Will Joker War Force Batman to Come Back to His Most Ruthless Form?

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jaker vs batman

Yes, in this post we will discuss regarding the great evil or we can either say the great hero of all time, the hero of DC, the hero of the Earth. We can’t think of a more powerful hero as our batman though there can be one still.

batman vs joker war
The Great and Everyone’s Favorite DC Character Joker

With a great amount of evilness batman has we can say Batman has always proved to be heavy and had a ravishing end of the evils in every phase. Talking about scarecrow to Mr Freeze or Penguin to Ridler. But this time the strongest among all has come up against our hero. The great evil of all times the Joker. So will the Joker War Happen?

Yes, some of you may guess it right Joker war will be held in the ground of DC comics this time. Will joker war force batman to return to his most brutal form? No, it will be devastating. But on the contrary, our Evil is not less powerful we can think of. He is full of power full of magic. muscle-power is less but mindpower is gigantic.

Will Joker War Force Batman to Come Back to His Most Ruthless Form?
DC Comics Batman

Thinking of something like Batman of Zur-En-Arrh?

Sure can be there! As the Joker war commence it has taken a giant toll on Bruce Wayne: his time has been ripe for the fun and frolic moments and has been pillaged by joker himself. Sounds large, no, it is humongous. All the advanced technology has been stolen. The war has come to an end. A lot of blood will be there. A lot of action is awaiting. Nevertheless, it has been ended in the hands of THE JOKER with its mind shaking fans all around, who is among the great heights of the city and leaves a massive way for destruction and mess behind him. The city is having a feeling astoundingly good.

Though it appears that batman should start digging up his coffin. But you may forget that he can hear Alfred’s voice in his ear. Alfred will help him out and the individuals scream out that let the war begin. Alfred offers advice and encouragement, and this time batman has both of his ears up and will help him defeat the huge joker. If all goes well batman will have an upper hand and everyone wants it like that only.

When the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh has made himself appear for the first time in Batman of France Herron and Dick Sprang’s, he was a more humorous and bold new Age alien hero who appointed Batman for help. But in Tony Daniel’s Batman, the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh is proved to be a backup personality that Batman designed for himself. Although the words had been trained into him as a pre hypotonic trigger to finish Bruce’s psyche, the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh is designed to kick in as the second hand of Batman.

What do you believe will there be the least evil? Will joker is the most powerful Villain in DC comics? Stay tuned for that to our site as we will update all the upcoming happenings or we can say mishappenings here.

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