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Where is Motor Pickers Filmed? About The Filming Location

Where is Motor Pickers filmed Know All About The Filming Location
Motor Pickers

Curious to find out where Motor Pickers is filmed. The third season of the show, the Motor Pickers, aired on 2nd March 2023. There will be six episodes in the season, and the last episode will air on 16th March 2023.

The series first premiered in 2020 and has been one of the favorite shows of car lovers worldwide. The show’s plot is very simple and interesting at the same time. Paul Cowland and Helen Stanley are two car experts who help people find their dream car.

People often find it difficult to decide which car is the best and what features one should look for in the car. For such buyers, the two car experts come as a great help. They use their expert knowledge and skills to recommend SUVs or sports cars to buyers.

The fans liked the two seasons of the show, and the third season is also currently ongoing. Now that the third season is already out, fans are quite eager to know more about the series. One such query is where the show is filmed.

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Where are Motor Pickers filmed? Know All About The Filming Location

Motor Pickers is filmed in Grays, Essex. The beauty of the town is renowned worldwide. Grays is a town in England and is the largest town in Thurrock, Essex, and is located on the bank of the River Thames. Grays is under the authority of Thurrock and is situated around 20 miles east of London.

Grays is a flourishing town with a growing economy that is the result of the industries in London, the retail market, and the shopping center in West Thurrock.  The filming locations that you will encounter in the show might seem familiar to you. The town is quite similar to Edmonds and Coogan cities in the USA. However, do not get confused.

Motor Pickers

Motor Pickers Cast(Credit QUEST)

It is not Edmond or Coogan. The buyers are mostly from Grays, Essex, and the scenes in the series are from these locations only. There is little doubt why the production chooses this location for filming the series. Who would not love to be surrounded by a lake, be close to nature, and at the same time witness elements of industrialization?

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What Is New at The Motor Pickers? 

Motor Pickers Season 3 premiered on 2 March 2023, and to date, two episodes have been released for the season. The next two episodes will release on 9 March 2023. The title of the third episode is “SUVs,” and the title of the fourth episode is “Executive Saloons.”

In the upcoming episode of Motor Pickers Season 3, we will meet a blogger who is in search of an SUV with some specific features. He does blogging, and his job requires him to be much ahead of the common trends.

To help him find his perfect SUV, Paul, And Helen introduce him to three SUV models that they feel suit his needs and are as per his requirements. Watch the episode to know which SUV model the blogger chooses and if he is satisfied with the choices that Paul and Helen have for him. 

Motor Pickers

Cast of Motor Pickers (Credit Quest)

Still do not know where you can watch, The Motor Pickers? Well, to help you with this, we have listed the stream guide for the series in the next segment of our article. Do read it to know where you can see the ongoing as well as the previous season of Motor Pickers. 

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Where To Watch Motor Pickers? Complete Stream Guide

Motor Pickers is available to stream in different countries on several platforms. If you live in the UK, you can stream the show on Discovery Plus, Sky Go, and Discovery Plus Amazon Channel.

The former mentioned streaming services are also available in countries like Canada, USA, and Australia. You may watch the show on these platforms or with the help of a VPN in countries other than the UK. The show officially airs on QUEST in the UK at 5:00 PM EST. 

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