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Review: Hirogaru Sky! Precure Episode 6 – Sora’s True Feelings

Hirogaru Sky! Precure poster (Credits: IMDb)

Hirogaru Sky! Precure is a magical Japanese girl anime series that follows the adventures of four girls who transform into Precure warriors to protect their world from evil forces. The series is the seventeenth installment in the “Pretty Cure” franchise and is produced by Toei Animation.

The four girls in the series make new friends and learn valuable lessons about courage, teamwork, and friendship as the series proceeds further. It is enriched with vibrant animation and engaging characters. The Hirogaru Sky! Precure series has a variety of themes, such as friendship, courage, and determination.

  • Name of Anime: Hirogaru Sky! Procure
  • Total episodes: 50
  • Directed By: Koji Ogawa
  • Written By: Ryunosuke Kingetsu
  • Original Run: February 5, 2023 – Present
  • Genre: Magical Girl

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Hirogaru Sky! Precure Episode 6 Story 

Hirogaru Sky Precure Episode 6 focuses on Sora’s true feelings about being on Earth. In this episode, she realizes that she feels lonely without Mashiro around, just like Batman was lonely without Robin. The writing of this episode has been really solid all around and has very effective storytelling. It is kind of like a chill episode, especially when it is compared to the other five episodes that came first.

The other five episodes were more intense, and they had a lot of world and character building while this episode focused more only on character-building. Previous episodes focused more on Mashiro as the writer was trying to make her stand out more, and it worked perfectly. At the same time, this episode focused more on Sora and brought her back as a lead.

This episode starts with a recap of previous episodes narrated by Sora, with the framing device being her writing in her journal about how excited she is to be mashiro’s friend and partner, except this also happened at the end of episode 5, so this is a flashback to a flashback.

Recaps don’t make sense for a show like this because since the show is on so many streaming services, people are going to watch the episodes back to back, but it’s even worse here since it takes up so much time.


A still from Hirogaru Sky! Precure (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Hirogaru Sky! Precure Episode 6 Review

The episode starts with Mashiro heading off for school, which means we finally get to see her in her school uniform. The school uniform is absolutely adorable, with its heart-shaped belt buckle asymmetric over the shirt and pretty shades of blue.

Mashiro hasn’t been going to school for the past five episodes, as spring break just ended. It turns out Sora doesn’t know what her school uniform is; however, she does know what school is, and she was going to school before she got stranded on Earth.

She’s really excited to accompany Mashiro to school, but alas, when Sora and Mashiro arrive at the school, Sora is stopped at the gates because outsiders aren’t allowed onto the campus. Sora blurts out that in Skyland, everyone’s allowed to enter schools.

You can buy it that Sora wasn’t trying to keep the Isakai origins a secret in episodes one and two because Mashiro hadn’t told her to keep it under wraps yet, and in episode 4 when she let it slip to Ageha, that was one mistake but now it’s clear that it’s a pattern of behavior. 

Sora knew that Mashiro didn’t want to become the center of a huge crowd of Paparazzi which is what would happen if Skyland’s existence became public knowledge on Earth. While Mashiro goes off to school, Sora heads back to the house and visits herself with cleaning. She does literally all of the chores plus studying on the side plus training, and all of that takes her literally only three or so hours.

Seriously it’s only 11:30 AM By the time she’s run out of things to do. While in school, Mashiro is staring out of the window and wondering what Sora is doing. Sora goes and talks to Yoyo since she has nothing else to do. Yoyo requests her help in grinding up some ingredients for the tunnel back to Skyland. It turns out that this is so tough that it challenges even Sora.

She realizes how hard Yoyo has been working this whole time and apologizes for snapping at her in the last episode. Yoyo asks Sora how she’s holding up on Earth, and Sora says that she feels like she’s too dependent on others and is always causing trouble.

Yoyo asks if Sora wants to go to school with Mashiro, and Sora says no because she has too much to do at the house, but Yoyo can see right through her lies. So she sends her to do some shopping, and while she’s gone, she makes a very important phone call.

Ageha notices Sora is feeling down, so she takes her out for an afternoon dessert, and it is to make her feel better, but Ageha realizes that her problem hasn’t been resolved. Sora is feeling lonely because she can’t be with Mashiro.


