Candy Color Paradox Episode 8: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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Candy Color Paradox Episode 7 recap
Candy Color Paradox Episode 8 Release Date

The air date for Candy Color Paradox Episode 8 has is up the racks. If you’ve been watching this adorable Japanese BL drama, you should be eagerly anticipating the next installment because the last one left us all craving more. This post is for all of the show’s fans who wish to find out the release date and streaming schedule for the latest BL show or Candy Color Paradox Episode 8.

Before getting into the specifics of Candy Color Paradox Episode 8, a little recap of the previous episode is necessary. We know that Inoe & Kaburagi works for Dash publication, which aims to uncover information about famous people and dispel rumors about them.

As his project is about to be due and people are searching for information on him on Google, we see that Inoe’s supervisor urges him to learn about Inami & his hidden girlfriend. The boss wants his magazine to be the first to identify Inami’s boyfriend. Inoue is monitoring Inami because he has a deadline to meet. We observe that he accompanies the latter while Inami runs in the morning and conceals behind a post to avoid being seen by the latter.

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Recap of Candy Color Paradox episode 7

Sadly, Inami does approach Inoe and inquires if he is a reporter or photographer for a publication. Inoe then says sorry to Inami for having followed him in this manner. According to Inami, they have no connection, and he is single. This is reported to the boss when it approves it as the final word.

The CEO then pressures him to gather information on Inami because they have to divulge the secret before the project’s launch, and there are just a few days left. Inoue promises to give it his all. The two of Kaburagi and Inoe are then shown to us.

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Kabuargi has fetched a juice bottle for you and adds, “I’m exhausted. When Kabauragi asks, “You enjoy strawberries, don’t you?” Inoue is startled. Then, in a prologue, Kaburagi is seen standing on the rooftop of their business when suddenly Inoe runs toward him.

He begins to speak but stumbles and mumbles, “I enjoy strawberry juice.” Kabu then responds, “Oh, okay!” Yeah, of course!! It would help if you also attempted this in shouting. Later, as Inoe unexpectedly spills juice on his sleeve and Kaburagi attempts to wipe it off his face, the latter causes Inoe to experience stomach aches.

Cut to the second act, when we see Inoe back at work and jogging beside Inami as part of his regular regimen. He runs across Inoe once more and inquires whether he believes Inami is faking about being unmarried. My employer, according to Inoue, demands proof and won’t accept anything less.

Candy Color Paradox Episode 7 recap

Later Inami comes out as gay and admits that he likes a married man who isn’t in the profession since he doesn’t want to hurt his relationship with his wife or anyone else. Inoe apologizes to Imai once more, believing he is telling the truth.

The next thing we see is Inoe calling Kaburagi to tell him everything that has happened. Kabu informs Inoe that there was a disclosure of industry information claiming that Inami has already been making adult films. He exploits young individuals looking to break into the industry in exchange for acting in adult movies.

Inoue is shocked and does not believe the facts he just learned from Kabu. He rejects it! Inami utilizes the fact that he seems like a good guy to scare everyone away, to which Kabu responds, “Why do you like him to be blameless so badly?”

Yes, Inoue admits, he respects him. He is really sweet; he gave up his respect and love to support his crush’s choice. After stating, “I will show it to you, you dumb,” Inoue ends the call. When Kabu runs into Inoe again, he requests that he arrange a meeting with him and Inami.

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Candy Color Paradox Episode 7 recap
Kabu and Inou.

If you believe he is honest, Kabu says, I must verify it for myself. Then, Inoe and Inami may be seen dining at the eatery that Inami’s friend owns. According to Inoue, he has known the owner since they were little. Then they dine while exchanging news about their early years, first love, and friends. Inoe then buys his favorite recipe for Inami.

Candy Color Paradox Episode 8: Release Date

The release date for Candy Color Paradox Episode 8 is Friday, February 10, 2023. At 9 p.m. EST in Japan, MBS will air the world premiere of Candy Color Paradox Episode 8. The times provided here can be matched by viewers from other locations so they can watch the episode.

Candy Color Paradox Episode 8: Where to watch

At the time specified, Rakuten Viki, along with Gagaoolala, has the right to stream Candy Color Paradox Episode 8. The price per month could be between $4.99 and USD 5.99. After purchasing the VIP subscription, you can view episode 8 of Candy Color Paradox. Happy streaming!

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