth journey of lost and found. The lead character Maythinee finally finds the love of her life, only to lose him to an untimely death. Sai Roong falls under the genre of romance and drama, and some part of it caters to the theme of revenge as well. The cast members Sammy Cowell as Maythinee and Pong Nawat Kulrattanarak as Pak and Ponsithon have definitely added more life to the series. Directors Koo Ekkasit Trakulkasemsuk and Oh Kathadeb have also done justice to the series since it has gained many anticipated fans.

The 2022 Sai Roong is an adaptation of the 1997 Thai drama with the same name. In the 1997 drama series, Maythinee was played by Anne Thongprasom, and Pak or Ponsithon was played by Johnny Anfone. The source drama, also known as Rainbow Line, was written by Lalita Chantasartkosol.  

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When Is Sai Roong(2022) Episode 2 Set To Release?

Episode 2 of Sai Roong(2022) is set to release on 25th August, just a day after episode 1 was released. Like episode 1, it will come out exactly at 6:50 pm IST. In the other time zones, the series will be released at 9:20 am EST, 6:20 am PST, 10:20 pm JST, and 8:20 am CST.  The series is aired on the main channel GMM One. The romance drama will be 10 episodes long. As two episodes are set to release each week, the series will run for about five weeks. From the schedule so far, it can be safely assumed that the series will come out every Wednesday and Thursday for the next five weeks. 


Sai Roong Poster

Sai Roong is also known as Rainbow Lines, hinting at the possibility that the character may find peace in the end. But the series is not to be watched only for the happy ending that it might bring. Sai Roong is all about life lessons. It teaches about the uncertainty of life and that storms don’t last forever. It reflects a wish that binds us all together, a wish for sunrise no matter how long the night is. The series tells what we already knew in a different manner. This is what makes Sai Roong a beautiful watch.

What Is Sai Roong(2022) About?

It is a tale of a guilt-stricken, grief-ridden Maythinee whose only remedy from suffering becomes alcohol. Why won’t it be? Maythinee has been dumped with all kinds of suffering. She has been the target of fate in every step of her life.

Maythinee cast

Sammy Cowell

Once she finally finds the love of her life, she’s repeatedly threatened to be parted from him. Her mother doesn’t approve of the relationship and forces her to write a breakup letter. Maythinee loses her lover twice. Right after she’s made to write the letter, Pak faces an untimely death. She feels immense guilt as she knows that the letter is the cause of his death. Years later, when she becomes a model, she bumps into a man who looks painfully similar to her old lover Pak. She goes through a long grieving process and finds shelter in alcohol. 

Episode 1 did not have the revenge element yet. It only showed the torment of one lover losing the other. If you haven’t watched the 1997 series, suit yourself for the twists that are yet to come. The series will be a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Given the elaborate plot, it’s impossible to be bored of the show. Sammy Cowell has been able to wear the character of Maythinee beautifully. Fans have expressed that she is the perfect cast for Maythinee. But some fans are not as impressed by Pong Nawat Kulrattanarak as the casting for Pak. Since he is mainly known for playing characters of cheating husbands, some fans are happy as long as Pong does not play the same role in this series.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next few weeks to find out if Maythinee finally finds the rainbow at the end of the long and dark tunnel.

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