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Best Anime Show To Watch On Hulu Right Now

Well, imagine that you are hanging out with your friends and in between, they keep on dropping anime references that you have no idea about? Sad, right? Then you go on a walk in the evening and you catch people in the park talking about anime and just feel left out. And the case is, you genuinely like watching anime but you have no idea from where to begin your binge crave. And I know how hard it can be. I mean, they’re literally are millions of anime shows and films out there which are all amazing. It might be a bit troublesome to know which anime will suit your personality because each one of them surely has a different theme.

So, here we have wrapped up some of the most populated anime titles that have ever released and along with it, provided a description. This will help you to pick out your anime taste without knowing the spoilers. Also, it would majorly help if you have a subscription to Hulu, the streaming platform because all these anime series are present on the platform. If you don’t, there are amazing plans to check out and also, it would be a win-win situation because Hulu not only has an amazing anime library but also some of the most awesome films as well as TV shows.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Well, no anime suggestion list is complete without having Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in the category. The franchise has been created by Hirohiko Araki and can be considered as one of the most popular and respected ones in the entire entertainment industry of Japan. You guys should know that Araki started working on the Jojo series back in the 80s and it has been with the audience ever since. Although, it was in the more recent era that we saw people discovering Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and liking it in the Northern and Western countries. As for the plot of the show, we see how it deals with the members of the Joestar family through generation and generation. Each new installment of the show portrays the life of a new Jojo in their family line. All in all, this is what makes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure a very special drama anime that can be adapted into any genre. It is because first of all, this factor gives unlimited content to the creators to work upon.

Then the next thing is that fans will never get bored of seeing just one genre throughout the show (as is the case with most anime series) because, with each season, the creators have the power to change the main protagonist or alter their character description and even go after a whole new genre. We must also inform you that the third, as well as the fourth chapter in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure called Stardust Crusader as well as Diamond us Unbreakable, are the ones which have tasted the nectar of most success. If we describe this show more appropriately, then you should know that it has characters which you can never forget and all the fashionistas out there could really get inspired by the fashion sense each character adopts for themselves. Also, the fight sequences employed in the anime show are out of this world and capable of giving fans the chills. All of this is blended so well with the slice of life genre.

My Hero Academia

This is hands down one of the most popular anime series and even its manga are super popular among the readers. So, as for the main concept on which this anime is based, we see a bit of fiction. It is because the show is set in a certain universe where a lot of people are born with a special superpower. Here, the term these as Quirks. So, the Quirks show up after some time the child is born. The show throws the entire spotlight on Izuku Midoriya who is a simple lad and is living without any form of superpower or quirk to himself. But obviously, this does not stop him from liking superheroes and wishing to be like them. The greatest twist in this story happens when we see that All Might, the strongest superhero in the entire world gives Izuku his Quirk. Because now Izuku has the powers of a superhero, he is connected to All Might for the rest of his life.

The series then takes us behind Izuku and how he is trying to adjust to his new lifestyle. He also is making efforts in order to understand how his new abilities work and taking control of them. After being unable to do everything on his own, he finally gets himself admitted to U. A. High School. At this place, only heroes are given special training (much like Hogwarts) so that they live comfortably with their powers. After looking at the narrative of this series, you might think that it is made for children but if you really sit down with a chair one sunny afternoon and start binge-watching it, you will realize that the creators have employed action sequences like none other.

Cowboy Bepop

As all the 90s kids will remember well, this is a much older anime in this list. Despite the fact that its story originated a long time ago, it still has the spark to light up the hearts of anime viewers. The main protagonist of this anime series is Shinichiro Watanabe who was surfing through space. Cowboy Bepop does not have a superhero or magical tricks, the main genre of this series is science as well as fiction. The entire spotlight is thrown on a group of bounty hunters as well as the people who do not follow the law. All they do is jump around in space. Yes, I know this is giving you the vibes of Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvel Entertainment and there is no denying that fact.

Also, the concept might look a bit simple to you but that does not mean the plot is easy. The fans have been in love with this show for more than 20 years that now even Netflix, the streaming giant, has created their own reboot for the same. Although, the original Cowboy Bepop is available to watch on Hulu. The show has been divided into episodes and each tells a different story. Nevertheless, it keeps the fans connected throughout the installment. All in all, Cowboy Bepop was, is, and always will be one of the most amazing anime series to watch with a piece of background music so perfect, that you will get instantly connected to the characters.

Attack on Titan

Seriously, at this point in time where all everyone does is talk about anime shows, Attack on Titan really needs no introduction. It has been engaging fans for the full three seasons and still has the best plot and a perfect blend of action as well as drama and emotions. Its fourth installment also is highly anticipated and has the fans getting head over heels searching the entire internet for it. Even Netflix has acquired the license to the series and later Hulu had to with the rising demand of the people trying to watch the show. Well, if you are a person who is new to anime culture, then I would suggest you stop right now here, tune in to Hulu and start watching Attack on Titans.

