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Preview: Brad Parker’s The Devil Below

The investigation stories are always interesting, it in a way makes you stick to the seat till the end of the film. The story of this new movie The Devil Below is also based on the investigation story of an old coal mine that has been abandoned due to the non-servicing in the past. The film has been directed by Brad Parker and the story of the film seems to be similar based on the storyline on various thing in the past that is limited to closing of old mills, warehouses, etc.

The lead role in the film- The Devil Below is played by Alicia Sanz and Adan Canto. To make you more aware of the fact that will increase more interest in this film after you get to know the fact that this movie has also a scientific dimension to the film that will also increase more creativity to the film. The exploration work of the abandoned coalfield is done by the scientist so people who love everything that is associated with science will definitely love this film- The Devil Below. The film has already been released and the entire movie hasn’t got that amount of positive reviews.

The Devil Below- Cast & Plot Details

Brad Parker’s The Devil Below

Brad Parker’s The Devil Below

The Devil Below is been directed by Brad Parker and the film is starring Alicia Sanz, Will Patton, Zach Avery, Chinaza Uche, Jonathan Sadowski, and Adan Canto.

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Much of the information about the film is out now because The Devil Below the film has already been released basically the makers of the movie had termed the movie as a horror film and many of them have commented that the film has nothing to terrify that much. The story of the film begins with an explorer who is on the hunt of exploring new places and in the course finds out an old coal mine which has almost been out of the maps after series of fires. There is also a group of scientist, which is later joined by the explorer too, and they began to explore the mine with a different perspective and the thing goes to a new level after these guys find some sort of supernatural forces associated with the mine and some of the member do believe that fact that there is something supernatural.

The director seems to have associated that horror of the film with these supernatural forces that are termed in this movie and this fact didn’t go well down because the horror element soon goes missing. The film is said to involve some kind of monster scenes which too failed to impress the audience and said seemed to be repetitive. The old idea of this glimpse of the insights of the plot of this film is not to put a negative impression on this film but it is actually based on the general public review about The Devil Below by the people after watching this film out. The interesting fact of that coal mine was that people used to get disappeared while going towards the mine, those scenes of the movie are shown with night vision which was the only thing had many of the people agreed upon for this film, that it appeared good to watch.

The Devil Below – People’s Reaction

The overall review about the film is not that satisfying because many of the people who had watched this film said that the film lacked the basic moral on which it was set on that is the horror part. The audience said that the film had nothing to frighten people and many of them commented it has a non-horror film. Well, you might say that this the general perspective of the film from their point of view and it is not true that if that person doesn’t like the film means the film is boring or something like that. Yes, that definitely depends on you whether you like the film or not because basically, you are the only one who is going to take the call to have a watch for this film- The Devil Below.

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