What to Expect From Vincenzo Episode 4?

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What to Expect in Vincenzo Episode 4?

Vincenzo, the new Korean Drama, seems to be hitting all the right spots among the viewers. With the right degree of action and intrigue, the show has been doing well ever since its premiere on 20th February 2021. Previously, we saw how the complex was about to be demolished. So, Vincenzo comes in starting a music festival to crowd the place. This stops the demolition for the time being. Now, we return back to the party where Cha-young wants to know more about Vincenzo’s intentions. She enquires about his desperation to stop the demolition. But, Vincenzo claims that he’s fallen in love with the place. Cha-young, as she should be, is skeptical of this claim.

Cha-young later meets with Choi Myung-hee about the failed demolition attempt. The two women clash arguing about both of their credentials. In the meantime, the tenants celebrate their victory in stopping the demolition, but they know it’s not over yet.

What to Expect in Vincenzo Episode 4?
The party.

Vincenzo Episode 3 Recap

Vincenzo meets with Hong Yu-Chan regarding the new narcotic painkiller developed by Babel Group. Hong Yu-Cha wants to put a stop to this, meanwhile, the chef’s apprentice seems to be spying on Vincenzo. Yu-Chan learns some inside information about the drugs from a whistleblower, Yu-Min Chul. But, as he refuses to testify in court, Yu-Chan hits a dead end. Later, Yu-chan and Vincenzo head to meet Oh Gyeong-ja at the hospital. She was a client of Yu-Chan and as we later find out, she was also Vincenzo’s mother. Vincenzo goes and threatens Na Deak-Jin to stop the demolition, therefore he rings up Park Seok-do to so.

Even after their arguments earlier, Cha-Young goes for drinks with Choi Myung-Hee. Here, on being asked to impressions, Cha-Young impersonates Choi Myung-Hee. This further broadens their clash from earlier. Cha-Young goes to Vincenzo to ask him to not fill her dad’s head with nonsense. During their conversation, we get a flashback from Vincenzo’s past. The next scene shows an unplanned explosion at a villa that had Babel employees in it. Seeing this, Yu-Chan gets angry and seems to be doing some reckless things. Elsewhere, Cha-Young is removed from all the cases involving Babel Group so, she heads to her father’s office to vent. Here, she says some regretful things to Yu-Chan.

Hong Yu-chan

A little later, the informant, Yu-Min Chul is on the run from cops. He tries racing Yu-Chan but is presumably killed by the police. Vincenzo was there when the phone for Yu-chan came in, but he didn’t answer it. As Yu-chan heads back into the office, Vincenzo tries to know what was going on with him while also informing him of the incoming calls, Just as Yu-chan tries calling back, a truck comes flying in through the window, directly hitting Yu-chan.

When will Episode 4 Release?

Vincenzo Episode 4 is set to be released on February 28, 2021. The episodes by the show air at 9 pm KST every Saturday and Sunday. The timing does tend to vary but as of now, there is no change. Be sure to change the above time to your local time zone to watch the episode when it airs. You can watch all the episodes by Vincenzo when they air on tvN at the above-mentioned time. Or you may stream them later as they become available to watch on Netflix at 11 pm.

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Vincenzo Episode 4 Preview

What to Expect in Vincenzo Episode 4?
Hong Cha-Young, Yu-Chan’s daughter.

Vincenzo Episode 4 will follow right up from the end of the last episode where a truck came flying in through the office window, seemingly killing Hong Yu-Ch. Panic and grief fill in Vincenzo as he tries to get an understanding of the situation. No one knew what was happening to Hong Yu-Chan who was driven towards stopping Babel Pharmaceuticals. But whomsoever he was pursuing definitely wanted him to stop and therefore sent in that truck.

Vincenzo himself had tried to warn Yu-Chan to drop the Babylon Pharmacy case however, he refused, because he felt responsible for the crimes committed by the company. It will be interesting to see how Vincenzo will deal with this considering he had started getting close to Yu-Chan. Moreover, Yu-Chan even knew of Vincenzo’s mother. In this episode, we will see Vincenzo tracking down the man who ordered this attack on him.

Meanwhile, Hong Cha-Young after repeated arguments with Choi Myung-Hee had decided to leave the Wusang Law Firm. Now, we will see how she reacts to the attack on her father. And what actions will she take against her law firm, working for the Babel Group?

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