Now, we shall discuss what is inside the show that actually makes it so special. At first, the plot is set in an alternative universe where humans have been trapped inside the huge walls. It is because of the fear from Titans. They are colossal monsters who have a physique much similar to what humans do. The biggest threat is that they can eat the endless number of humans and still be hungry. In the first episode, we witness that the wall protecting the humans from this calamity has now been broken. Now, it is in the hands of our protagonist group to save their race from these monsters.

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Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Well, there are so many anime series out there whose only focus is only very powerful characters but don’t you think that gets a bit exhausting at one point? I mean, all these characters just really focus on taking the tension out from a scene and I am not saying that it is wrong, but it just gets too overwhelming when it is the only thing that we see. Although, in Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto, the creators have opted for this type of concept only and have converted it into a whole new amazing anime show. As for the plot of the series, there is not much to worry about in it. The camera follows Sakamoto, the main protagonist of this anime series. He is currently a teenager and studied at a high school. The thing is that he is extremely good at everything he does and this is what makes him so popular among the people around him. All this while, if you sit down to watch this anime series, you will realize that the opening song of Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto that comes with a catchy beat, is enough to explain to you how Sakamoto has actually become the jack of all. At this point in time, you all might be thinking that this is a weird and outdated angle to a show but it is not, trust me it is not.

Seeing a character excel at everything can get very annoying, I know, but this show turns all of it in a new direction and gives us an amazing game of tension. As a result of Sakamoto’s excellence, the kids in his school start to bully him. They do so because they often get jealous of how good Sakamoto is at doing stuff. These bullies always try to find a chance at which they can knock our protagonist down but well, he is perfect and he knows how to get out of all these situations with ease. You want to know why the show is so fun to watch? It is because of these ludicrous plans that Sakamoto has in his mind that make us fall for the entertainment. You will never see an anime character whose life is so good and at one point, even you will start getting jealous of him. He has all the good luck in the world and things like his friend’s mother falling in love with him happen to him daily. The energy that is given off by Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto, is something to crave for. The show makes a good series for a fun evening kind of watch and it is totally worth the time you will have to invest in it.

Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto

Still from “Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto”

Death Parade

This anime series is a lot of things combined that make it such a great watch if you are looking for something intriguing. The pointer of the genre in this series constantly fluctuates from fun to serious and honestly, this concept is what makes Death Parade so unique from other common anime series. The whole plot is actually a game that dead people have to play. Now, how are the people selected for this tournament? There are literally more than 7 billion people on this planet and it is not hard to find out that two people die at the same time. So when this coincidence happens, these two humans are sent to a new location where they have to compete against each other in a game. Moreover, the creator of this game is responsible for wiping off any trait of memory that these people might have from their life so that their only aim becomes winning. Here, they are asked to compete in a parlor game so as to make out about what lies in their future. As for the winner of this competition, he gets to live quite a luxurious afterlife. And the loser, he just gets vanished or eliminated or no idea where they go but they are not shown. You might, at some point, have a thought in your head about why should you ever watch a series with a plot as ridiculous as Death Parade? Well, the answer to this question is that sometimes, it gets really exciting to witness people play games such as air hockey as well as billiards and even sometimes Twister. And the fun increases even more as they literally are fighting for their afterlife without realizing that they are dead and it does not really matter.

Also, even the games employed during this tournament is not the simple one as we play here on Earth. For an instance, if you closely witness the balls in billiards, they all are linked to different body parts and when it is struck, it creates pain in specific areas. But these are not all the themes that are shown to us in each show. I mean, if you look at it, these competitions surely make a very suspenseful vibe around them. All this while, a lot of intensely powerful vibrations are created around each episode with what each of these takes is trying to say about life as well as death at the same time while these characters are playing off for the entertainment of someone else. Each installment brings forth a new set of stories for you to opt from and it keeps getting interesting and interesting. Death Parade is an anime show for you to watch if you like the themes where the afterlife matters and something compelling is added to the themes.

Parasyte: The Maxim

Well, if you try watching at least the first episode of the series, you will get the perfect idea of how good the show is going to be once you dive deeper into its plot. From the moment it starts, Parasyte: The Maxim is so freaking amazing that it is legit going to get you hooked for the rest of its episodes. As for the main concept on which this series is based, it is mainly associated with outer space as well as aliens. So, as it so happens, we witness that the alien parasites have found earth and they have landed on our planet. Now, in order to be alive, these parasites need hosts to support them. Thus, they start possessing different parts of the human body so as to sustain themselves in our environment. The main protagonist of the series is Shinichi Izumi and the whole spotlight is thrown on him. His life gets intensely tacky when he comes to acknowledge the fact that his right hand has been possessed by some of these parasites. Here is the point in time from where the story starts happening and we see that Izumi sets on a journey to figure everything about it.