A glimpse of Sora meeting Ageha in Hirogaru Sky! Precure (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Sora finally realizes what’s been getting her down all day. Ageha tells her to communicate those feelings to Mashiro, but Sora can’t bring herself to do it because it’s too embarrassing. So Ageha comes up with a plan to increase Sora’s confidence. To boost Sora’s confidence Ageha do some makeup for Sora.

Hirogaru Sky seems to be pushing the message that you need to buy Pretty Holic products in order to feel confident about yourself, which is pretty toxic. A newly encouraged Sora runs off to meet Mashiro at the gates of the school.

There’s this brief ominous bit where everything goes grayscale, and the music cuts out almost completely. It really feels in that moment like something terrible is about to happen to Sora, but nothing does. Then on her way to find Mashiro, she stops to help an old lady cross the street, stops again to stop two delinquents from brawling, and then jumps over a gigantic roadblock. 

You would think that all of these roadblocks, both figurative and literal, are being put there to set up Sora being late and missing Mashiro getting out of school, thus causing further conflict for Sora. Still, no, she reaches Mashiro right on time. So that was all just filler.

Nonetheless, Sora tells Mashiro that she’s been feeling weird all day, and it’s because she wants to be with her, but she is barely able to get all of that out before Kabaton comes in and interrupts them. Sora and Mashiro transform, and for the first time, their transformation sequences are edited together. During the transformation, Hirogaru Sky Precure just has still images which are pretty lame.

Starting in episode 5, they tried to fix it by adding animated sparkles above the images, but it just doesn’t look cool. It’s especially jarring when the two transformations are stitched together because of the split screenshots of the sky and prism mixed together.


A scene of transformation from Hirogaru Sky! Precure Episode 6 (Credits: Crunchyroll)

In the fight scene for this episode,  Ranborg is nowhere near the same level of threat as the last episodes, and you can tell just by looking at Kabaton. He’s his usual plump self instead of being skin and bones like he was after putting all of his energy into episode 5.

The Kira dodges two attacks easily, and then Kira sky kicks the raw dog, and prism shoots projectiles at it, but since the Ranborg is made out of such strong material, nothing happens. Then the Ranborg makes a bunch of smoke, making it impossible for the cures to see. Cures jump really high and use updraft shining, which the Ranborg is vulnerable to. 

The moment Sora’s transformation sequence begins, her makeup mysteriously disappears. The whole thing about the makeup giving Sora the confidence to convey her true feelings to Mashiro ends up being useless. After the fight, they both act like the previous conversation between them never happened. Sora falters while speaking to Mashiro but flashes back to the extended, pretty Holic advertisement scene.

She’s much more confident. After Sora finally tells Mashiro that she wants to be with her more for the second time, Mashiro tells Sora that she’s also lonely without her around. The two events to each other about how difficult it was not seeing each other all day.

Now that they’ve both gotten their feelings across, they head home, and they’re delighted to hear Yoyo tell Sora that she got everything set up for Sora to go to master’s school as well, and with that, this mixed bag of an episode ends. 

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Final Verdict

This episode can be appreciated in many parts, like Sora’s conversation with Yoyo and how she came to understand how hard she was working for her sake. It was also really great seeing Ageha again, as her big sister vibe is very likable, and how she’s able to help Sora put her feelings into words. 

For the most part, you will appreciate how the show portrayed Sora and Mashiro as being lonely without one another’s company, but this episode is just dragged down by so many things, such as the egregious product placement, a lackluster fight scene, and the part where they kind of fumble Sora’s big confession to Mashiro at the end by having it happen to forget it already happened and then making it happen again. 

Despite this, the episode is not outrightly disliked, but unlike in episode 4, nobody was wrapped out of character or made egregiously idiotic decisions for the sake of the plot. Even if the plot itself is lacking, the characters hold it together. 

It is a pity that they can’t maintain good fights every week, but a rush fight can be forgiven as long as the main story is good. Thus, overall this was another solid episode. Overall, “Hirogaru Sky! Precure” is a must-watch for fans of the magical girl genre.

Our Rating: ⭐ (3.6/5).

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