As he learns more about these aliens and the parasites, Izumi makes up his mind to oust all these dangerous creatures from his planet while also trying to save himself and his loved ones from any potential harm. During some scenes in this anime show, you might get the vibe that you are actually witnessing a superhero fight for rights. It is because this alien creature on his right hand also casts him some supernatural powers and these help him in his journey. The show also tackles the areas where Shinichi has to enter some of the mortal territories. All this while, he has now become a hybrid of a human as well as an alien and he must fight off the aliens while keeping in mind that he shares his biology with them. I know this plot seems so much like the concept portrayed in Tokyo Ghoul but we have alien parasites instead of some vampires and demons. All in all, Parasyte: The Maxim makes for a nice deep and intense watch if you are looking for something that has a strong narrative and amazing visuals. The entire path on which our main protagonist has set gives volume to the potential story and it gets very satisfying to watch him wipe off these creatures. The show also has a powerful set of action scenes that helps in giving depth to the show. The show gets so intriguing at one point because we are literally acknowledging a boy who has partnered up with his own right hand in order to fight off the species that the parasite in his right hand belongs to. The show is available to watch on Hulu if you think you like it.

Parasyte: The Maxim

Parasyte: The Maxim Official Poster


There are so many anime shows out there which demand your attention and concentration to a level where you have to sit right through the series and watch it with all your heart. Well, Erased is one such show. This anime series has employed the serial killing type of concept that we once saw in Zodiac but then again Erased has got its own form of supernatural itch that gives us its length of the plot. Now, the main protagonist of the series in Erased has some sort of supernatural talent that he is able to go back in time for a few minutes. Also, he gets a personal intuition whenever there is something wrong about to happen or some destruction is about to be caused. But one fine day, as he was strolling through the city, he got one of his experiences and immediately went back in time. The story starts from here as he literally goes back in the clock to 20 years. In this scenario, he is a kid in primary school and is eight years of age. The whole situation becomes very troublesome for him as he is trying to prevent a very big crime that might happen soon.

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At the same time, he is stuck inside the body of a kid and some things are really out of his reach. Despite all of the difficulties that are standing in his way, we witness that he fights against a crime that has its roots deep into the past. Erased has the capability of giving you addiction to its episodes. I mean, after immediately watching an episode, all you would want to do is watch another one and this is how you are just hooked. There is a whole new level of suspense that is cast towards the audience and the lives of children are set at the stake. No matter how slow the series might take its scenes into the future but Erased has really done a great job in its visuals as well as the plot. The story has a perfect blend of emotions as well ad some supernatural elements that you will never get tired of.


This anime show is a teenage drama that gives us an insight into a lot of relatable moments that we all go through while growing up. If you are an adult, the show will provide you with a lot of nostalgia and bring back your own share of events that you might have experienced. At some points in this show, you might feel like you have lost the plot of the tale and are lost, but it always is a delight to watch such a series. The main concept of this anime is based on a teenager who has lost over the future as well as all the hurdles of adulthood. The plot might get out of your hand to handle but it is never too late to go through such strong shows in your lifetime. The various themes are being mixed by FLCL and displayed to the audience with amazing animation. As we already said, FLCL has a relatable plot that is blended well with absurdity and you can never get enough of its vibe.

The show can be considered as one of the most infamous and different anime shows to ever enter the industry of entertainment. This show is the best to watch if you have high school friends and you want to experience your adolescence once again. As for the animation style employed in the show, we have a variety of aesthetics that might feel like a dream at one point and help you to relax. As a bit of disclaimer, I must tell you that you are not always going to understand the plot of FLCL as it can get a bit overwhelming, but there will be no moments during the series in which you will never love the series. In recent times, people started watching FLCL so much that it got very popular. All people could talk about was this anime series and make various references to it. Now, Adult Swim dived in and has co-produced two sequels to the show called FLCL: Progressive as well as FLCL: Alternative. Well, if it comes to the unique concept displayed by the main series, the two sequels are following the main footsteps but they do not have the same level of magic that we see in FLCL. You all know that there can be times in our lives that we feel we are lost. FLCL is specially made for those moments so that its plot can make you feel better. Even the soundtrack that FLCL has to give away can get you addicted.

Assassination Classroom

The main concept of this anime series is so absurd that you will not be able to decide whether you should laugh or get serious. When we talk about anime, we often are in awe of these shows because it can touch the concepts which are otherwise not accessible with a live and action series. Assassination Classroom has employed the best use of this anime plus point and makes us fall for every bit of the unique plot that it displays. So, the main antagonist in the series is an octopus who is also an alien. He lands on Earth and decides that he is going to destroy the entire planet and the only thing that can stop him from doing so is if he gets killed. And if you think that it is just so ridiculous and how come such a funny creature can destroy a planet as big as Earth, then trust me, fellas, he is not kidding. This octopus cum alien has recently destroyed three halves of the moon and his next target is Earth. He has given a time period of one year to all humans to try and save their residence before he ruins all of it. Now, the series spans the camera onto a group of teenagers studying in the school who are given the task to train themselves as unbeatable professional assassins. So, they all gather up and start their training and while they are in the process, one billion dollars are garnered by them. But everything is set to so odd and typical conditions in the show that these groups of kids have an alien as their teacher. Because of this nature of their master, he is not able to hurt any of his students.

They just have a year with them to train themselves and fight off this octopus alien monster in order to save the planet. The amazing thing about this series is that the relationship is shared between this weird alien called Korosensai and the students who are soon to be his assassins. As each episode goes by, we witness the alien teaching the kids how to make themselves better at this art and it is the thing that helps them grow but in the end, it is just going to prove fatal for the alien. As we see the show deeply, we understand that both the parties deeply care for each other but there also is a terrible task that is hanging over their head that needs to be handled. Right now, I am not going to reveal what lies in the series ahead because it is for you to tune in to Hulu and find out.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

At this point, it can be realized by you all that Hulu literally has such an awesome selection of anime series on its platforms with such big titles present in its library. Take me seriously when I say that this anime series, Demon Slayer, was literally the biggest hit among fans back in 2019 when it released. Till this point in time, people love the concepts, the visuals along the plot settings that are posed by the series. It is not the story that makes Demon Slayer famous but the way in which it has been put out for fans to watch. In this anime series, we witness an underdog whose name is Demon Slayer and he sets on a new mission in his life. All he cares about is to tear down the evil forces that are contaminating the world. There are literally so many plot twists within the shoe that makes it even more worthwhile to watch. As it turns out, the sister of the main protagonist finds herself turned into a demon. This is when she has to hide her identity from the Demon Slayer while also searching to make a cure for her problem.

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The entire anime series is made up of entertaining characters that come along with a sleek sort of animation and visuals enabling all the fans to be hooked with it for real. Also, the battle sequences employed in the series are made with such intricate details that give us the literal chills while watching the show. After reading the main plot of the series that acts as the backbone for Demon Slayer, you all might have made out that nothing special is done in the show but the thing that made it popular surely is the way of how it has been executed to the fans. If you are someone who is starting to watch anime shows and have no idea from where to begin your journey, then Demon Slayer is going to be the right choice for you plus it is also available on Hulu.

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer Characters

Astra Lost in Space

Talk about the uniqueness in anime series and you will have Astra Lost in Space. The creators have done a really excellent job in taking the ordinary elements already present in the entertainment industry and converting them into something so different. The main plot of the story throws light on a bunch of kids who go on a space expedition. As they are together, everything feels all right and they are enjoying their time together apart from their regular routine. But, soon it all turns ghastly as they are transported to somewhere far off in the space to a location that is literally present millions of light-years away.

Their chances of survival become so less that they have to struggle in order to stay alive. This series has a very Rick and Morty kind of vibe as we witness the characters hop from one planet to another while fighting off their enemies together with their intelligence and strength. But once you dive deeper into the series, you will come to realize how much depth this show has rather than just being a fun space exploration. At the time when this anime released in the market, a majority of people were surprised to the level with such unique content. And honestly, the show has such a perfect blend of themes as it delivers us the friendship as well as wonders that this infinite universe has to offer us.

The Promised Neverland

There are very few anime out there that have executed the genre of mystery and thrill in such an addictive manner that instantly gets you attached to its plotline. If you end one episode, the show will urge you to watch the next one and you could not help it. And as it is rightly said, the story of The Promised Neverland gets so intriguing, that all you wanna do is know what happens next. The location of the show is set in an orphanage that has cut off its ties to the outer world. All this while, it is not even known who runs this place as everything here is full of secrecy. Till a point in time, everything was running smoothly.

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Until one day, the children wake up and decide that everything that is happening around them is full of suspicious stuff and they need to find out more about the people who are looking after them. Because of this curiosity that they have developed, the children get forced into a situation where staying alive is the only thing that they need to care about. The whole show is based on the experience of children and how they are pushed back and experimented upon. Themes of friendship as well as mystery are more than evident and surely something that you are going to crave when you start watching the show. As for the visuals, they are again top-notch, and the creativity that the makers of these anime series have displayed with their project just makes the audience be in an awe of it.

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